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"Razzle my dazzle, it’s a Mabel Bonanza!"
Mabel Pines

MAB-3L is a dimension where several alternate universe versions of Mabel Pines were trapped, until the Prime Mabel freed them. It appears in the Gravity Falls: Lost Legends story "Don't Dimension It".


Mabel first discovers MAB-3L after she is sucked into the multi-verse by a giant hand monster and thrown through different dimensions by a wormhole. Once there, she encounters a variety of different Mabels, including Table Mabel, Molecularly Unstable Mabel, a Mabel with a giant mouth in her torso, Secretary Mabel, Jockbel, Light-bulb Mabel, and some sort of pink alien-like Mabel. After Prime Mabel asks where she is, she is introduced to Explainbel.

Explainbel then describes it as a place where "lost Mabels stick together!" It is a dimension, possibly a place with Mabels from other dimensions gathered together, as per Explainbel's description. When Prime Mabel asks Explainbel how to escape, she's informed that they're all trapped until the smartest Mabel, Brainbel, finishes her sticker collection and completes her dimensional escape pod. Prime Mabel begs Brainbel to finish the escape pod, but she is quickly brushed away.

After becoming overwhelmed with all of the Mabels, Prime Mabel then meets a new Mabel, one that hasn't been given a label yet. The label-less Mabel then comes up with a plan to steal Military Expert Mabel's flare gun to signal Ford and Stan. They succeed, but label-less Mabel quickly traps Prime Mabel in an outhouse shortly thereafter. It is then revealed that she is the Anti-Mabel, the most evil Mabel in the multiverse. Ford and Stan arrive and mistake Anti-Mabel for Prime Mabel and leave with her instead.

Once she escapes the outhouse, Prime Mabel rallies the other Mabels into helping her defeat Anti-Mabel and get back home. They intercept Anti-Mabel and are able to successfully defeat her and save Ford and Stan. After shooting Anti-Mabel into space, Prime Mabel parts with the other Mabels, who are finally able to leave MAB-3L and return to their various home dimensions with the ship Stan and Ford brought.


  • In the Barnes & Nobel edition, the behind the scenes pages have a page that shows a bunch of Lost Mabel names, some are of the following:
    • Mesozoic Mabel
    • Mablob
    • Mabe Ruth
    • Crochetbel
    • Filletbel
    • Mabel McFly
    • Grandmabel
    • Tallbel
    • Griffindabel
    • Mabel Brite
    • G'daybel
    • Pac-Mabel
    • Eyebel
    • Enable Mable
    • Home on the Range-bel
    • Gothbel
    • Neighbel
    • Graduabel
    • Mabferatu
    • Invisi-Mabel
    • Faunbel
    • Jockbel
    • Dismaybel
    • Runawaybel
    • Mondaybel
    • Mabelham Lincoln
    • Mabot 61800
    • Praybel
    • Mabel Mantis
    • Grabbel
    • Mabel Syrup
    • Quabel
    • Cable Mabel
    • Mabipper
    • Cosplaybel
    • Hide-N-Seekbel
    • Gargoybel
    • Doomsdaybel
    • Mystery Mabel
    • Fable Mabel
    • Planet Mabel
  • The name "MAB-3L" is derived from the leet of Mabel, with "3" replacing "e".



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