Lookout Point is a secluded area in Gravity Falls, Oregon, used mainly by teenagers for privacy, to hang out with their dates, or be on their own.


In "Boyz Crazy," Robbie invites Wendy there under the false pretense that Nate would be coming with his girlfriend to form a double date. At first, she refuses and nearly breaks up with him, but gives him another chance after he sings "Wendy's Song," a hypnotic melody with a secret message that Dipper later discovers by playing the track backwards. When they get there, Robbie says, "How weird it is that Nate did not show up?" when he knew he would not be there.

Not long after, Dipper interrupts them and reveals the subliminal message in the song. Robbie denies knowing anything about the message and inadvertently reveals that he hadn't written the song for her as he'd claimed. Furious and hurt, Wendy breaks up with Robbie right there before storming off.


Lookout Point is a tiny clearing on a cordoned cliff edge that overlooks the town of Gravity Falls. It is surrounded by the woods and made specifically to allow cars to park there. The edge is lined with a fence.


Season 1


  • Lookout Point is another reiteration of the popular make out point that's often seen in popular media of small towns.

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