Daniel "Manly Dan" Corduroy[1], is a recurring character in Gravity Falls. He is the father of Wendy and the Corduroy boys.


S1e2 manly dan fish headlock

Manly Dan and his kids on the opening day of fishing season.

Dan is initially seen in "The Legend of the Gobblewonker," where he is fishing with his boys at Lake Gravity Falls. When one of the boys asks if he is fishing correctly, Manly Dan snaps the fishing pole, and proceeds to catch a fish with his bare hands and beat it up, with his kids and Tyler cheering him on. He is later seen putting a fish in a headlock, when Soos' boat smashes through his, sending Dan and his sons into the water. He then starts swimming away with his sons when fish start falling from the sky, yelling that "they're coming for revenge!"

He is next seen in "Headhunters," as part of the crowd at Stan Pines's wax museum unveiling. He gets angry when he learns that Stan lied about giving free pizza, and punches a pole as he leaves. He is later deemed a suspect for the murder of Wax Stan by Dipper, due to the ax found at the crime scene. He and Mabel go to the bar he hangs out at and Dipper interrogates him while he is arm-wrestling a robot game named Biceptus. However, Dipper learns that he is not the culprit. Manly Dan does tell Dipper that the ax is a left-handed one, which helps Dipper narrow the suspects down to all left-handed suspects.

S1e6 manly dan

Manly Dan tells Dipper to run.

He is seen again in "Dipper vs. Manliness," eating at Greasy's Diner with Wendy. When Dipper fails to win a manliness tester, Dan shoves Dipper away and effortlessly wins it using his pinky finger, winning all the patrons free pancakes. Later, when Dipper is in the forest, Dan is seen running away from the beast coming their way, shouting at Dipper to run.

In "Irrational Treasure," Dan eats meat with Tyler on Pioneer Day. Dan appears next in "Fight Fighters," where he goes on a camping trip with Wendy and her brothers.

Dan reappears in "Summerween," trick-or-treating with his sons while dressed up as Vikings, and having them ram through a door.

He is also seen in "Bottomless Pit!," during Mabel's story, "Trooth Ache". Grunkle Stan orders Dan to unload a wild bear for an attraction at the Mystery Shack where a bear drives a car.

In "Gideon Rises," he attends the grand closing of the Mystery Shack, exclaiming how much he loves Gideon. Later, at the scene of the Gideon-bot's explosion, he turns against Gideon along with the rest of the crowd when he learns that Gideon lied. 

He makes another appearance in "The Hide Behind," when Dipper is interviewing local Gravity Falls residents about the mysterious sightings of the creature from lumberjack legends.


S1e3 manly dan punching pole

Manly Dan punching a pole.

Manly Dan is the proud father figure, often showing his children how to do fun activities like fishing[3], in his own manly way. Besides this, he is also an emotionally unstable lumberjack. He also may have a bad temper, since in "Headhunters" he gets so mad that he punched a post almost all the way down[1]. In spite of this, he still has some sense of caution, preferring to flee from the Manotaurs rather than fight them.[4]


Dan looks, as his name implies, very manly. He is extremely large and muscular, angry, and sports a red beard, with his chest hair and arm hair barely concealed. Manly Dan has short, bright red hair similar in color to Wendy's hair. He wears a stereotypical lumberjack outfit and brown work gloves. One of his front teeth is missing.


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"The fishes, they seek revenge!"
—Manly Dan[source]

"In your face!"
—Manly Dan punching a pole[source]

"Pancakes for everyone!"
—Manly Dan to everyone in the diner[source]

"For glory, my children! CHARGE!"
—Manly Dan[source]

"I wouldn't pick my teeth with that axe, it's left handed!"
—Manly Dan[source]


  • He prefers using his right hand, which he refers to as "the manly hand."[2]
  • He's had an encounter with the Hide Behind.
  • He's the "punching enthusiast."
  • Dan was on the jury that sentenced Gideon Gleeful to prison.[5]


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