Nyarf is a brand of dart guns.


They are first seen in "Dreamscaperers," used when Wendy and the Pines family are watching Grandpa the Kid. Wendy dully shoots a dart at Dipper but misses and Dipper reacts in the same fashion. Later, Stan asks Dipper to get rid of a bat in the kitchen, and Dipper is hurt in the process. After Mabel and Soos take care of his injuries, Stan yells at him to unclog the sink, and, out of anger, Dipper shoots a dart at his picture right on the nose. Later, after Bill Cipher finds the door which has the safe combination in one of Stan's memories, Mabel uses the gun to shoot the door out of Bill's hand, and into the memory of the bottomless pit.


Nyarf guns have the appearance of an average dart gun. It has "Nyarf" written on both sides. It is colored neon green and orange, and the trigger is blue. It has a hole in the front, where suction-cup darts are shot out of.



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