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"Razzle my dazzle, it’s a Mabel Bonanza!"
Mabel Pines

MAB-3L is a dimension where several alternate universe versions of Mabel Pines were trapped, until the Prime Mabel freed them. It appears in the Gravity Falls: Lost Legends story "Don't Dimension It".


Explainbel describes it as a place where "lost Mabels stick together!" It is a dimension, possibly a place with Mables from other dimensions gathered together, as per Explainbel's description.


  • In the Barnes & Nobel edition, the behind the scenes pages have a page that shows a bunch of Lost Mabel names, some are of the following:
    • Mesozoic Mabel
    • Mablob
    • Mabe Ruth
    • Crochetbel
    • Filletbel
    • Mabel McFly
    • Grandmabel
    • Tallbel
    • Griffindabel
    • Mabel Brite
    • G'daybel
    • Pac-Mabel
    • Eyebel
    • Enable Mable
    • Home on the Range-bel
    • Gothbel
    • Neighbel
    • Graduabel
    • Mabferatu
    • Invisi-Mabel
    • Faunbel
    • Jockbel
    • Dismaybel
    • Runawaybel
    • Mondaybel
    • Mabelham Lincoln
    • Mabot 61800
    • Praybel
    • Mabel Mantis
    • Grabbel
    • Mabel Syrup
    • Quabel
    • Cable Mabel
    • Mabipper
    • Cosplaybel
    • Hide-N-Seekbel
    • Gargoybel
    • Doomsdaybel
    • Mystery Mabel
    • Fable Mabel
    • Planet Mabel
  • The name "MAB-3L" is derived from the leet of Mabel, with "3" replacing "e".



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