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  • I just couldn't fit my reasons for all those goofs into that little summary box. So here you go:

    When Dipper kicks the shelf to get Journal 3 to come down, the hand on the cover only has five fingers.

    I watched that scene, and the way it was shot had the Journal rendered in very little detail anyway. The incorrect number of fingers was just the side-effect of a "distance model".

    When Mabel charges into the attic, the closet door is open. When she suspects a wizard made Dipper taller, the door is closed.

    This just isn't true. The door is closed when she enters.

    When Dipper and Mabel are fighting over the flashlight, the caterpillar runs over a couple of cars. When Dipper and Mabel drop the flashlight, the cars are gone.

    We don't even really know where those cars were. They could have been way off in the distance since there was no shot that showed us where those cars were in relation to Dipper and Mabel. As such, we can't say the cars "disappeared" because they aren't present in other shots.

    The jar in Gideon's breast pocket appears and disappears from shot to shot.

    The jar was only there in the shot where Gideon put it in. After that I assumed the jar just slipped further into his pocket, obscured from view.

    The Gummy Koala candy bag has a net weight of 5.29, but it later changes to 6.29.

    I couldn't find this goof. It seems like maybe someone just misread the label at one point.

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    • Then carry on, good sir. It is all justified. Please remember the next time to write something like: "Closet door & gummy koalas: false. Jar & cars: could be out of sight. Journal: side effect of poor rendering." Those are good and specific enough reasons.

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