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"McGucket's Hootenanny Hutt!!"[1], formerly known as the Northwest Mansion or Northwest Manor,[2][3] is the former home of the Northwest Family. Following the events of Weirdmageddon, it came under the ownership of Fiddleford McGucket after Preston sold it due to losing his family's fortune by mistakenly investing in Weirdness Bonds and collaborating with Bill Cipher by betraying the human race.


150 years prior to the events of "Northwest Mansion Mystery," the mansion was built atop a hill and completed by local lumberjacks with the promise that the Northwests would host an annual party to the public of Gravity Falls. However, this promise was broken, allowing only upper-class citizens of Oregon into the party.

In "The Golf War," the Pines family and Soos drove Pacifica home from Ye Royal Discount Putt Hutt as a nice gesture by Mabel, since her parents hadn't arrived to pick her up and it was starting to rain. After Pacifica opened the gates to her home, Dipper and Mabel saw how exquisite it was and agreed they should have charged her for the taco Mabel gave her.

Later, it was revealed that the mansion was haunted by one of its original creators, a lumberjack named Archibald Corduroy, who had sworn vengeance on the Northwests. The Northwests hired Dipper to get rid of the spirit by trapping it into a silver mirror, but the spirit escaped by breaking the mirror. The spirit then returned to the mansion and started turning people into wood, refusing to stop until a Northwest opened the party gates to the public like their ancestors promised. Once everyone at the party was turned to wood, including Dipper, Pacifica opened the party to the public, appeasing the spirit of Archibald and lifting the curse.

In "The Stanchurian Candidate," the mansion briefly appears in the background behind Town Hall.

After Weirdmaggedon, the Northwest Family lost their fortune, resulting in Preston having to sell the mansion in order to stay wealthy. Meanwhile, Old Man McGucket acquired wealth by marketing his inventions to the U.S. government; and after spotting the mansion for sale, he purchased it. After Dipper and Mabel leave Gravity Falls, McGucket was seen standing in the fancy interior of the mansion.




The front yard of the Northwest Manor has water fountains, peacocks, and a statue that resembles Pacifica behind a large metal gate. Two patches of hedges are cut to spell the letters "N" and "W." The house itself is two stories tall and appears to be gigantic on the outside. On the top story, if you look very closely, there are windows shaped like the letters C-U-R-S-E-D. There is a wall surrounding the entire manor, with a deer statue placed atop each corner. The manor resides on the top of a mountain.


The manor is filled with various luxury decorations and appliances made from animals. This includes a wall of taxidermy animals and a chandelier made of antlers. In the main hall over the fireplace on the stairwell is a portrait of the family, flanked on either side by images of fish drawn in the style of the Tlingit or Haida (indigenous people of the Pacific Northwest).

There is a hidden room with photographs/paintings of the Northwest family's history of deceit and "failures." For example, one painting is of two men shaking hands, one of which has his fingers crossed behind his back.

Among some of the decorations in the manor, a notable one is a tapestry depicting people bowing down to Bill Cipher. This tapestry was created by the natives of Gravity Falls.[4]


Season 2


S2e3 Northwest extravagance

What the Northwest Manor looked like in "The Golf War."

  • The mansion was first revealed at the 2014 LA Film Fest panel, "Gravity Falls Live!" as part of a preview for Season 2.
  • The mansion can be seen very briefly in "Blendin's Game" as the first image when Blendin's Chrono-flage suit malfunctions.
  • Comparing the episode, "The Golf War" with the more recent episode, "Northwest Mansion Mystery," there is a difference in the appearance of the Northwest Manor's size, texture, and surroundings.
  • After the manor was purchased by Old Man McGucket, Preston Northwest does not care for the renaming.[1]


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