File:Short12 i don't think we have enough speed.pngFile:Short12 i make my own economy.pngFile:Short12 keyboard drawers.png
File:Short12 laser eyes go.pngFile:Short12 let's do this.pngFile:Short12 open mouth.png
File:Short12 pimped out cart.pngFile:Short12 problem with the fuel injector.pngFile:Short12 soos did it.png
File:Short12 thanks guys.pngFile:Short12 the call of power.pngFile:Short12 the show where u forget.png
File:Short12 timecut1.pngFile:Short12 timecut2.pngFile:Short12 unleash the POWER.png
File:Short12 welcome back.pngFile:Short12 wendy and dipper impressed.pngFile:Short12 what's happening.png
File:Short12 wooooo.pngFile:Short12 wow!.pngFile:Short12 zero gs.png
File:Short13 Cuckoo Clock.pngFile:Short13 LASERS.pngFile:Short13 SOLVED.png
File:Short13 almost there.pngFile:Short13 awe inducing glow.pngFile:Short13 awesomeometer.png
File:Short13 beach house.pngFile:Short13 broken cuckoo clock.pngFile:Short13 brow raised stan.png
File:Short13 duct tape.pngFile:Short13 dynamite.pngFile:Short13 exploding comp.png
File:Short13 exploding pinata.pngFile:Short13 hey you.pngFile:Short13 high5.png
File:Short13 homies.pngFile:Short13 it's too dope i can't cope.pngFile:Short13 its hands are in the air but it just doesn't care.png
File:Short13 ka-wink.pngFile:Short13 leopard print.pngFile:Short13 mouth closeup.png
File:Short13 not now bro.pngFile:Short13 one to ten.pngFile:Short13 only home fix it show i edited.png
File:Short13 or not an accident.pngFile:Short13 problem.pngFile:Short13 problem pinata.png
File:Short13 real animal fur!.pngFile:Short13 rendering mac.pngFile:Short13 some boomboxes.png
File:Short13 soos cliff.pngFile:Short13 soos cliff closer.pngFile:Short13 soos grunkle stan and mabel awesomemeter.png
File:Short13 soos happy.pngFile:Short13 soos shocked.pngFile:Short13 stan broke it by accident.png
File:Short13 ten outta ten.pngFile:Short13 the end.pngFile:Short13 the uh... cuckoo clock.png
File:Short13 tore up from the floor up.pngFile:Short13 viola.pngFile:Short13 volcano.png
File:Short13 wood glue.pngFile:Short14 ESCAPE.pngFile:Short14 Gravity Falls Public Access TV.png
File:Short14 awkward jump cut.pngFile:Short14 bewildered.pngFile:Short14 but don't take it from me.png
File:Short14 cured.pngFile:Short14 cute stan.pngFile:Short14 delicious snacks.png
File:Short14 exotic exhibits.pngFile:Short14 fairy.pngFile:Short14 fist bump.png
File:Short14 get outta here.pngFile:Short14 gideon's new following.pngFile:Short14 happy gideon.png
File:Short14 hit with a question mark.pngFile:Short14 idiot!.pngFile:Short14 if you make it out alive.png
File:Short14 inspired.pngFile:Short14 invisible man.pngFile:Short14 its lil ol him.png
File:Short14 kids' admission.pngFile:Short14 killbone.pngFile:Short14 lil gideons big house.png
File:Short14 mabel is disapointed.pngFile:Short14 mabel turning on tv.pngFile:Short14 mystery shack disclaimer.png
File:Short14 oh....pngFile:Short14 painting.pngFile:Short14 profound.png
File:Short14 remember to tip.pngFile:Short14 ripped.pngFile:Short14 shoppers.png
File:Short14 sneaky stan.pngFile:Short14 soos is painting.pngFile:Short14 soos says some words.png
File:Short14 stan looks happy.pngFile:Short14 stan master of greenscreen.pngFile:Short14 state prison.png
File:Short14 technical difficulties.pngFile:Short14 therapy.pngFile:Short14 thumbs up.png
File:Short14 very attractive merch.pngFile:Short14 you better listen.pngFile:Short15 GASP.png
File:Short15 Lee and Nate in police uniforms.pngFile:Short15 London.pngFile:Short15 Stan skeptic.png
File:Short15 Steve!.pngFile:Short15 Teenz Talk.pngFile:Short15 Unnamed Crook holding purse.png
File:Short15 WE can make those jokes.pngFile:Short15 awwww.pngFile:Short15 bread.png
File:Short15 breadcrumbs.pngFile:Short15 broken hearted constable.pngFile:Short15 channel 3.png
