Magic Rune Mystery is a game exclusive to WATCH Disney XD released on August 1, 2014.[1]


While reading from Journal 3, Dipper and Mabel notice a mysterious winged chest engraved with an eye that appears to wink at them. The wink seemingly transports them into another dimension, where the chest forces the twins to chase it in order to solve the mystery as to why they are there, thus freeing themselves into the real world.

Upon completing their goal, the chest reveals it was an ancient being trapped long ago in the journal, and having grown bored with its eternal stasis, decided to trap the twins out of pure amusement.


The player can choose to play as either Dipper or Mabel, each with the power to either fall or jump, respectively. Depending on what character has been chosen, the player will either fall through or jump up onto platforms while collecting different colored runes, all the while facing various obstacles such as road blocks or flying skulls. Runes can then be used to craft powerups for in-game use, giving players the power to replenish their health or deflect harm from enemies.

Once the flying chest is confronted, the player is then given the opportunity to collect golden runes used to break four seals and solve a puzzle.

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  • Health- Recovers one heart.
  • Magnet- Attracts nearby runes.
  • Whistle- Waddles gives an upward boost to Mabel.
  • Eagle- Extra impulses.
  • Shield- Protects Mabel with the Hamster Ball.
  • Radio- The Multi-Bear gives an upward boost to Dipper.
  • Spear- Destroys floors and enemies below.
  • Shield- Protects Dipper with the Hamster Ball.


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