File:S2e3 lillaputtians song1.pngFile:S2e3 lillaputtians song2.pngFile:S2e3 lillaputtians song3.png
File:S2e3 lillaputtians song4.pngFile:S2e3 lillaputtians song5.pngFile:S2e3 losers go over there.png
File:S2e3 mabel addressing the masses.pngFile:S2e3 mabel age 9.pngFile:S2e3 mabel cheered up.png
File:S2e3 mabel insults pacifica.pngFile:S2e3 mabel practicing.pngFile:S2e3 mabel prev.png
File:S2e3 mabel ready to swing.pngFile:S2e3 mabel thumbs up.pngFile:S2e3 mabel wind blown.png
File:S2e3 mabel with wet hair.pngFile:S2e3 mabels a good girl.pngFile:S2e3 mabels fantasy.png
File:S2e3 mabs eats sticker.pngFile:S2e3 meet the trainer.pngFile:S2e3 miner lilliputtians.png
File:S2e3 miner saying ''hey guys, i figured it out!''.pngFile:S2e3 miners hole.pngFile:S2e3 money makes problems go away.png
File:S2e3 mutton.pngFile:S2e3 no booing.pngFile:S2e3 no us say the frence.png
File:S2e3 no us say the miners.pngFile:S2e3 northwest car.pngFile:S2e3 nortwest fam.png
File:S2e3 nortwest house in the distance.pngFile:S2e3 not supposed to take handouts.pngFile:S2e3 oh the humanity.png
File:S2e3 old guy lulliputtian.pngFile:S2e3 on second thought.pngFile:S2e3 or not.png
File:S2e3 outside interference.pngFile:S2e3 pacifica glamour shot.pngFile:S2e3 pacifica is really confused right now.png
File:S2e3 pan over peeps.pngFile:S2e3 park closing.pngFile:S2e3 paz about to hit.png
File:S2e3 paz and mabs working together.pngFile:S2e3 paz and sergei wtf.pngFile:S2e3 paz going what.png
File:S2e3 paz hair blowin.pngFile:S2e3 paz mad.pngFile:S2e3 paz shocked.png
File:S2e3 paz silenced.pngFile:S2e3 paz smirking.pngFile:S2e3 pines boys watching tv.png
File:S2e3 pirate ship.pngFile:S2e3 play nice.pngFile:S2e3 poor tiffany.png
File:S2e3 previewFile:S2e3 pry open the fence.pngFile:S2e3 putt hut map.png
File:S2e3 putt hutt commercial disclaimer.pngFile:S2e3 ready your weapons.pngFile:S2e3 refreshments section.png
File:S2e3 robbie.pngFile:S2e3 robert ryan cory 01.jpgFile:S2e3 royal employee.png
File:S2e3 rump bounce.pngFile:S2e3 sacre booooo.pngFile:S2e3 screaming twins.png
File:S2e3 scrunched up paper.pngFile:S2e3 sean jimenez golf course art 01.pngFile:S2e3 sean jimenez golf course art 02.png
File:S2e3 sean jimenez golf course art 03.pngFile:S2e3 sean jimenez golf course art 04.pngFile:S2e3 sean jimenez golf course art 05.png
File:S2e3 sean jimenez golf course art 06.pngFile:S2e3 sean jimenez golf course art 07.pngFile:S2e3 sean jimenez golf course art 08.png
File:S2e3 sean jimenez golf course art 09.pngFile:S2e3 sean jimenez golf course background 01.pngFile:S2e3 sean jimenez golf course background 02.png
File:S2e3 sean jimenez golf course background 03.pngFile:S2e3 sean jimenez golf course background 04.pngFile:S2e3 sean jimenez golf course background 05.png
File:S2e3 sean jimenez golf course background 06.pngFile:S2e3 sean jimenez golf course background 07.pngFile:S2e3 second shot of screams slightly diff.png
File:S2e3 serge at sword point.pngFile:S2e3 serge drowning.pngFile:S2e3 sergie catches club.png
File:S2e3 serious xyler and craz.pngFile:S2e3 she'll be...fine.pngFile:S2e3 she's cheating at life.png
File:S2e3 shiny eyed mabel.pngFile:S2e3 ship.pngFile:S2e3 shocked pirates.png
File:S2e3 shoulda charged her for that taco.pngFile:S2e3 show me the monday promoFile:S2e3 shu-shaaring?.png
