aka Falls Broadcasting Corporation CEO

  • I live in Umbrella Estate: 416 Gopher Road, Gravity Falls, Roadkill County, Oregon, USA. Sometimes staying in the Mystery Shack for certain reasons
  • I was born on April 16
  • My occupation is Currently an: Investor in the Mystery Shack and Several Silicon Valley Companies;Corporations;Enterprises; and Startups, Author of several books; articles; novels; and apologetics.
  • I am Male
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  • Hello,I'm probably one of the Post-Gravity-Falls-era users

    I am currently living in the other side of the world... somewhere below the Far East.

    I typically respond during weekends

    I hope I can make something significant here....

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  • Hi, welcome to the Gravity Falls Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Thread:157073#173815|How satisfied are you with the series? page.

    Please read the site guidelines and the manual of style before you start editing articles. If you are interested in participating in blogs, chat, and forums, make sure to read user guidelines. If you are interested in uploading images, please read the image guidelines. These guidelines also apply to videos.

    You should have at least one edit before joining the chat. But, if you are getting this message on your wall, it means you do and you may start chatting!

    Please leave a message on my message wall if I can help with anything! Feel free to leave any questions or concerns you may have as well. Valkryie247 (talk) 06:07, December 3, 2016 (UTC)

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    • An anonymous contributor
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