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Once Upon a Swine is the second chapter book based on Gravity Falls episodes, published on October 7, 2014. The book is a print adaptation of the episodes "The Time Traveler's Pig" and "Land Before Swine."

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At the moment when Mabel wins Waddles the pig at the Mystery Fair, Dipper ruins his chance to impress Wendy. But when Dipper finds a way to travel back in time and changes his fate with Wendy, Mabel's fate also changes-for the worse. Will Dipper and Mabel tweak time so they both leave the fair a winner? Will Mabel ever share a slice of pizza with her beloved Waddles again? Then, when a prehistoric creature snatches up Waddles, it's up to the Gravity Falls gang to save him! Readers will love this 112-page chapter book filled with black-and-white art from the show.


The cover shows Mabel in a red sweater holding Waddles, Dipper, Stan, and Soos in a frightened stance, and Blendin Blandin hiding behind a pine tree. The shadow of a pterodactyl is visible casting over them. On the top left, the show title "Gravity Falls" with a small Disney logo visible above it. Below it is the book title that says "Once Upon A Swine" in mint letters.



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