File:S2e3 so that's where the balls come from.pngFile:S2e3 soos cuttin w-necks.pngFile:S2e3 sorry paz.png
File:S2e3 squeeling tires.pngFile:S2e3 stan and dipper confusion.pngFile:S2e3 stan holding sticktionary.png
File:S2e3 star sweater.pngFile:S2e3 sticker face.pngFile:S2e3 sticky mess .png
File:S2e3 sweet siblings.pngFile:S2e3 sweet stan.pngFile:S2e3 teeny cowboys.png
File:S2e3 the big loop.pngFile:S2e3 the brave soul to step forward.pngFile:S2e3 the french chime in.png
File:S2e3 the man on the grass.pngFile:S2e3 the mines.pngFile:S2e3 the rolling of the balls.png
File:S2e3 the windmill.pngFile:S2e3 they better be good.pngFile:S2e3 this is getting weird.png
File:S2e3 tied up paz.pngFile:S2e3 tiny hands.pngFile:S2e3 tiny high fives.png
File:S2e3 tiny pirates.pngFile:S2e3 tough henry.pngFile:S2e3 trophy sticker.png
File:S2e3 tsundere pacifica.pngFile:S2e3 tubby tusk root beer.pngFile:S2e3 tubby tusk root beer 2.png
File:S2e3 twins getting attacked.pngFile:S2e3 twins scream production art.pngFile:S2e3 u da best sticker.png
File:S2e3 umbrella northwests.pngFile:S2e3 unlikely trio.pngFile:S2e3 up our sleeves.png
File:S2e3 victory.pngFile:S2e3 we are the ball masters.pngFile:S2e3 we good?.png
File:S2e3 we know all about rivalries.pngFile:S2e3 west course.pngFile:S2e3 whats better than beating her.png
File:S2e3 wheel turn.pngFile:S2e3 who wants stancakes.pngFile:S2e3 windmill hole.png
File:S2e3 woah.pngFile:S2e3 wow this escalated really fast.pngFile:S2e3 yarrrr.png
File:S2e3 ye royal discount putt hut.pngFile:S2e3 yodelling lady.pngFile:S2e3 you can do this big henry.png
File:S2e3 you know what i'm talking about.pngFile:S2e3 you two.pngFile:S2e3 your loving this right.png
File:S2e3 yuck peach pitt.pngFile:S2e3 yuss.pngFile:S2e4 3 in cake.png
File:S2e4 Bill's shadow.pngFile:S2e4 Bill is back.pngFile:S2e4 Creepy nightmare.jpg
File:S2e4 Dipper and Mabel Panorama.pngFile:S2e4 Dipper shocked.pngFile:S2e4 How can I miss this.png
File:S2e4 I'll wait for you.pngFile:S2e4 It's a big day Mabel.pngFile:S2e4 Laughing puppets loop.gif
File:S2e4 Real Something terrible.pngFile:S2e4 above the chair.pngFile:S2e4 actual puppets credits 01.png
File:S2e4 actual puppets credits 02.pngFile:S2e4 actual puppets credits 03.pngFile:S2e4 actual puppets credits 04.png
File:S2e4 after the war.pngFile:S2e4 aftermath.pngFile:S2e4 agents left a gift.png
File:S2e4 air quotes.pngFile:S2e4 attempted passwords.pngFile:S2e4 audience 1.png
File:S2e4 audience 2.pngFile:S2e4 audience 3.pngFile:S2e4 audience 4.png
File:S2e4 audience 5.pngFile:S2e4 audience dodge.pngFile:S2e4 ave maria.png
File:S2e4 ba bump.pngFile:S2e4 backstage.pngFile:S2e4 basically a ghost.png
File:S2e4 been so long.pngFile:S2e4 behind the scenesFile:S2e4 big gulp.png
File:S2e4 bill's new body.pngFile:S2e4 bill asks grenda.pngFile:S2e4 bill assemble.png
File:S2e4 bill at mirror.pngFile:S2e4 bill cola.pngFile:S2e4 bill following dip and mabel.png
File:S2e4 bill in car.pngFile:S2e4 bill in puppet.pngFile:S2e4 bill light.png
File:S2e4 bill out.pngFile:S2e4 bill reappears again.pngFile:S2e4 bill solidifies.png
File:S2e4 bill starts to assemble.pngFile:S2e4 bill upside down.pngFile:S2e4 bill with cane.png
File:S2e4 bipper.pngFile:S2e4 bipper angry.pngFile:S2e4 bipper fog.png
File:S2e4 bipper no weakness.pngFile:S2e4 bipper on top.pngFile:S2e4 bipper saves mabel.png
File:S2e4 black light.pngFile:S2e4 body failing.pngFile:S2e4 body spasms.png
