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Transcript.PNG This is a transcribed copy for the episode "Mabel's Scrapbook: Heist Movie." Feel free to edit or add to this page as long as the information comes directly from the episode.
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Short opens with Mabel Pines in a rocking chair with her scrapbook of memories.
Mabel Welcome to "Mabel's Scrapbook." Ah, here's a good memory! That one time we all went to the movies!
We see the photo of cinema in scrapbook signed "Stand-off at The Ragtime." Cut to the cinema. Current premiere sign is "Now Showing Pony Heist."
Stan (After buying tickets) Twelve bucks a ticket? Pony Heist better be the best movie ever made!
Mabel I wrote a list of hilarious jokes to yell out during the movie. Pony Heist? More like BALONEY Heist! Right? (Turns to Laughter Fox poster) This guy gets me!
Cut to Dipper, Mabel, Stan and Soos entering the cinema.
Dipper, Mabel, Stan & Soos Movies! Movies! Movies! Movies! Movies! Movies! Movies!
A candy bar wrapper falls out of Mabel's sweater and Thompson, walking past them, notices it and picks it up.
Thompson Hey, you stop! There is no outside food or drink allowed in the theater!
Mabel Well, it's just one candy.
Stan Yeah! I wanna talk to the manager!
Thompson I AM the manager! Your family is banned!
Cut to the outside. The Pines and Soos are sitting on the pavement.
Mabel No ponies...
Soos No explosions...
Dipper (Stands up) Guys, we are NOT going down like this! I've got a plan to break in.
Everyone gathers in a circle.
Dipper Okay, it's gonna go down like this.
Cut to the Stan sitting near to the closed exit door.
Dipper Stan will get us in using his incredible lock-picking skills.
Stan (Smashes the lock with a rock and walks in. To Lee and Nate working in the cinema:) Hey, suckers! Ahahahaha! (Runs off with them in chase)
Soos (Soos, dressed as loader, enters with a trolley with a box on it. Dipper jumps out of the box)
Dipper (Narrating:) Stan's diversion will allow me and Soos to get inside. The next step is to get Thompson away from the snack stand. Fortunately, I have my ways. (In real time, changes the title "Monkey Business 2" to "Thompson drinks popcorn butter."
Thompson What? No I don't! (Runs away)
Dipper (Narrating:) This will get Mabel just enough time to coat herself entirely in syrup.
Mabel (Gets in the syrup bucket and rubs syrup all over herself) This is my favorite part!
Thompson (Off-screen) Hey! (Opens the bucket, but doesn't see Mabel) What?
Mabel (On the ceiling, heading to the ventilation bars. She picks up a gummy bear stuck onto the ceiling, then eats it. Mabel is shown entering the ventilation ducts, and later kicking the ventilation bars and signaling them to enter.)
Dipper opens the ventilation bars in the screening room. The gang slides down a rope to the screening room.
Dipper (Narrating:) If all goes according the plan, we should arrive in the theatre in exactly the amount of time it takes for the previews to end.
The gang sticks to the glass wall with wide open smiles. Cut to Dipper's watch beeping.
Dipper 43 minutes!
Mabel, Soos & Stan Whoohoo! Alright! Yes!
Cuts to the "Pony Heist" movie.
Movie narrator (A pink and purple pony starts to run in the movie) But the ponies are filled with—TNT! (two ponies crash and explode in the movie)
The gang sits in the screening room and laughs. Mabel brings her "Pony Heist jokes" page, reading it out loud for the croud.
Mabel "Pony Heist"? More like BALONEY-Heist! Am I right?!
The whole crowd laughs and enjoys the joke. Dipper and Mabel high-five each other.
Dipper Hey, look! (pointing at a TV screen)
The TV screen shows Thompson drinking a huge bottle of butter. The gang laughs and Mabel takes a picture with her camera.
Soos I'd do the same, though...
Cuts to Mabel's Scrapbook with a new picture on it of Thompson drinking butter. Mabel closes the Scrapbook, showing its title. End.

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