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Transcript.PNG This is a transcribed copy for the episode "Mabel's Scrapbook: Petting Zoo." Feel free to edit or add to this page as long as the information comes directly from the episode.
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Short opens with Mabel on a rocking chair with her scrapbook.
Mabel Wow! There were a lot of good memories this summer! (Turns over the pages) Whether it was battling gnomes, solving mysteries, or winning that dog sled race against that space lizard! But I'll never forget that trip to the petting zoo...
Cut to the past at the petting zoo. The Pines, Wendy and Soos are looking at the animals.
Mabel I'm gonna pet you, I'm gonna pet you, wow! You better believe I'm gonna pet you! (Gasps)
Cuts to a cow named "Octavia" with 8 legs.
Mabel More limbs means more hugs!
Everyone runs to the cow.
Dipper Wow! I didn't think nature would allow this!
Stan Yeah! (To Sprott:) Pig farmer! What gives?
Sprott Octavia? Well, she's just another blessin' from the toxic flood running off the Mud Flat factory.
Behind Sprott, we see a goat drinking from the toxic river, growing another head, and dying.
Mabel (Laughs as Octavia licks her) I could pet this cow forever!
Sprott Well, get your pettin' done now 'cause I'm gonna eat 'er come cow eatin' season.
Everyone except Sprott gasps.
Mabel What?! 
Stan So you wanna eat the freak to gain its mutant powers. I respect that.
They start to walk away.
Mabel Grunkle Stan! We can't let Octavia be eaten!
Stan Come on, Mabel! Cows are delicious!
Mabel But we love her! (Hugs Octavia's nose)
Stan (Looks at Mabel petting Octavia, then looks at Sprott far away imagining Octavia as a hamburger; Octavia licks Stan and he sighs) Warm up the truck.
Everyone but Stan cheers. Cut to the "Petting Zoo" sign with a smaller sign under it saying "CLOSED," and a dad with two children exiting the Petting Zoo. Cut to the farm near the main "Petting Zoo" sign. An old phone rings. Sprott answers the call.
Sprott Howdy!
Soos (On the other end:) Hey! I'm calling from "Pictures of Tractors Monthly"! Please hold for an important message. (Plays on a little organ and sings:) Da-ra-ta-ra-to! Ta-ra-ta-pa-da-ba-bo! This is definitely a real message -ta-ra-pa-po!
Soos is seen through the window near Sprott. Soos plays and sings on the top of Stan's truck while Dipper, Mabel and Stan are loading Octavia on the back of the truck. Dipper, Mabel, Soos and Stan are entering the truck and Stan starts driving. Just now Sprott notices the theft.
Sprott They're stealin' Octavia! Emmit! D'Shawn! Close the gate!
Emmit pulls a handle under the sign "GATE." Cuts to Stan's truck driving with Octavia, while the gates are closed. Stan makes a sharp turn to the Sheep Pen, breaking some fences. Cut to the truck's front view with the gang.
Mabel Sheep! Dodge! Dodge!
Stan (Dodges a few sheep while driving) Brace yourselves!
Everyone screams. The truck goes on a ramp and jumps over some hay.
Emmit and D'Shawn (Waving their fists in anger) Ugh...
Sprott Serves me right for buildin' an escape ramp.
Cuts to the gang releasing the cow in the woods.
Mabel Goodbye, Octavia. Here's a little something to remember us by.
Stan sticks a "Mystery Shack" sticker to Octavia's body and hits her back. Octavia moves forwards and the gang waves and says goodbye.
Wendy Goodbye, Octavia!
Soos Have beautiful babies!
Mabel I love you!
Stan She was alright for a mutant.
Cuts to Octavia eating grass sweetly. A bird passes by, and suddenly Octavia shoots green lasers from her eyes and burns the bird. The burned bird falls to the ground and Octavia sticks her mutated long tongue to pull the bird to her mouth, aggressively eating the bird. Cuts to the terrified gang.
Stan Run.
Everybody starts to run, except Mabel, who's taking a picture. Cuts to Mabel's Scrapbook, with the picture of Octavia's laser eyes. "Don't have a cow!" is written under the picture.
Mabel Well, that was a fun day! (Closes the Scrapbook showing its title; end)

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