Mind control ties are highly advanced mind control devices created by Ford Pines. One is worn by the person being mind-controlled, while the other is worn by the controller, with the wearer of the former being forced to mimic the words and movements of the controller.


Sometime before the events of the series, Ford created the ties during his time at Backupsmore University as part of a government-funded assignment regarding "political persuasion." His prototype won first prize and was given over to the masters of presidential election candidate Ronald Reagan. Though they never gave the original ties back to Ford, he kept a few other pairs.[1]

Season 2

In "The Stanchurian Candidate," Ford gives the ties to Dipper after he tells him that Stan isn't doing well in the town's mayoral election. To convince Stan to use the tie, the twins lie to him, saying that it's his "lucky tie." Dipper and Mabel proceed to use the tie on Stan in order to steer his campaign the right way, making him immensely popular amongst the townspeople. However, on the final day of the election, Stan decides to not wear the other mind control tie, and after Dipper gets angry and reveals the true nature of the ties, Stan bolts out of Greasy's Diner in anger. The twins use the ties one last time with Soos in order to try and ensure Bud Gleeful doesn't win, only to be discovered by Bud, and Gideon, who was possessing him at the time, behind the curtain, ruining their plan. What became of the ties afterward is unknown.


Season 2


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