NORT is an arcade video game "based on the movie based on the game."


Season 1

In "Fight Fighters," Soos is seen playing the game before literally entering it by crawling into the machine. The next person who tries to play it is shocked by Soos' cries for help.


In "Fixin' It with Soos: Golf Cart" and "Fixin' It with Soos: Cuckoo Clock," a poster for NORT is in the room where Soos films his intro speech.

Season 2

In "Soos and the Real Girl," Soos runs past a copy of a home version in the game store and it is also seen amongst other games in Hoo-Ha Owl's Pizzamatronic Jamboree. There is also a poster of it in Soos' bedroom.


Season 1


Season 2


  • NORT is a parody of arcade game TRON. NORT is TRON spelled backwards, and uses a similar font on posters and consoles. The slogan, "The Game Based On The Movie Based On The Game," is a reference to how the TRON arcade game is based on the film TRON, which features games similar to those featured in the arcade game (such as "Light Cycles").
  • Soos has a poster advertising NORT in his break room and bedroom.[1]
  • Also, the slogan, "The Game Based On The Movie Based On The Game," is also a phrase used in a trailer for the 2016 remake of the game Ratchet & Clank.


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