Love potions are various types of potions owned and created by the Love God that all revolve around love. These potions can either be sprayed on their intended target, or poured on their food and ingested.

Known Types

  • Summer Love
  • Love for a Day
  • Puppy Love
  • Love of country music
  • Interspecies Love
  • Anti-Love


In "The Love God," the Love God uses them on a few people when he arrives in Greasy's Diner, such as the Unnamed man in green, the Greasy's Diner waitress, Meredith and her crush, as well as a snake and a badger, before Mabel Pines steals one and puts it on Robbie's and Tambry's chili cheese fries. Later, Mabel and Dipper Pines sneak into the Love God's van and steal the anti-love potion from the Love God in order to break up Robbie and Tambry. However, in the end, they decide not to use it.


The potions all vary in color, and come in erlenmeyer flasks. They all are tied to a rope, which is usually worn around the Love God's waist.


Season 2


  • The effects of the love potions wear off after three hours.[1]


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