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Moneybags Magazine is a magazine that focuses on rich individuals.


It is briefly seen in "Boyz Crazy" when Mabel, Grenda, and Candy meet the band Sev'ral Timez backstage, only to find out they are clones. After the girls help them hide from their manager, Ergman Bratsman, the clones express their discontent for Bratsman by holding up the magazine while they sing the song Mabel Girl.


The magazine contains a large photo of Bratsman. Above him are large white letters that read "Moneybags" and smaller black letters beneath them that read "Magazine." Beside Bratsman are three gold dollar symbols, each one smaller than the other. The last thing on the cover of the magazine are white letters that read "ERGMAN BRATZMAN."


Season 1


  • Although his name is spelled as Ergman Bratsman, there is a typo on the magazine that spells it as "Ergman Bratzman."

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