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Octavia is an eight-legged mutant cow that was affected by the polluted, radioactive water from the Northwest Mud Flaps factory.



Octavia is a formerly normal cow who drank the toxic chemicals that had been polluting the water near Northwest Mud Flaps. She has the ability to shoot lasers from her eyes and stretch her tongue like a chameleon. Octavia also has four extra legs protruding from her body, but she walks on four like a normal cow.

Season 2

In "A Tale of Two Stans," Octavia appears as an illustration in a book that Ford was reading in his flashback. However, this is most likely a different mutant cow, as the event was set 30 years prior to the scrapbook episode.

In "Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back The Falls," Octavia is seen among the creatures of Gravity Falls waving off Dipper and Mabel as they leave for Piedmont.

Powers and Abilities

Octavia has laser vision and a long, arm-like tongue.


Octavia appearance.png

Octavia would be a non-exceptional white cow, if not for the three crooked and unused legs growing out of her back and one growing out of her side. She has large brown eyes and long eyelashes and two stubby horns. She also has a large pink udder.



Season 2



  • Though she is known and named for having eight legs, a total of nine legs can be seen on her.
  • Her name uses the prefix "oct," meaning "eight."
  • A cow similar in appearance to Octavia was seen in illustrative form in the book "Anomalous Phenomena".


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