"Oddventure Land" is an online RPG on Disney XD's website. It was first made available on Disney's Canadian and British websites.


The player can choose a character from a Disney XD show to play as. The series featured in the game are:


  • Tap to move/attack.
  • Reduce an enemy's health to zero to defeat them.
  • Collect special items to boost your stats and restore your health.
  • Collect coins and gems to buy even more power ups and health potions from Steve who runs a shop in every dungeon.
  • The more you adventure, the more XP points you will gain.
  • Fill the XP bar to level up and improve your stats.
  • Collect the XD gem to activate the portal and exit the dungeon.


  • Dipper is the only Gravity Falls character to appear in this game, representing the Gravity Falls series.


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