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Meat Cute is a food kiosk in Gravity Malls, that sells extreme lunch meats.


A woman trying to enjoy her food.

Meat Cute's kiosk in the mall is first seen in "Soos and the Real Girl." A woman buys food from there and is seen enjoying it until Soos tries to flirt with her. He reveals to her that he was once a pig while searching for a topic of conversation. She puts down the food she was eating and backs away slowly. Melody, an employee there, is seen earlier working the shift and serving customers. She later observes Soos enjoying the attractions of the "Kidz Zone." Unknowingly, he begins to flirt with and inadvertently gets a date with her.


They serve what primarily looks like hams on a stick, although the name implies they sell all sorts of meat. They come in large hams and smaller sizes.


  • The stand is a play on the trope "Meet Cute," a term for an onscreen scene, in which a future romantic couple meets for the first time in a way that is considered adorable, entertaining, or amusing, referencing Soos and Melody's relationship.


Season 2

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