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[[Dipper Pines|Dipper]]
|So wait, what do you want me to do?
|So wait, what do you want me to do?
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|Uh.. Like this? ''(Flips the glasses)''
|Uh, Like this? ''(Flips the glasses)''

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Transcript This is a transcribed copy for the episode "Mabel's Guide to Fashion." Feel free to edit or add to this page as long as the information comes directly from the episode.
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Episode opens with Mabel in front of several glow sticks, and an exploded television on a table.

(Coughs) Wow! I'll definitely never be allowed to do that again! Thanks for watching Mabel's Guide to Home Pyrotechnics. See you next time! (Mabel's hair starts to cracks with electricity) AAHH!

Intro: A techno mixed version of Mabel's voice calling herself plays while a montage of Mabel is played.
Mabel Today: Mabel's Guide to Fashion!
A montage of Mabel's sweaters is played while Grenda narrates.
Grenda (Narration) The sweaters! The attitude! The boys love it!


So wait, what do you want me to do?
Grenda (Whispering) Flip up your glasses!
Dipper Uh, Like this? (Flips the glasses)
Dipper flipping his glasses repeats for 3 times. And a voice says "OHHH YEAHH!" Then static. Cuts to Mabel on a chair.

Guesswhatit'sMabel. Everyone wants to look as amazing as me. But most people don't have time for fashion in their busy day-to-day lives. That's why I've created..

Mabel, Candy & Grenda Flash make-overs!
A sign written "Flash Make-overs" is shown. Then cuts to Soos in the living room. 
Soos Hey guys, what do ya..
Mabel Grenda, hold him down!
Grenda tackles Soos and Mabel puts on make-ups. Cuts to Soos with tight pants, noble-like clothes, yellow hair and a glass ball.
Soos These pants are too tight.. I can't move!
Mabel (Runs to the door) You can thank us later!
Soos (Drops the ball) If you're watching this, please call for help! (Soos falls down) I'm down! Soos is down!
Static. Cuts to Mabel opening the bathroom door.
Stan I'm Stan and I was wrong, and I'm singing the..

(Grenda tackles Grunkle Stan) AAAAAH! What's happening?!

Static. Cuts to Grunkle Stan with tiger make-up. Grenda shows him a hand mirror.


I'd be pretty mad at you girls, if I didn't look so fantastic!
Mabel Success! Take it to the streets, girls! (Runs off)
Grenda I'm taking your after-shave. (Runs off too)
Static. Cuts to Mabel and Grenda outside.
Mabel Okay, gals. We need a real challenge.
Old Man McGucket Old Man McGucket! (Spits in a bucket) Spittin' in a bucket!
Grenda This one is a toughie.
Mabel Let's try something bold.
Static. Cuts to Mabel drawing a face on Old Man McGucket's "bold" head.
Mabel Am I a good or am I good, girls?
Grenda Absolutely stunning!
Mabel Now we cover up that.. problem.. area.. (cover ups McGucket's face with his beard) Now you just have to walk backwards everywhere you go and bingo! You're fabulous.
Old Man McGucket That's the way my body naturally wants to move anyways! (Starts to go backwards)
Static. Cuts to Mabel and Candy putting make-up on each other.
Grenda (Narration) Join us next week when Mabel tells us what next season has in store!
Cuts to Mabel with a hat. She puts another hat on the hat.
Mabel Hat-hats!
A voice says "OHHH YEAHHH!" And static.

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