The Log Land girl is a girl Dipper flirts with at Log Land during Stan's road trip in "Roadside Attraction."


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Corn maze girl, Emma Sue and Log Land girl realize Dipper has been flirting with all of them.

In "Roadside Attraction," Dipper starts flirting with girls he meets during the road trip, in part to move on and get over Wendy. When the group stop at Log Land to sabotage it, he flirts with this girl too and she gives him her phone number. Later, she and the other girls Dipper had flirted with find him hanging out with Candy at Mystery Mountain, and they all get angry at him when they realize he had been flirting with all of them.


She enjoys flirting and romantic log rides, and gets very mad when she feels she has been tricked by boys. Judging from her outfit, Log Land girl seems to be a fervent Log Land fan.


Long land girl

She has dark skin and curly dark brown hair. She wears a light blue T-shirt with a log stamped on it, a green skirt, black shoes with white socks and a Log Land log-shaped hat. She also wears red lipstick.


Season 2

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