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Transcript.PNG This is a transcribed copy for the episode "Mabel's Guide to Art." Feel free to edit or add to this page as long as the information comes directly from the episode.
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Short opens with Mabel getting up from the ground with umbrellas, a pair of goggles, a helmet, and a pillow attached to her written "Amelia Awesomeheart." She has some feathers around her.


And that was Mabel's Guide to Flying. (Throws down umbrellas and walks next to a bird) In conclusion, flying and falling are basically the same thing. (To the bird next to her) I am like you now, bird. (Whispering) We are now one!
Intro: A techno mixed version of Mabel's voice calling herself plays while a montage featuring Mabel is played.
Mabel Today: Mabel's Guide to Art!
Cuts to Waddles resting.
Mabel "Mabel's Guide To" is filmed in front of an adorable studio audience.
Cuts to Mabel standing next to a moose statue.
Mabel Art! It's all around us! (Cuts to a postcard of Egypt) From the big triangles of the desert, (cuts to a pen) to those pens that go like.. (Tilts the pen to make the hat part goes up) Brooop! (Tilts it back down) Brooop!
Static. Cuts to a video of an elephant painting.
Mabel Ha ha! Even old Jumbo is getting in on the act. Don't quit your day job, Jumbo! That's... that's really bad.
Static. Cuts back to Mabel.
Mabel No one knows what art means or where it comes from, but one thing is for sure: I'm great at it!
Cuts to a table. Mabel puts her picture she drew at 2 on it.
Mabel At age 2, I was naturally gifted. (Puts another picture) At age 5, I was a master of portrait. (Puts another picture) Age 7 was a time of free exploration!
Cuts back to Mabel.
Mabel But everything changed when I saw this amazing caricature! (Takes out a caricature of Dipper)
Dipper (Takes the picture) Gimme that, gimme that. 
Mabel What could make it even better you ask? I give you.. (Takes out a cat-icature of Dipper) The "Cat-icature!"
The scene pauses and a caption written "CAT-ICATURE!" appears with a short soundtrack.
Mabel Just compare this amazing likeness to Dipper!
Dipper That doesn't look anything like me.
Mabel (Interrupting) You're right it does look exactly like you!
The scene pauses and the caption and the soundtrack appear again. Cuts to Mabel's cat-icatures of Dipper, Wendy, Waddles and Soos are on a Table. Then Mabel places Stan's cat-icature on them.
Stan Uh, it's just the same crummy cat face with a different hat each time.
Mabel Exactly! And I sell 'em for 10 dollars each.
Stan You need an agent? I am now your agent. 
Static. Cuts to a cat-icature of Toby Determined. Mabel hands this picture to Toby.
Toby It looks exactly like me! Right down to my actual cat whiskers that the doctors can't explain! (Hugs the picture) Meow meow meow!
Mabel You're always weirder than I remember.
Static. Cuts to Stan selling the cat-icatures.
Stan Mabel! These cat-icatures are sellin' like hot cakes! 
Mabel Cat-icatures are good. But I've moved on to the next level. Behold... (Takes out a cat which has a picture on its stomach) "Humani-cat-icatures!"
The scene pauses and a caption written "Humanicaticature!" appears with a short soundtrack. The customers who came to buy the cat-icature want to buy the humani-cat-icatures.
Stan (Happily yelling) Somebody get this girl more cats!
Static. Cuts to Mabel surrounded by angry cats. Her clothes and hair are clawed by a cat.
Mabel That's it for Mabel's guide to art. Where we learned sometimes you have to suffer for your art. (To the cat) Here kitty, here kitty kitty...
The cat jumps and attacks Mabel in her face. Mabel falls.
Mabel It actually kinda tickles.

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