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Mr. Zzz's Mattresses was a mattress store in Gravity Falls, Oregon, before going out of business and re-opening as a laser tag arena.


For several years, the store held an annual sale with "prices so low, we'll go bankrupt!", This poorly chosen slogan would later become a reality upon the store's closing in 2002. It was later converted into Big Gunz Laser Tag.[1]


The interior of the store.

The store is messy, with mattresses lying around. The man who works the register is bored, so the store may not have much business. The store had an outer space-like theme to it, with planet and star ornaments hanging from the ceiling and a matching rug theme. Naturally, for a mattress store, there are several mattress sets.


Season 2


  • Its name is a possible reference to Sleepy's, a real-life mattress store.


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