File:Short15 come back.pngFile:Short15 constable enters.pngFile:Short15 cray cray tree.png
File:Short15 cray cray turkey.pngFile:Short15 cray cray with cats.pngFile:Short15 dramatic entrance.png
File:Short15 drink expired apple juice and kiss each other.pngFile:Short15 duck-tective logo.pngFile:Short15 duck eating.png
File:Short15 freeze.pngFile:Short15 gwyascc logo.pngFile:Short15 high fowl-i mean five.png
File:Short15 i'm not your puppet.pngFile:Short15 just call me duck now.pngFile:Short15 just duck.png
File:Short15 let's roll.pngFile:Short15 not policemen.pngFile:Short15 peer pressure emergency.png
File:Short15 punny.pngFile:Short15 shocked constable.pngFile:Short15 simple words.png
File:Short15 spilling tea.pngFile:Short15 stacy.pngFile:Short15 stepped fish.png
File:Short15 steve.pngFile:Short15 steve cry.pngFile:Short15 steve leaves.png
File:Short15 steve throwing up fish.pngFile:Short15 stop theif.pngFile:Short15 teens take car.png
File:Short15 thank you for saving me from myself.pngFile:Short15 the cup is broken.pngFile:Short15 the evidence didn't just fly off.png
File:Short15 thief slipping.pngFile:Short15 tom tom.pngFile:Short15 upset constable.png
File:Short15 what have you done?!.pngFile:Short16 Dipper Typing.pngFile:Short16 I AM THE MANAGER.png
File:Short16 Laughter Fox 2.PNGFile:Short16 Movies movies movies.pngFile:Short16 No Food Or Drink.png
File:Short16 Ny.pngFile:Short16 Official Logo.pngFile:Short16 Pony Heist.png
File:Short16 Thompson At Theater.pngFile:Short16 Thompson chugging butter.pngFile:Short16 agent mabel.png
File:Short16 bathing in slooshie.pngFile:Short16 celebrate.pngFile:Short16 delighted audience.png
File:Short16 delighted pines.pngFile:Short16 delivery man soos.pngFile:Short16 dipper's watch.png
File:Short16 disgruntled pines.pngFile:Short16 explosion.pngFile:Short16 front face thompson.png
File:Short16 gasp.pngFile:Short16 he finds nothing.pngFile:Short16 here's the plan.png
File:Short16 hey suckers.pngFile:Short16 high five.pngFile:Short16 i have a plan.png
File:Short16 indignant teenagers.pngFile:Short16 joke list.pngFile:Short16 mabel's album of memories.png
File:Short16 mabel's nose pressed against plastic.pngFile:Short16 mabel digging through pocket.pngFile:Short16 mabel eats gummy bear.png
File:Short16 mabels moustache.pngFile:Short16 mission impossible mabel.pngFile:Short16 more like BALONEY HIEST.png
File:Short16 movie list.pngFile:Short16 pines laughing.pngFile:Short16 pink pony.png
File:Short16 pink pony run.pngFile:Short16 pondering stan.pngFile:Short16 pony attack.png
File:Short16 pony heist poster.pngFile:Short16 pop goes the dipper.pngFile:Short16 rope 1.png
File:Short16 rope 2.pngFile:Short16 royal ragtime theatre.pngFile:Short16 sad pines.png
File:Short16 snack stand.pngFile:Short16 spy kids.pngFile:Short16 stand-off at the ragtime.png
File:Short16 subtle lockpicking.pngFile:Short16 suspicious thompson.pngFile:Short16 temptation of koala.png
File:Short16 that's a huge slushie machine.pngFile:Short16 that's their girl.pngFile:Short16 theater audience.png
File:Short16 theater layout.pngFile:Short16 thompson checking around.pngFile:Short16 thompson chugging butter photo.png
File:Short16 thompson drinks popcorn butter.pngFile:Short16 thompson is opening the bucket.pngFile:Short16 thompson pointing.png
File:Short16 thompson shocked.pngFile:Short16 welcome to mabel's scrapbook.pngFile:Short16 why are they so adorable.png
File:Short17 Emmit! D'shawn!.pngFile:Short17 GASP.pngFile:Short17 NOPE NOPE NOPE.png
File:Short17 NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOOOOPE.pngFile:Short17 Octavia eating.gifFile:Short17 Petting Zoo.png
File:Short17 Sheeep.pngFile:Short17 battling gnomes.pngFile:Short17 bitterweet mabel.png
File:Short17 brace yourselves!.pngFile:Short17 but we love her.pngFile:Short17 car race.png
File:Short17 dodge dodge.pngFile:Short17 don't have a cow.pngFile:Short17 drooling sprott.png
