Mystery Shack Mystery is a game on the Disney Channel website where one tries to get out of the Mystery Shack, while exploring and collecting items (like Shmebulock). One can play as Dipper or Mabel Pines. Depending on which character is chosen, the way to win the game is different.



In this game, the player must explore the Mystery Shack and search for clues in order to get out.

How to play

  1. Click around each room to explore the Mystery Shack and find a way out.
  2. Click items from your inventory to combine them with other objects.
  3. Press the "?" button for a hint if you're stuck.

The Codes

During the game, the player can obtain 5 different codes to use in the game "Postcard Creator."

The player can find them themselves or look right below:

  • "dinosaur" Unlocks a dinosaur skull.
  • "eyeballs" Unlocks a bowl of eyeballs.
  • "emerald" Unlocks an emerald ore.
  • "furry fish" Unlocks a hairy fish.
  • "spacecraft" Unlocks a UFO.

Character appearances


During the game, if Stan's desk is clicked there is a cryptogram that reads "HYHU QRWLFHG VWDQV WDWWRR." Once decoded, it reads "EVER NOTICED STANS TATTOO."


  • There is an axolotl in the fish tank.
  • If the red box with a question mark (?) on it is clicked, the game's text will read, "Empty! I was hoping for coins or mushrooms", which is a reference to Super Mario, a famous game of Nintendo.
  • If the Grizzlycorn in the gift shop area is clicked the game's text will read, "The Last Grizzlycorn". Like "The Last Mabelcorn", this is a reference to The Last Unicorn.


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