File:Short2 is it really hot in here.jpgFile:Short2 open the door.pngFile:Short2 secret cryptogram after Stan's Tattoo.png
File:Short2 soos keeps doing that thing.pngFile:Short2 stan in bath.jpgFile:Short2 the curtain.png
File:Short2 turn up the heat.pngFile:Short2 weird Soos 1.jpgFile:Short2 weird Soos 2.jpg
File:Short3 Dipper's investigation.jpgFile:Short3 Dipper and Soos in front of the mailbox.jpgFile:Short3 Dipper mad at Mabel.jpg
File:Short3 Hello Dipper and Soos.jpgFile:Short3 Infinty stamp.jpgFile:Short3 Soos' dream girl.jpg
File:Short3 Soos' message.jpgFile:Short3 Soos' question.jpgFile:Short3 Soos with googles.jpg
File:Short3 Team of experts.jpgFile:Short3 The Mailbox.jpgFile:Short3 The flag raises.png
File:Short3 Twins run away from the mailbox.jpgFile:Short3 What did I shave into my head this morning.jpgFile:Short3 and it disappears.png
File:Short3 dipper and mabel mail.jpgFile:Short3 dipper is shocked.pngFile:Short3 dipper is speechless with what Mabel did.png
File:Short3 dipper learns 3012 is the end of the world.pngFile:Short3 end of the world reference.jpgFile:Short3 ghost mailbox.jpg
File:Short3 into my nose.jpgFile:Short3 it knows are names.jpgFile:Short3 mabel comes up.png
File:Short3 mailbox only.pngFile:Short3 secret cryptogram after Mailbox.pngFile:Short3 shaved duck in hair.jpg
File:Short3 soos is reading the letter.pngFile:Short3 soos takes the letter out.pngFile:Short3 the mailbox is glowing.png
File:Short3 turn off the camara.jpgFile:Short3 well that's the end of that.jpgFile:Short3 when is the end of the world letter.png
File:Short3 who wrote journal number 3.jpgFile:Short3 you open it.pngFile:Short4 Could you maybe turn around.png
File:Short4 Dipper's wallet.jpgFile:Short4 Dipper ends this.jpgFile:Short4 Dipper is nuts theory.jpg
File:Short4 Dipper turns camara fast.jpgFile:Short4 Funny Mabel.jpgFile:Short4 I can't I have a family.png
File:Short4 Lefty robot in cercle park.jpgFile:Short4 Mabel on main street.jpgFile:Short4 Mabel’s burn theory.jpg
File:Short4 Orange shirt woman.jpgFile:Short4 Pitt cola sign.jpgFile:Short4 Thompson.jpg
File:Short4 You signed the oath.pngFile:Short4 case number 82.jpgFile:Short4 dipper holds the wallet.png
File:Short4 dipper walks in.pngFile:Short4 dying aliens.jpgFile:Short4 escalator.png
File:Short4 he bought it.jpgFile:Short4 he falls.pngFile:Short4 i don't see why not.png
File:Short4 inside of the robot.jpgFile:Short4 lefty robot.jpgFile:Short4 little green man.png
File:Short4 little green men 1.pngFile:Short4 little green men 2.pngFile:Short4 little green men 3.png
File:Short4 not a normal way to grab shoes.jpgFile:Short4 opening the door.pngFile:Short4 robot destroyed.jpg
File:Short4 running around the park.pngFile:Short4 secret cryptogram after Lefty.jpgFile:Short4 self destruct.png
File:Short4 the real Lefty.jpgFile:Short4 the robot is gone.pngFile:Short4 these shoes.jpg
File:Short4 throw the wallet.pngFile:Short4 twins run away.jpgFile:Short4 twins see the truth.jpg
File:Short4 we ends this now.jpgFile:Short4 why does he face left.jpgFile:Short5 Bear-O's return.jpg
File:Short5 Bear-O The Great.jpgFile:Short5 Bear-O the great is left behind.jpgFile:Short5 Bubbles in the water.jpg
File:Short5 Dipper is alive.jpgFile:Short5 Dipper plays tuba.jpgFile:Short5 Giant island head.jpg
File:Short5 Mabel and Bear-O.pngFile:Short5 Mabel and bear-o good friends.jpgFile:Short5 Mabel for back up.jpg
File:Short5 Mabel pokes big tooth.jpgFile:Short5 McGucket's son is a bit nuts too.jpgFile:Short5 at the lake.jpg
File:Short5 case number 42.jpgFile:Short5 greatest adventure team ever.jpgFile:Short5 it doesn't matter.png
File:Short5 just look out for bubbles in the water.pngFile:Short5 lobster.jpgFile:Short5 lost another tooth.jpg
File:Short5 oddly human tooth.jpgFile:Short5 poor mabel.jpgFile:Short5 secret cryptogram after Tooth.jpg
File:Short5 skeleton in the island.jpgFile:Short5 the kid from Land Before Swine.jpgFile:Short5 the twins make it back.jpg
