File:S2e6 scratchy and shaky.pngFile:S2e6 screaming head.pngFile:S2e6 secret promo
File:S2e6 seriously tho where's that coming from.pngFile:S2e6 sev'ral chimes.pngFile:S2e6 shack merch.png
File:S2e6 shadow fight.pngFile:S2e6 shiny shroom.pngFile:S2e6 shiny watches.png
File:S2e6 shock.pngFile:S2e6 shocked squirrel.pngFile:S2e6 short circuit.png
File:S2e6 slow swipe.pngFile:S2e6 smart WaddlesFile:S2e6 smart waddles.jpg
File:S2e6 smart waddles appear.pngFile:S2e6 smilie.pngFile:S2e6 soos grab.png
File:S2e6 soos hold.pngFile:S2e6 soos smothered.pngFile:S2e6 stan's a jerk.png
File:S2e6 stan bowls.pngFile:S2e6 stan close up.pngFile:S2e6 stan frustrated.png
File:S2e6 stan holding waddles.pngFile:S2e6 stan leaving.pngFile:S2e6 stan mocks dipper.png
File:S2e6 stan not scared.pngFile:S2e6 stan sees waddles.pngFile:S2e6 stan slap.png
File:S2e6 stan with flashlight.pngFile:S2e6 star power.pngFile:S2e6 star tv.png
File:S2e6 suddenly cyclops.pngFile:S2e6 susan screams.pngFile:S2e6 swap meet.png
File:S2e6 tac.pngFile:S2e6 take off.pngFile:S2e6 tales designed to sell my merchandise.png
File:S2e6 talking to mabel.pngFile:S2e6 that's normal.pngFile:S2e6 three skeletons.png
File:S2e6 thumbs up.pngFile:S2e6 tic.pngFile:S2e6 too many orifices.png
File:S2e6 totem.pngFile:S2e6 totem lit.pngFile:S2e6 trigger at alley.png
File:S2e6 vcr.pngFile:S2e6 vcr to face.pngFile:S2e6 vial on ground.png
File:S2e6 vin key.pngFile:S2e6 waddles after.pngFile:S2e6 waddles and gompers.png
File:S2e6 waddles awakens.pngFile:S2e6 waddles eats jelly.pngFile:S2e6 waddles going to be smarter.png
File:S2e6 waddles held.pngFile:S2e6 waddles into device.pngFile:S2e6 waddles realizes.png
File:S2e6 waderer.pngFile:S2e6 walking in cave.pngFile:S2e6 want to dj.png
File:S2e6 warning through watch.pngFile:S2e6 watch back.pngFile:S2e6 watch witch.png
File:S2e6 watching tv.pngFile:S2e6 watching tv again.pngFile:S2e6 wet blanket.png
File:S2e6 whattheheckahedron.pngFile:S2e6 whattheheckahedron shroom.pngFile:S2e6 where's the heart.png
File:S2e6 whoits and whatsits.pngFile:S2e6 wonderful role model.pngFile:S2e6 yard.png
File:S2e7Let's blen up the way !.pngFile:S2e7On Stairs.pngFile:S2e7So that all mean that OMM Wrote the Journal !.png
File:S2e7What does it mean ?.pngFile:S2e7Who is the Author ?.pngFile:S2e7 80s peeps.png
File:S2e7 Ali Danesh 90s people.pngFile:S2e7 Ali Danesh Old Man McGucket.pngFile:S2e7 Ali Danesh mcgucket dipper soos.png
File:S2e7 Ali Danesh old couple sprott.pngFile:S2e7 BUTTS.pngFile:S2e7 Chris Houghton art 01.jpg
File:S2e7 Chris Houghton art 02.jpgFile:S2e7 Chris Houghton art 03.jpgFile:S2e7 Chris Houghton art 04.jpg
File:S2e7 Chris Houghton art 05.jpgFile:S2e7 Chris Houghton art 06.jpgFile:S2e7 Chris Houghton art 07.jpg
File:S2e7 Chris Houghton art 08.jpgFile:S2e7 Chris Houghton art 09.jpgFile:S2e7 Chris Houghton art 10.jpg
File:S2e7 Dipper from the future.pngFile:S2e7 Dipper on the pole.pngFile:S2e7 Dipper smile.png
File:S2e7 Eye.pngFile:S2e7 F initial.pngFile:S2e7 Jeffrey Thompson diner.jpg
File:S2e7 Jeffrey Thompson junkyard.jpgFile:S2e7 Jeffrey Thompson mcgucket shed.jpgFile:S2e7 Jeffrey Thompson mcgucket shed2.jpg
File:S2e7 Jeffrey Thompson mcgucket shed3.jpgFile:S2e7 Jeffrey Thompson mcsuckit.jpgFile:S2e7 Jeffrey Thompson mcsuckit2.jpg
File:S2e7 Jeffrey Thompson payphone.jpgFile:S2e7 Jeffrey Thompson shed inside.jpgFile:S2e7 Jeffrey Thompson shed inside2.jpg
