This page is for Mabel's Guide To, the theme song. For the shorts, see Mabel's Guide to Life.

"Mabel's Guide To" is an introductory remix sample Mabel used at the beginning of her Mabel's Guide to Life series.


The song appears in every short included in the Mabel's Guide to Life series, and features segments of Mabel experiencing an aspect in life, often accomponied by Waddles.


(Mabel saying her name several times on autotune)

Ma Ma Ma-Mabel Ma-Mabel
Ma Ma Ma-Mabel Ma-Ma-Ma-Mabel
Ma-Mabel Ma Ma Ma Ma-Ma-Mabel
Ma-Ma-Ma-Mabel Mabel Mabel Mabel




  • There were 2 shorts that ended up being cut:
    • The first was where Mabel visited the prison titled, "Mabel's Guide to Smiles", in which she attempts to cheer some prisoners up.[1]
    • The second was called "Mabel's Guide to Death", in which Mabel would show how to deal with the effects of someone or something you know dying, after her pet caterpillar gets eaten. This ended up being cut for being too morbid, however.


  1. Braly, Matt (June 20, 2015). I'm Matt Braly, Storyboard Artist and Director on Gravity Falls. Ask me anything!. Retrieved on June 20, 2015. “Ok I'll level with you. There was a Mabel Short about her visiting a prison that got the axe. Not even joking. It was so funny.”

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