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Meredith's crush is an elderly man who resides in Gravity Falls, Oregon.


In "The Love God," the man is among the many residents of the town Love God casts a love spell on; in his case, he is paired with Meredith, who hoists him up in a burst of happiness after the god's spell is cast. He later appears at a local fair.

In "The Stanchurian Candidate," he is at Stan's first speech, standing next to Meredith.


While affected by the Love God's spell, the man seems to be overjoyed with the prospects of his new lover, and happily embraces his significant other.


Meredith's crush appearance.png

The man has a small build, rather thin and short in stature. He has dark skin, bushy eyebrows, thick lips, and a large nose with prominent nostrils and is balding, with some curly, light brown hair remaining on the sides. He wears thick glasses with black half-moon frames, an olive green vest, a blue button-down shirt, dark jeans, and dull brown sneakers.


Season 2


  • In the original script of "The Love God," Meredith was intended to be paired with a woman.[1] This was cut from the final version of the episode at Disney censors' insistence.[2]
  • Meredith's crush bears a resemblance to a Gravity Falls Maximum Security Prison counselor.


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