File:Short5 welcome back to Dipper's guide.jpgFile:Short5 wierd looking bear-o.jpgFile:Short5 word of advice.jpg
File:Short5 write to mabel if you want bear-o back.jpgFile:Short6 Daddy's doin a movie.pngFile:Short6 Daddy's doing a movie now.jpg
File:Short6 Dipper down.pngFile:Short6 How about the mystery of why-.pngFile:Short6 Lazy Susan spin.png
File:Short6 Mabel makes Dipper jump.jpgFile:Short6 Mabel why?.pngFile:Short6 Manly Dan chchchch.png
File:Short6 Manly Dan interview.pngFile:Short6 More coffee please.pngFile:Short6 Poor Dipper.jpg
File:Short6 Soos holding camara.jpgFile:Short6 Stan is scared.pngFile:Short6 Stan the boss.jpg
File:Short6 Stan with pitt cola.jpgFile:Short6 The Hide Behind book 3 entry.jpgFile:Short6 The Hide Behind tree.png
File:Short6 The Hide Behind tree 2.pngFile:Short6 The Hide behind's foot prints.jpgFile:Short6 The Hind Behind close up 1.jpg
File:Short6 The Hind Behind close up 2.jpgFile:Short6 a proud dipper.jpgFile:Short6 a tiny tree.png
File:Short6 anomaly number 132.jpgFile:Short6 cross eyed mabel transparent.pngFile:Short6 cute mabel with owl.jpg
File:Short6 dipper dissappointed .pngFile:Short6 last Dipper intro for the shorts.jpgFile:Short6 mabel and maraca owl.png
File:Short6 maraca owl.pngFile:Short6 mirror suit.jpgFile:Short6 monster in the woods.jpg
File:Short6 overfill coffee.pngFile:Short6 real as my beard.jpgFile:Short6 red robin.jpg
File:Short6 secret cryptogram after The Hind Behind.jpgFile:Short6 thank you.pngFile:Short6 the shadow 1.png
File:Short6 the shadow 2.pngFile:Short6 the shadow behind the tree.pngFile:Short6 twins on the move.jpg
File:Short6 ufo keychain.jpgFile:Short6 what an owl.jpgFile:Short7 9000 question dating quiz.png
File:Short7 How many kids would you like to have.pngFile:Short7 Leave them to take the quiz.pngFile:Short7 Mabels guide to.png
File:Short7 Today we're gonna test.pngFile:Short7 Who are you even making this for.pngFile:Short7 YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID ZACK.png
File:Short7 animal dating.pngFile:Short7 bacon.pngFile:Short7 beautiful Soos.png
File:Short7 beauty.pngFile:Short7 bragging mabel.pngFile:Short7 cardboard zack.png
File:Short7 consider this a victory.pngFile:Short7 dipper's result.pngFile:Short7 dipper is answering.png
File:Short7 dipper questionable.pngFile:Short7 eating non-foods.pngFile:Short7 final thoughts.png
File:Short7 football mabel.pngFile:Short7 force it.pngFile:Short7 holy soos.png
File:Short7 hoot do you love.pngFile:Short7 jog hog.pngFile:Short7 love robot.png
File:Short7 love robots.pngFile:Short7 mabel acorn earrings.pngFile:Short7 mabel attacked.png
File:Short7 mabel attacked 2.pngFile:Short7 mabel attacked 3.pngFile:Short7 mabel attacked again.png
File:Short7 mabel eating leaf.pngFile:Short7 mabel in tree.pngFile:Short7 mabel shrug.png
File:Short7 mabel the dating expert.pngFile:Short7 mabels guide to dating.pngFile:Short7 owl meet owl.png
File:Short7 owl sees owl.pngFile:Short7 results.pngFile:Short7 should men always pay for dinner.png
File:Short7 soos' result.pngFile:Short7 soos is looking at the wrong camera.pngFile:Short7 soos total hunk.png
File:Short7 stan's only here for bacon.pngFile:Short7 stan's result.pngFile:Short7 stan datable.png
File:Short7 swingin bachelors.pngFile:Short7 toad-ally dating.pngFile:Short7 toads.png
File:Short7 together fur-ever.pngFile:Short7 work for it.pngFile:Short8 Cheese wiz dating.png
File:Short8 Mable Edit's Dipper Out.PNGFile:Short8 Mable Taking Price Tags Off Of TV.pngFile:Short8 Man Holding Free TV.png
File:Short8 Soos Holding Burger.pngFile:Short8 You Know My Fee.pngFile:Short8 aztecs.png
File:Short8 baby on board sticker.pngFile:Short8 bee closeup.pngFile:Short8 bees.png
File:Short8 bumper stickers.pngFile:Short8 cut away.pngFile:Short8 dead mabel.png
File:Short8 dining.pngFile:Short8 edit1.pngFile:Short8 edit2.png
