The Mystery Cart is a golf cart used to get around by the employees of the Mystery Shack.


In the official pilot episode, "Tourist Trapped", the Mystery Cart is first seen being driven by Soos. Later in the episode, when Dipper believes that Mabel's boyfriend Norman (actually Jeff and the Gnomes) is a zombie, he asks Wendy for the keys to the Mystery Cart so he can save Mabel. After Dipper rescues Mabel, they run to the Mystery Cart and drive away. Soon after, the gnomes begin to chase after Dipper and Mabel. They launch several gnomes at the Mystery Cart and Dipper and Mabel fight the gnomes one by one. Dipper bashes Shmebulock on the Mystery Cart's horn three times. One of the gnomes lands on Dipper's face, and Mabel punches the gnome several times to get it to release. After Dipper thanks Mabel for saving him, the gnomes pick up a tree and throw it into the middle of the road, causing Dipper and Mabel to slide the Mystery Cart under the tree, and eventually crash it into the front of the Mystery Shack.

In another episode, "Boss Mabel", Dipper uses the Mystery Cart to find a creature called the Gremloblin.


Mystery Cart appearance
The Mystery Cart has a white paint job, a big red question mark painted between the headlights on the front, red and gold flaps, a red flag on the back, two brown seats and a red roof. A speaker is situated on the roof.


Season 1

Season 1


  • In some episodes of the series, the Mystery Cart is parked near the Mystery Shack and shown red instead of white.
  • The Mystery Cart appears in Rumble's Revenge.



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