Mabel's Rom-Coms (romantic comedies) are various DVDs set out by Mabel Pines for a sleepover with her friends Candy Chiu and Grenda.[1]


Mabel seems to make it a habit to set out a number of rom-coms, other movies, and games to watch/play with her friends in preparation for sleepovers. The sight of them horrifies Dipper Pines, as he knows what their appearance indicates.

List of titles

  • I'm In Love With a Girl Named You! is in a pink DVD case featuring a man with brown hair and an olive green collar shirt and a black undershirt surrounded by hearts. The tagline says, "Won't you be my boo?"
  • Oh No She Di'nt features a woman in a purple dress and tan belt in a sassy pose on a green DVD case. The title of the movie appears on the cover as if she's speaking, in the form of a word balloon. The top of the spine also has a purple "W."
  • If the "Love" Fits... Date it! is written in salmon pink on the spine of a brown DVD case.
    • This is referencing the expression "if the glove/shoe fits, wear it."
  • Smooch Town is written in black font on a white case. There is an upside down pink triangle at the top of the spine.
  • Boy Cray Cray is written in black on a light peach spine, and the cover is a darker orange. The top of the spine features Bill Cipher.
  • Another DVD's title is unknown, but its backside has "The biggest rom-com of the year!" written on it.


Season 1


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