File:Short17 emmit.pngFile:Short17 escape ramp.pngFile:Short17 factory.png
File:Short17 good memories.pngFile:Short17 goodbye.pngFile:Short17 halfhearted fist wave.png
File:Short17 hank...with different kids.pngFile:Short17 he's gonna eat octavia.pngFile:Short17 i'm gonna pet you and you.png
File:Short17 kids are runing.pngFile:Short17 looks normal enough.pngFile:Short17 more gasps.png
File:Short17 more limbs means more hugs.pngFile:Short17 never gonna forget petting zoo.pngFile:Short17 no mabel don't let it lick you.png
File:Short17 octavia.pngFile:Short17 octavia burger.pngFile:Short17 oh uh laser cows are pretty cool.png
File:Short17 please hold.pngFile:Short17 serves me right.pngFile:Short17 smile dippin.png
File:Short17 sneak sneak.pngFile:Short17 solving mysteries.pngFile:Short17 space lizard.png
File:Short17 stan agrees.pngFile:Short17 stan you softie.pngFile:Short17 they're stealing octavia.png
File:Short17 time to gtfo.pngFile:Short17 toxic sludge blessing.pngFile:Short17 truck in air.png
File:Short17 u better believe i'm gonna pet you.pngFile:Short17 uh UH UHH.pngFile:Short17 unnatural.png
File:Short17 we can't let octavia get eaten!.pngFile:Short1 Bill cameo.jpgFile:Short1 Blorch thrown at dipper's head.png
File:Short1 Dipper falls for the TV as well.jpgFile:Short1 Dipper finger licking good.jpgFile:Short1 Dipper mocks the monster.jpg
File:Short1 Dipper plushie armor.pngFile:Short1 Dipper unprepared.pngFile:Short1 Dipper vs. the beast.jpg
File:Short1 Dipper vs. the monster.jpgFile:Short1 Mabel resting.jpgFile:Short1 Monster about to run away with the candy.jpg
File:Short1 Monster glued to the TV.jpgFile:Short1 Monster in the a car wheel.jpgFile:Short1 Monster with mouth open.jpg
File:Short1 Om nom nom.pngFile:Short1 Overly Sensitive Owl.jpgFile:Short1 Soos stops by.jpg
File:Short1 What was that?.pngFile:Short1 asking for golf stick.pngFile:Short1 candy battle 1.png
File:Short1 candy battle 2.pngFile:Short1 candy is coming.pngFile:Short1 candy monster keeps running.png
File:Short1 cornered the monster.jpgFile:Short1 creature butt.pngFile:Short1 creature on dip's face.png
File:Short1 creature running forward.pngFile:Short1 creature taking dip's candy.pngFile:Short1 die!!.png
File:Short1 dipper is defeated by the candy.pngFile:Short1 dipper missed.pngFile:Short1 giving golf stick.png
File:Short1 go for it dipper.pngFile:Short1 i love this movie.pngFile:Short1 in case I die or whatever.png
File:Short1 it's not Stan Soos.jpgFile:Short1 lick lick.pngFile:Short1 monster eats golf stick.jpg
File:Short1 never, let me sleep forever.pngFile:Short1 on the ceiling.pngFile:Short1 open your mouth.png
File:Short1 rude wake up Mabel.jpgFile:Short1 save the candyFile:Short1 secret cryptogram after Candy Monster.png
File:Short1 stuffed animal armor.pngFile:Short1 that's pretty good.pngFile:Short1 the morpheous chicken strip.jpg
File:Short1 thing 76.jpgFile:Short1 to the TV.pngFile:Short1 why would i.png
File:Short2 Dipper's birthmark.jpgFile:Short2 Dipper and Soos make a plan.jpgFile:Short2 Dipper face.jpg
File:Short2 Dipper on the move.jpgFile:Short2 Dipper say hi.jpgFile:Short2 Mabel's band-aid.jpg
File:Short2 Mabel's computer cursor sweater.jpgFile:Short2 Mabel says hi.pngFile:Short2 Mabel was here.png
File:Short2 New section.jpgFile:Short2 Secret Society Symbols.jpgFile:Short2 Soos plays along.jpg
File:Short2 Soos plays with belly.jpgFile:Short2 Stan giving a costum tattoo.jpgFile:Short2 Stan in shower.jpg
File:Short2 Stan with pitt cola.jpgFile:Short2 Tattoo findings.jpgFile:Short2 Under Mabel's band-aid.jpg
File:Short2 animaticFile:Short2 bulletin board.pngFile:Short2 crazy stan face.jpg
File:Short2 crows.pngFile:Short2 dipper looks nervous.pngFile:Short2 hiding on the roof.png
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