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Transcript.PNG This is a transcribed copy for the episode "Mabel's Guide to Color." Feel free to edit or add to this page as long as the information comes directly from the episode.
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Short opens with Mabel laughing.
Mabel Ha ha ha, aha ha ha ha, aha ha ha ha ha. And that's Mabel's Guide to laughing for an uncomfortable amount of time. (Pause) Uh-oh, here comes more! Aha ha ha ha ha! (Dipper hides his head in a book in the background)
Intro: A techno mixed version of Mabel's voice calling herself plays while a montage featuring Mabel is played.
Mabel Today: Mabel's Guide to Color!
Cuts to Mabel with a projector.
Mabel Ah, color. It's all around us! (Turns to a picture of Dipper) From the green of a nauseous twin brother, (Turns to a picture of Grunkle Stan) to the weird orange of an old man's nose, (Turns to a picture of a toilet next to Soos) to the beautiful sky blue of toilet water. 
Soos (points towards projector) I'm in that one!
Mabel Yes you are, Soos. (To the camera) But it wasn't always this way. (Turns to a black and white picture) According to history, the world was black and white until color was invented (A wizard Mabel drew appears in the picture) by a magic wizard named "Crayondalf the Fabulous!" What's your favorite color, Gravity Falls?
Cuts to a montage asking the people of Gravity Falls what their favorite color is.
Pacifica Hot pink.
Grenda Beige!
Dipper Wendy. Wait, what was the question again?
Soos Lasers. Ooh! Or liquid metal! Does leopards count as a color?
Wendy Flannel.
Soos Okay, okay. I've narrowed it down to Aurora Borealis, camouflage...
Candy Magic vision poster!
Gompers (Captioned): Burgundy.
Stan None.
Mabel What?
Stan I don't have a favorite color. I don't even like colors. 
Mabel Not even rainbows?
Stan Beats me. I've never seen a rainbow.
Mabel WHAT?!?
Cuts to Mabel with horns, a siren, and a sign written "COLOR EMERGENCY." Then cuts to Mabel with Dipper, Candy, Grenda and Waddles.
Mabel Alright guys, how can we get Grunkle Stan to see a rainbow? I need ideas, people!
Waddles (Walks away)
Grenda Sometimes if I drink expired milk, I see rainbows! I'm gonna try right now! (Takes out a gallon of expired milk and starts to drink it)
Candy (Takes out a paper, starts drawing on it and shows it to the camera) What if we reflect the rainbow from the falls into Stan's window?
Dipper and Candy Yeah! (High fives)
Grenda Yeah! (Falls off the bed and starts to sleep)
Candy It's fine. She does this.
Mabel Alright, we're about to unleash the power of the "Roy-G-Biv-A-Tron" into Stan's office!
Cuts to Dipper and Candy at the end of the waterfall. They reflect the rainbow with a mirror. Cuts back to Stan.
Stan Nothing brightens the dark room like a light from a window! Time to open the window... (Stan opens the window and the rainbow beams right into his eyes) OH NO!! WHY!!! WHY IS THIS HAPPENING!!
Mabel Ta-daah! Surprise!
Mabel Maybe we over did it a little bit.
Stan's desk starts to burn. Static. Cuts to Stan getting his eyes bandaged by Soos and Dipper in the background while Mabel is in front of the camera.
Stan Get those bandages good and tight! I'm not giving my life savings to some quack doctor.
Mabel That's it for today! Join us next week when we'll be doing "Mabel's Guide to Apologizing to your Great Uncle."
Stan I hate color more than ever!
Mabel He's just saying that. (Whispering) Cut! Cut it!

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