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"Mabel's Guide to Stickers" is the eighth animated short of Gravity Falls to air between season 1 and season 2. It premiered on February 4, 2014.

Official overview[]

Mabel gives her unique perspective on the history of stickers, their many styles and uses.[1]


Mabel shows pages from a history book and says that various aspects of ancient history were like modern day stickers, and Dipper irritably corrects her, asking her if she has ever read a history book, resulting in Mabel's annoyance who edits out Dipper. Then she shows her collection of stickers, including price tags, which she stole from a Best Buy-like store. Stan asks Mabel for a sticker that will stop the police from watching his car, so Mabel gives him a "Baby On Board" bumper sticker in exchange for a large barrel of Industrial Sprinkles and she then says "I'm gonna get so sick!" In her room she pigs out on them then Dipper asks if those are hazardous to her health as she edits him out and edits Soos in as he asks how he got there. At the end, she asks the audience a riddle: "What kind of sticker can save your life?" For a demonstration, Waddles steps on the grappling hook which lauches at Mabel and knocks her to the ground. Then she opens her vest and shows that puffy stickers are the answer. She says "It still really hurt though."


Production notes[]

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Series continuity[]


  • Mabel reveals pages on two historical subjects.
    • The text on Ancient Greek says:

"The Ancient Greeks

The greeks are a wonderful culture with many different gods and myths. Hercules, Narcissus, and Achilles are all myths that are retold to this day and have relevance in our current society. Themes of love, hate, betrayal, and arrogance populate stories from this time. But there have been lost stories as well; forgotten by the sand of time. Including: the story of a peasant named Domiclese, a shepherd who angered the gods with his hubris.

When the gods turned their focus to Domiclese, they discovered that not only was Domiclese a shepherd, he was also secretly a robot who could fire lasers out of his face. When Domiclese melted Apollo and Mercury with his "laser face" it signaled the beginning of "The Great Robot War." The robots eventually overthrew the pantheon and established a "New Robot Order." The robots forced the humans underground for years to toil in their underground mines to find igneous rocks, whichrobots [sic] eat to gain power.

The greeks hated and feared their new robot oppressors, but stood firm against them in combat. The greek people formed a "trojan horse" to dupe the foolish metal ones into allowing the humans to overtake their robo future-castle. Even though they were driven out, these mechanical beings did not despair. The robots beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past. "

  • The text on Aztecs says:

"The Aztecs had many ritual and ceremonies that have gone unpracticed for hundreds of years. Most impressive among them was the act of "Quzetoheetl," the ritual of forming a circle around a wolf of wild dog and chanting sacred words which gave the dog the ability to speak english and play basketball. (Or "ollamalitzi.")

Once the Aztecs used this rituals on a very special dog. The special dog befriended a lonely boy who was the water boy for his local high school ollamalitzi team. After the dog ran onto the court and became a fan favorite, the mean former owner kidnapped the dog. Luckily the lonely boy steals him back just in time to make it to the big tournament, where it is declared that "there's nothing in the rulebook that says a dog can't play ollamalitzi." The dog scored an amazing last second point to win the game! Everyone rejoiced! Then the ritual of "Xolitzeunzli" was performed to allow the dog to have puppies, save Christmas, and become Santa’s most special reindeer. "



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