File:S2e7 KIDS.pngFile:S2e7 REALLY creepy woodpecker guy.pngFile:S2e7 Robbies memory tube.png
File:S2e7 SLAP.pngFile:S2e7 Sabrina Cotugno promo.jpgFile:S2e7 Sunil Hall poster.jpg
File:S2e7 Thinking pens.pngFile:S2e7 Undisclosed location4.pngFile:S2e7 WHAAA.png
File:S2e7 Who Wrote The Journal board.pngFile:S2e7 You see that?.pngFile:S2e7 adorable kids.png
File:S2e7 alarm sound off.pngFile:S2e7 amused wendy.pngFile:S2e7 and now.png
File:S2e7 aw mcgucket.pngFile:S2e7 back to pie teaserFile:S2e7 bag head.png
File:S2e7 banjo and raccoon.pngFile:S2e7 be page close.pngFile:S2e7 beard bandage.png
File:S2e7 big old men tied up.pngFile:S2e7 blind eye page.pngFile:S2e7 blind eye page 1.png
File:S2e7 blind ivan.pngFile:S2e7 blind ivan2.pngFile:S2e7 blindeye society appears.png
File:S2e7 bloody hand.pngFile:S2e7 blue and bud.pngFile:S2e7 bounce.png
File:S2e7 bouncer and toby.pngFile:S2e7 bouncer punch.pngFile:S2e7 boys are the worst.png
File:S2e7 broken laptop.pngFile:S2e7 bud and sprott.pngFile:S2e7 c'mon soos!.png
File:S2e7 can't remember what i used to be.pngFile:S2e7 catchiest song of the summer.pngFile:S2e7 censored pap.png
File:S2e7 chanting circle.pngFile:S2e7 chest.pngFile:S2e7 child psycho.png
File:S2e7 creep shoot.pngFile:S2e7 creepin society.pngFile:S2e7 creeping hands.png
File:S2e7 creepy dudes.pngFile:S2e7 creepy woodpecker guy.pngFile:S2e7 cryptogram.png
File:S2e7 cute twinisies.pngFile:S2e7 day 1.pngFile:S2e7 day 189.png
File:S2e7 day 22.pngFile:S2e7 day 273.pngFile:S2e7 day 5.png
File:S2e7 day 618.pngFile:S2e7 day 74.pngFile:S2e7 day ???.png
File:S2e7 dial.pngFile:S2e7 dialing summer.pngFile:S2e7 diner night.png
File:S2e7 dip face.pngFile:S2e7 dipper's life long dream of breaking in.pngFile:S2e7 dipper and everybody running.png
File:S2e7 dipper and mabel looking out.pngFile:S2e7 dipper shoots.pngFile:S2e7 dipper trying to comfort.png
File:S2e7 doesn't make any sense unless.pngFile:S2e7 don't get hung up.pngFile:S2e7 dumb teenagers.png
File:S2e7 dysentry.pngFile:S2e7 earliest memory.pngFile:S2e7 egyptian exhibit.png
File:S2e7 egyptian statues bg.pngFile:S2e7 end past.pngFile:S2e7 episode key.png
File:S2e7 evil british dudes.pngFile:S2e7 ewww.pngFile:S2e7 explain on the way.png
File:S2e7 eye exhibit.pngFile:S2e7 eyes bg art.pngFile:S2e7 familiar.png
File:S2e7 fierce throw.pngFile:S2e7 fight like a hillbilly.pngFile:S2e7 fireplace passageway.png
File:S2e7 follow the eyes.pngFile:S2e7 forboding.pngFile:S2e7 forget about guys.png
File:S2e7 formaldehyde heart.pngFile:S2e7 founder.pngFile:S2e7 fuel.png
File:S2e7 fuel feed.pngFile:S2e7 fuel gage.pngFile:S2e7 gasping susan.png
File:S2e7 gf gossiper framed.pngFile:S2e7 giant eyeball in lake.pngFile:S2e7 girl we blanchin.PNG
File:S2e7 git mcgucket.pngFile:S2e7 gnome stealing pies.pngFile:S2e7 gnomes.png
File:S2e7 gnomes like WHAAA.pngFile:S2e7 grab susan.pngFile:S2e7 gravity falls junkyard.png
File:S2e7 gremloblin.pngFile:S2e7 grown man trips child.pngFile:S2e7 guilt erase.png
File:S2e7 gun.pngFile:S2e7 gun to head.pngFile:S2e7 hall door.png
File:S2e7 hall of the forgotten.pngFile:S2e7 hambone message.pngFile:S2e7 hand stretched.png
File:S2e7 hide behind.pngFile:S2e7 high five.pngFile:S2e7 holding gun.png
File:S2e7 honorable memories.pngFile:S2e7 hurt stan.pngFile:S2e7 im twelve.png
File:S2e7 into the hall of the forgotton.pngFile:S2e7 into the hall of the forgotton2.pngFile:S2e7 invented something.png
