Mayor Eustace "Huckabone" Befufftlefumpter (born c. 1909)[2] was the reclusive 102-year-old mayor of Gravity Falls, Oregon.


S2e10 have a monkey

The mayor being given a chimp as a gift.

In "Northwest Mansion Mystery", he attends Northwest Fest alongside numerous other noteworthy figures and mingles with the Northwests. After he enters the party at the Northwest Manor, a few vultures (or other scavenging birds) surround him, but before they can be shoo-ed off, he says that they're with him. Preston Northwest gave him a chimp servant as a present, with the intent of it aiding the aged mayor. When a ghost was attacking the attendees of the party, he mistook it for the grim reaper, saying that he was waiting for him (the grim reaper) to show up. As a result, he was one of the first guests to be turned into wood. He eventually was turned back to normal when the ghost departed back to the afterlife.

In "Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons," he is seen on television, being interviewed over the recent devastation caused to the town.

In The Stanchurian Candidate, the news announced that he passed away, which results in Stan and Bud running for mayor.


He was elderly, and needs a wheelchair for transportation. He wore an olive green, long-sleeved top, and either a checkered blanket over his legs, or a checkered kilt-esque bottom. He also wore glasses, and a green sash that says "mayor." He had a few cobwebs on him.


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