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|Puffy stickers! Hahahaha! It still really hurt, though.. 
|Puffy stickers! Hahahaha! It still really hurt, though.. 
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Transcript This is a transcribed copy for the episode "Mabel's Guide to Stickers." Feel free to edit or add to this page as long as the information comes directly from the episode.
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Episode opens with Mabel with an ostrich hair.
Mabel And that concludes Mabel's Guide to Hair Topiary.
Dipper What is it?
Mabel It's an ostrich. It's clearly an ostrich. (Mabel grabs the beak part of the hair and makes a bird noise.)
Intro: A techno mixed version of Mabel's voice calling herself plays while a montage of Mabel is being played.
Mabel Today: Mabel's Guide to Stickers!
Cuts to Mabel sitting on a chair with a book. Behind her is Dipper reading a book on his bed.
Mabel Through out history, stickers have been the backbone of many great civilizations.
Dipper No, they haven't.
Mabel (Shows the book) The ancient Greeks used leeches for stickers! The more stickers you had, the cooler you were!
Dipper Nope, not true.
Mabel (Turns the page) The ancient Aztecs' chest skull is a modern equivalent to todays, (shows a sticker) "Orange you happy mon?"
Dipper Yes, Aztecs' war paints were exactly like a rasta orange. Mabel, have you ever read a history book?
Mabel (Points Dipper) Edit it out!
The tape gets fast-forward. Then Dipper disappears.
Mabel (Snaps her fingers) Edit, edit, edit!
Each time Mabel says "Edit," she gets more and more stickers on her face. 
Mabel Cut away!
Static. Cuts to Mabel holding her Sticktionary.
Mabel Let's take a look at my personal Sticktionary! (Opens her Sticktionary. The Stickrionary's pages are closed up) Stickers falls to several distinct categories. Puffy stickers,
Soos So soft!
Mabel (Turns the page) Googley eyes stickers, (Mabel shakes the book)
Soos Aaah! It's like they're watching me!
Mabel (Turns the page) Bumper stickers, scratch and sniff, sniff and touch, listen and taste, and price stickers! (Closes out) You can get these ones free at the store!
Dipper (Off-screan) Don't they need those?
Static. Cuts to Mabel at the store taking the price stickers.

(Takes the stickers sticked on the TVs) Stickers, stickers, stickers. Hahahaha.

Customer (Picks up a TV) Free TVs, everybody!
The customers runs and steals TVs. Static, cuts back to Mabel.
Mabel Listen, Dipper. You shouldn't doubt my authority. In the sticker world, I'm the girl who can get you things.
Static. Cuts to Mabel and Stan.
Stan I need a sticker to put on my car, though. Y'know, get the cops off my back.
Mabel shows Stan a "Baby on board" sticker.
Stan Oh! (Trys to grab the sticker)
Mabel (Takes it back) Uh-huh! My price?
Stan sighs and gives Mabel a huge can of industrial sprinkles.
Mabel I'm gonna get so sick.
Static. Cuts to Mabel eating the sprinkles.
Dipper Mabel, don't you think those are hazardous to your health?
Mabel Edit! (Dipper dissappears) Edit! (A pair of sunglasses appears) Edit! (a radio appears) Edit! (Soos appears)
Soos What? How did I get here?
Mabel Thanks for watching Mabel's Guide to Stickers. And now a riddle: What kind of sticker can save your life?
Mabel Waddles! If you please.
Waddles hits the grappling hook which hits Mabel. Mabel sits up and opens her jacket to show the stickers she had inside.
Mabel Puffy stickers! Hahahaha! It still really hurt, though.. 

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