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  • I've been on this wiki for a while now but I hav'nte made many friends. I just don't have oodles of time like other people. You seem nice. Wanna be friends?

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  • Hey! I'm StarTrekkie47, and I am sort of a new User on this wiki as well. I am like besties with Mermaid22 over there, and I just wanted to tell you Welcome! Its always great to have new users. I really like your profile. It seems we have some things in common! Anyway, Welcome, and I hope we can be friends!

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  • I am Mermaid22, here 2 give u a proper welcome, becuz anybody who actually puts more than "Hi" on their profile deserves one.

    I can see u asked TitanicMixGirl, Mabel43201, and Dipper33101 2 b ur friends. I can teel u this, they'll all say yes. If u asked me, of course I would've said yes. A bunch of other awesome users who can b ur friend r Soul Wolfy, DamideterJR, Dipper4561, AlisonBlue123, and Mattfan120. We r now taking u in as one of us. :)

    And u and I have a lot in common. I luv 2 draw. I draw ALL the time. Writing stories is my reputation. I've got plenty on my blog. And music.... BEST THING IN THE WORLD!!!

    Oh, yes, one more thing. Just so u know, the admins here r Evergreenfir, Tuckyd, ACursedDoor, and YazzyDream.

    Well, that's all 4 now. XOX!!! <3


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  • Welcome

    Hi, welcome to Gravity Falls Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the User:MysteryGirl3049 page.

    Please read the Site Guidelines, the Manual of Style, and Code of Conduct. If you are interested in uploading images, please read the Image Guidelines. These guidelines also apply to videos.

    You should have at least one edit before joining the chat.

    Please leave a message on my talk page if I can help with anything! EvergreenFir (talk) 04:59, June 17, 2013 (UTC)

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