Pa and Ma are two ghosts who died at and later haunted the Dusk 2 Dawn convenience store. Dipper and Wendy had an encounter with them when they and Wendy's friends partied there overnight.


Pa and Ma once owned the Dusk 2 Dawn store. When they were alive, teenagers were a scourge on their store, always upsetting customers with their "boomie boxes and disrespectful short pants!" as Pa said.

Pa and Ma tried to ban them. The teenagers retaliated with their new-age rap music, which was so "shocking and hateful" to Pa and Ma that they were both stricken down with double heart attacks, killing them.

Thus, they hate teenagers and haunt the Dusk 2 Dawn, where Dipper, Wendy and her friends later break in.[2]


Pa and Ma have a deep resentment of teenagers. They were mean and angry to Dipper at first, but their anger diminished when they found out he was "technically not a teen[2]," which makes them act a lot nicer and sweeter.

Physical appearance

Pa and Ma are both slightly overweight senior citizens. They both wear glasses and still wear their uniforms from when they were alive. Pa wears an apron with his name tag on it, and Ma wears a shirt with a skirt and a coat with her name tag on it.


Pa and Ma can physically control objects and people[2]. Pa has shown the ability to light himself on fire and conjure up things.


Season 1


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