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Shandra Jimenez/GalleryShane HoughtonShape Shifter
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SierraSingin' SalmonSinging by the Open Road
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Skull Fracture/GallerySmarticle AcceleratorSmez
Smile DipSmoke bombSmokey Joe's All You Can Eat
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Sprott/GalleryStan's BrotherStan's Brother/Gallery
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Stoic MonthlyStraight Blanchin'Stretch
Stuart AllanStuffed Animal TreeStuffed creature of indeterminate species
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Summerween SuperstoreSummerween Superstore/GallerySummerween Superstore worker
Summerween Superstore worker/GallerySummerween TricksterSummerween Trickster/Gallery
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TV Shorts 1/GalleryTV Shorts 1/TranscriptTV Shorts 2
TV Shorts 2/GalleryTV Shorts 2/TranscriptTable Mabel
Tad StrangeTad Strange/GalleryTake Back The Falls (game)
Take Back The Falls (game)/GalleryTaking Over MidnightTambry
Tambry/GalleryTapemanTara Strong
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TatsTats/GalleryTeenz Talk
TeethTeeth/GalleryTent of Telepathy
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The Golf WarThe Golf War/GalleryThe Golf War/Transcript
The Great Stanmobile EscapeThe Great Stanmobile Escape/GalleryThe Hand That Rocks the Mabel
The Hand That Rocks the Mabel/GalleryThe Hand That Rocks the Mabel/TranscriptThe Hide-Behind
The Hide-Behind/GalleryThe Hide-Behind/TranscriptThe Horrifying Sweaty One-Armed Monstrosity
The Horrifying Sweaty One-Armed Monstrosity/GalleryThe Ice ManThe Ice Man/Gallery
The Ice Man/TranscriptThe InconveniencingThe Inconveniencing/Gallery
The Inconveniencing/TranscriptThe Juke JointThe Last Mabelcorn
The Last Mabelcorn/GalleryThe Last Mabelcorn/TranscriptThe Legend of the Gobblewonker
The Legend of the Gobblewonker/GalleryThe Legend of the Gobblewonker/TranscriptThe Love God
The Love God/GalleryThe Love God/TranscriptThe Mystery in Gravity Falls
The Mystery of Gravity FallsThe Mystery of Gravity Falls/GalleryThe Plaidypus
The Plot TwistThe Rapper's RapThe Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel
The Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel/GalleryThe Royal Ragtime TheatreThe Sibling Brothers
The Stanchurian CandidateThe Stanchurian Candidate/GalleryThe Stanchurian Candidate/Transcript
The Time Traveler's PigThe Time Traveler's Pig/GalleryThe Time Traveler's Pig/Transcript
The Twin Mystery Vortex of DoomThe Twin Mystery Vortex of Doom/GalleryThe Undead
The Undead/GalleryThe Voyages of LoinclothicleseTheatre Time Theater
Theatre Time Theater/GalleryThing 26Thistle Downe
ThompsonThompson's mini-vanThompson/Gallery
Thurop Van OrmanTiger FistTim McKeon
Time Anomaly Removal CrewTime BabyTime Baby/Gallery
Time Paradox Avoidance Enforcement SquadronTime tapeTime tape/Gallery
Time wishTimelineTobias Conan Trost
Toby DeterminedToby Determined/GalleryToffee Peanuts
Tommy ReahardTons grocery storeTons grocery store/Gallery
Tourist TrappedTourist Trapped/GalleryTourist Trapped/Transcript
TouristsTourists/GalleryTown Hall
Town squareTracey and QuattroTraining Montage
TranscriptsTreasure RawsonTrembley's Cove
Trevor SimonsenTrianglesTriangles/Gallery
Triangles/TranscriptTruth Telling TeethTubby Tusk Root Beer
Tumbleweed TerrorTumbleweed Terror/GalleryTwo Kings
Tyler's motherTyler's mother/GalleryTyler Chen
Tyler CutebikerTyler Cutebiker/GalleryTyrone
Tyrone/GalleryUSA NewzUltimate Air
Ultimate Air/GalleryUnaired pilotUnaired pilot/Gallery
Unaired pilot/TranscriptUnderground laboratoryUnderground laboratory/Gallery
UnicornsUnicorns/GalleryUnnamed Gray Mustache Man
Unnamed Northwest butlerUnnamed Northwest butler/GalleryUnnamed Warden
Unnamed bald bikerUnnamed bald biker/GalleryUnnamed bandana lady
Unnamed bandana lady/GalleryUnnamed basketball playerUnnamed bearded fisherman
Unnamed bearded fisherman/GalleryUnnamed beautiful womanUnnamed beautiful woman/Gallery
Unnamed big-chinned manUnnamed big-chinned man/GalleryUnnamed big-nosed man
Unnamed big-nosed man/GalleryUnnamed bikerUnnamed biker/Gallery
Unnamed blonde girl with pink bowUnnamed blonde girl with pink bow/GalleryUnnamed blonde hair girl with pink bow
Unnamed blonde hair girl with pink bow/GalleryUnnamed blonde hair man in pinkUnnamed blonde hair man in pink/Gallery
Unnamed blonde man in pinkUnnamed blonde man in pink/GalleryUnnamed blonde woman in blue
Unnamed blonde woman in blue/GalleryUnnamed blue sweatshirt womanUnnamed blue sweatshirt woman/Gallery
Unnamed boy in blue
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