The Multi-Bear is a magical beast who Dipper went to conquer in order to attain manliness. It has ten heads, with one main, intelligent head, capable of human speech, and lives in the Multi-Bear's cave at the top of a high mountain.


S1e6 dipper vs multibear

Dipper attacking the Multi-Bear.

Dipper was sent by the Manotaurs to conquer the Multi-Bear and bring back its head (or one of them). The Multi-Bear was very ferocious and threatened to kill Dipper if he did not leave his cave. Dipper refused and he and the bear began fighting. Dipper ultimately won and was going to conquer The Multi-Bear. The Multi-Bear had one last request: to die listening to his favorite song, Disco Girl. Dipper realized that he and the Multi-Bear had something in common, and decided not to slay him.


Though he seems ferocious to Dipper at first, he soon realizes that the Mutli-Bear is actually a rather nice guy. The Manotaurs declared him their enemy because he engages in some activities not considered "manly", such as listening to BABBA.


The Multi-Bear is made of one large bear head surrounded by 9 smaller heads. It has several arms, sharp claws and dark brown fur. All of the bears have black noses and yellow eyes.


Season 1


"I wish to die listening to my favorite song."

"All the manotaurs made fun of me because I know all the words to the song "Disco Girl"."

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