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Meredith is an elderly woman who resides in Gravity Falls, Oregon.


In "The Love God," Meredith is one of the many individuals in Greasy's Diner that the Love God casts a love spell on; in her case, she is paired with an unnamed elderly man, whom she picks up after the spell is cast.

In "The Stanchurian Candidate," she is seen among the crowd listening to Stan's speech.


Meredith is a short, fair-skinned, chubby old woman with a rounded face, a short, large nose, and minor wrinkles. She has brownish-gray hair and eyebrows, and she wears small glasses, a dark blue-green shawl, a red dress, a white apron, and brown sandals.


Season 2


  • She was originally planned to be paired with another elderly woman,[1] though this idea was scrapped at Disney censors' insistence.[2]


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