File:S2e7 island head monster.pngFile:S2e7 isn't so fun being tied up.pngFile:S2e7 it's objectively funny.png
File:S2e7 it could be the key.pngFile:S2e7 it is unseen.pngFile:S2e7 it is unseen op.png
File:S2e7 it was perfect.pngFile:S2e7 its all good.pngFile:S2e7 ivan leaves.png
File:S2e7 ivan swipe.pngFile:S2e7 journal author speculation teaserFile:S2e7 kooky inventors.png
File:S2e7 leader.pngFile:S2e7 lift with your knees.pngFile:S2e7 loggers.png
File:S2e7 lol soos no.pngFile:S2e7 looking around.pngFile:S2e7 lots of tubes.png
File:S2e7 mabel crying.pngFile:S2e7 mabel devastated.pngFile:S2e7 mabel fiddlin.png
File:S2e7 mabel in wendy hat.pngFile:S2e7 mabel reassuring.pngFile:S2e7 machine.png
File:S2e7 machine on.pngFile:S2e7 made out with own hands.pngFile:S2e7 mature junk.png
File:S2e7 maybe i come on too strong.pngFile:S2e7 mcg eyes.pngFile:S2e7 mcg eyes straight.png
File:S2e7 mcg memories tube insert.pngFile:S2e7 mcg photo.pngFile:S2e7 mcg slide.png
File:S2e7 mcg takes a bullet.pngFile:S2e7 mcg takes a bulllet2.pngFile:S2e7 mcg unsure.png
File:S2e7 mcgucket's expression.pngFile:S2e7 mcgucket labs.pngFile:S2e7 members come running.png
File:S2e7 memory erasing gun in box.pngFile:S2e7 memory plug.pngFile:S2e7 memory tube.png
File:S2e7 mermando and queen.pngFile:S2e7 museum.pngFile:S2e7 no one will get in my way.png
File:S2e7 no pet cat.pngFile:S2e7 no wonder your mind is all psffffh.pngFile:S2e7 oh mcg.png
File:S2e7 oh no mcg takes another bullet.pngFile:S2e7 old couple.pngFile:S2e7 old couple mind erase.png
File:S2e7 old man mcgucket wrote the journals?!.pngFile:S2e7 oops.pngFile:S2e7 page on summer romances.png
File:S2e7 pen splodes.pngFile:S2e7 pft who cares.pngFile:S2e7 pioneer fam.png
File:S2e7 poorly made figures.pngFile:S2e7 portal page.pngFile:S2e7 post of ex crush.png
File:S2e7 press eye.pngFile:S2e7 pretend i'm a boy TESTOSTERONE.pngFile:S2e7 preview
File:S2e7 pug hug.pngFile:S2e7 pulling hair.pngFile:S2e7 purse strap color goof.png
File:S2e7 quit staring at my while i bathe.pngFile:S2e7 race to mcg memories.pngFile:S2e7 rappers can't just make up words.png
File:S2e7 reading glasses.pngFile:S2e7 ready?.pngFile:S2e7 rick and morty connect.png
File:S2e7 robbie tied.pngFile:S2e7 romantic diorama.pngFile:S2e7 scared of sleep.png
File:S2e7 several timez.pngFile:S2e7 sheepish mabel.pngFile:S2e7 shelf of memory tubes.png
File:S2e7 shoo opossums.pngFile:S2e7 shoot gang.pngFile:S2e7 simple happiness.png
File:S2e7 sitting around.pngFile:S2e7 six fingers.pngFile:S2e7 sly mabel.png
File:S2e7 smashtop.pngFile:S2e7 so far so good.pngFile:S2e7 soos dancing.PNG
File:S2e7 soos slide.pngFile:S2e7 spit take.pngFile:S2e7 sprott naked.png
File:S2e7 staring at mcgucket.pngFile:S2e7 staring at you.pngFile:S2e7 static.png
File:S2e7 still don't know what that means.pngFile:S2e7 stop your nonsense soos.pngFile:S2e7 stressed wendy.png
File:S2e7 struggling.pngFile:S2e7 susan SCREAM.pngFile:S2e7 susan dial.png
File:S2e7 susan drool.pngFile:S2e7 susan feels great.pngFile:S2e7 susan locked.png
File:S2e7 susan mind aped.pngFile:S2e7 susan scream.pngFile:S2e7 susan sweep.png
File:S2e7 suspicious figure.pngFile:S2e7 suspicious townsfolk.pngFile:S2e7 tentacle monster.png
File:S2e7 thanks pap.pngFile:S2e7 that's not funny.pngFile:S2e7 thats where we're going.png
File:S2e7 the author.pngFile:S2e7 the blind eye society.pngFile:S2e7 the pines twins.png
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