File:Short8 edit3.pngFile:Short8 edit out!.jpgFile:Short8 finger snapping.png
File:Short8 food weapons.pngFile:Short8 free tvees.pngFile:Short8 frowny dipper.png
File:Short8 googly eye stickers.pngFile:Short8 greeks.pngFile:Short8 greeks closeup.png
File:Short8 hair topiary.pngFile:Short8 heres looking at you kid.pngFile:Short8 history of stickers.png
File:Short8 howd i get here.pngFile:Short8 listen and taste.pngFile:Short8 listen dipper.png
File:Short8 listen to dipper.pngFile:Short8 looked like a rasta orange.jpgFile:Short8 mabel in coat.png
File:Short8 mabel knows where to get stickers.pngFile:Short8 mabel launching cupcake.pngFile:Short8 mabel skate.png
File:Short8 mabel skate2.pngFile:Short8 mabels guide to stickers.pngFile:Short8 mabels price.png
File:Short8 oomph.pngFile:Short8 price stickers.pngFile:Short8 price stickers page.png
File:Short8 puffy stickers.pngFile:Short8 puffy stickers save your life.pngFile:Short8 rasta orange.png
File:Short8 read a history book.jpgFile:Short8 scratch and sniff.pngFile:Short8 sniff and touch.png
File:Short8 sticktionary.pngFile:Short8 sticktionary inside.pngFile:Short8 still really hurt tho.png
File:Short8 thats really not good for you.pngFile:Short8 too cool ice.pngFile:Short8 umbrella sweater.png
File:Short8 waddles.jpgFile:Short8 waddles shoots.pngFile:Short8 waddles stands.jpg
File:Short9 Beauty is happening.pngFile:Short9 Hat Hats.pngFile:Short9 Mabel chasing Thompson.png
File:Short9 Tiny hats.pngFile:Short9 all you have to do is go backwards.pngFile:Short9 am I good?.png
File:Short9 ape card games.pngFile:Short9 beware of tude.pngFile:Short9 billys mom.png
File:Short9 bouncy balls.pngFile:Short9 candy and mabel.pngFile:Short9 cool apple.png
File:Short9 cool dipper.pngFile:Short9 explosion smile.pngFile:Short9 fear.png
File:Short9 flash makeovers.pngFile:Short9 forks and opossum.pngFile:Short9 friendship.png
File:Short9 going ape.pngFile:Short9 grenda and candy.pngFile:Short9 grenda hold him down.png
File:Short9 gross.pngFile:Short9 home pryotechnics.pngFile:Short9 mabel and waddles bf4ever.png
File:Short9 mabel master of card games.pngFile:Short9 mabels guide to fashion.pngFile:Short9 make a run for it soos.png
File:Short9 making soos over.pngFile:Short9 now we cover up that... problem area.pngFile:Short9 oh god.png
File:Short9 oh yeah tiny hats.pngFile:Short9 ohhhh yeahhh.pngFile:Short9 old man mcgucket spittin in a bucket.png
File:Short9 ooh yeah.pngFile:Short9 santa claus.pngFile:Short9 something bold.png
File:Short9 soos cosplaying jareth.pngFile:Short9 soos down.pngFile:Short9 stan impressed.png
File:Short9 stan prettied up.pngFile:Short9 stan run.pngFile:Short9 stan singing in bathroom.png
File:Short9 stay cool.pngFile:Short9 sweaterception.pngFile:Short9 take it to the streets.png
File:Short9 toucan play that game.pngFile:Short9 white sweater.pngFile:Short 14 goatee man.png
File:Short 15 Stan regret.pngFile:Short 1 armed and dangerous.pngFile:Short 3 the mailbox is moving.png
File:Shorts the hidden page.jpgFile:Singin' SalmonFile:Sir Swollsley.jpg
File:Site banner s2.jpgFile:Six Strange Tales book 3 replica.jpgFile:Six Strange Tales promo
File:Six strange tales.jpgFile:Six strange tales DVD.pngFile:Six strange tales back.jpg
File:Six strange tales front.jpgFile:Six strange tales journal 3 bats.jpgFile:Six strange tales journal 3 circle markings.jpg
File:Six strange tales journal 3 cover.jpgFile:Six strange tales journal 3 doors.jpgFile:Six strange tales journal 3 doors2.jpg
File:Six strange tales journal 3 eyeballs.jpgFile:Six strange tales journal 3 gnomes.jpgFile:Six strange tales journal 3 lines.jpg
File:Six strange tales journal 3 property.jpgFile:Six strange tales journal 3 skulls.jpgFile:Six strange tales journal 3 trust no one.jpg
File:Six strange tales journal 3 undead.jpgFile:Six strange tales journal 3 weakness.jpgFile:Slider1.png
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