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The mummy kid[1] is a mischievous child residing in Gravity Falls, Oregon, who enjoys causing mischief with his friend.


He and his friend accidentally walk in on Stan naked.

In "Summerween," he celebrates the town holiday by trick-or-treating with some of his friends. As the group arrives at the Mystery Shack, they are greeted by Stan, who attempts to frighten off the children by making it look like his face melts. When he cannot scare the mummy and soldier kid at first, he continuously tries to terrorize them with more pranks, but to no avail. After Stan goes back inside, the kids then toilet paper the Mystery Shack, before deciding to go confront Stan and make him give them their desired treats. However, the children are horrified when they encounter a naked Stan, who is preparing to take a shower to "wash off his shame" in the bathroom. The boys flee from the scene, leaving their enormous sacks filled with the candy they had already gotten, and Stan is once again happy and boasts his victory.


Something of a smart aleck, he is sarcastic, selfish, disrespectful, and loves to make mischief. He is also very persistent, especially when it comes to getting his trick or treat candy. He is not frightened as easily as most of his friends, as he has watched horror movies since he was two years old, although he is terrified upon seeing Stan naked in the bathroom.[1]


So far, he has only been seen in his Summerween costume, a mummy, which incorporates bandages obscuring his body with only his eyes, ears, some of his arms, part of his torso and sections of his legs visible. He is dark-skinned, has a round head, and is short and skinny. As a trick or treater, he holds a large bag filled with candy.


Season 1


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