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The Mecc children are the six sons and daughters of Grady and Fertilia Mecc. They eventually have thirty six siblings[2].


One of the children mistakes Mabel's braces for silver.

In "The Time Traveler's Pig," when Dipper and Mabel Pines travel back in time to the nineteenth century and are chased off a cliff by a herd of buffalo, they land in the Meccs' wagon.

When one of the children notices the "silver" in Mabel's mouth, she informs him that they are called braces. Dipper warns Mabel not to do anything that could change the timeline, but she rebuffs him, as he had been doing exactly that throughout the entire day. Mabel proceeds to inform the children and their mother of numerous modern-day devices and policies, including the calculator, light-up shoes, the high-five and women's suffrage.


Each child's height varies due to their age. They have hair in varying shades of brown, wear typical 1800's garb, which is comprised of dull colors; mainly greens, browns, and grays. The girls wear dresses or blouses and skirts, the boys wear shirts and pants, and the baby only wears a diaper.


Season 1


  • Unlike most female characters in the series, the Mecc girls lack visible eyelashes.


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