File:S2e4 book and bee.pngFile:S2e4 box o puppets.pngFile:S2e4 broken hand.png
File:S2e4 buying socks.pngFile:S2e4 by the by.pngFile:S2e4 cake falling.png
File:S2e4 cake stops.pngFile:S2e4 candy and grenda.pngFile:S2e4 candy piano.png
File:S2e4 candy steal.pngFile:S2e4 candy stealing the babe.pngFile:S2e4 car unloaded.png
File:S2e4 car window.pngFile:S2e4 change your mind.pngFile:S2e4 chase on stage.png
File:S2e4 checking it out.pngFile:S2e4 chris houghton storyboard.pngFile:S2e4 crowd angry.png
File:S2e4 crowd leaving.pngFile:S2e4 cryptogram.pngFile:S2e4 cut away cut away.png
File:S2e4 desperate.pngFile:S2e4 dipper accepts.pngFile:S2e4 dipper bags.png
File:S2e4 dipper falls asleep on laptop.pngFile:S2e4 dipper frustrated.pngFile:S2e4 dipper gets an idea.png
File:S2e4 dipper ghost.pngFile:S2e4 dipper goes it alone.pngFile:S2e4 dipper held down.png
File:S2e4 dipper in.pngFile:S2e4 dipper look.pngFile:S2e4 dipper nerding out.png
File:S2e4 dipper on roof.pngFile:S2e4 dipper puppet floating 1.pngFile:S2e4 dipper puppet floating 2.png
File:S2e4 dipper puppet yell.pngFile:S2e4 dipper puppeteer.pngFile:S2e4 dipper question.png
File:S2e4 dipper sees opening.pngFile:S2e4 dipper sewing.pngFile:S2e4 dipper skeptical.png
File:S2e4 dipper spotted.pngFile:S2e4 dipper sticky sock.pngFile:S2e4 dipper tells mabel.png
File:S2e4 dipper tries to stop car.pngFile:S2e4 dipper up late.pngFile:S2e4 dipper would.png
File:S2e4 dodged a bullet.pngFile:S2e4 end credits cryptogram.pngFile:S2e4 enter mabel.png
File:S2e4 eye on you.pngFile:S2e4 face glow.pngFile:S2e4 faustian bargain offer.png
File:S2e4 fireworks go off.pngFile:S2e4 fireworks stage.pngFile:S2e4 five minutes.png
File:S2e4 floating puppet.pngFile:S2e4 forks.pngFile:S2e4 gabe.png
File:S2e4 gabe and mabel puppets.pngFile:S2e4 gabe appears.pngFile:S2e4 gabe blading.png
File:S2e4 gabe entertained.pngFile:S2e4 gabe mabel puppet behind back.pngFile:S2e4 gabe pops in.png
File:S2e4 gabe pose.pngFile:S2e4 gabe presenting.pngFile:S2e4 gabe sending off kids.png
File:S2e4 gabe shadow.pngFile:S2e4 gabe sitting.pngFile:S2e4 gabe smile.png
File:S2e4 gabe sparkles.pngFile:S2e4 gabe standing.pngFile:S2e4 gabe upset.png
File:S2e4 gang helping.pngFile:S2e4 getting hot in here.pngFile:S2e4 ghost dipper and grenda.png
File:S2e4 going down.pngFile:S2e4 googly eyes.pngFile:S2e4 gravity falls library.png
File:S2e4 grenda puppet.pngFile:S2e4 hand offer.pngFile:S2e4 handing over 3.png
File:S2e4 has everything.pngFile:S2e4 hat off.pngFile:S2e4 helmet off.png
File:S2e4 hospital.pngFile:S2e4 in 3 seconds.pngFile:S2e4 intermission.png
File:S2e4 it worked.pngFile:S2e4 its a deal.pngFile:S2e4 jackpot.png
File:S2e4 journal 3 cake.pngFile:S2e4 journal to the face.pngFile:S2e4 kermit allusion.png
File:S2e4 kids again.pngFile:S2e4 kids watching gabe.pngFile:S2e4 knows dippers weaknesses.png
File:S2e4 la vie en rose.pngFile:S2e4 laptop destroyed.pngFile:S2e4 laptop open.png
File:S2e4 laser focus.pngFile:S2e4 library shot.pngFile:S2e4 limit reached.png
File:S2e4 loading car.pngFile:S2e4 look outside.pngFile:S2e4 look who's back promo
File:S2e4 loves his right hand.pngFile:S2e4 mabel's weapon.pngFile:S2e4 mabel and gabe.png
File:S2e4 mabel and waddles.pngFile:S2e4 mabel apology start.pngFile:S2e4 mabel back to sleep.png
File:S2e4 mabel beg.pngFile:S2e4 mabel cheer.pngFile:S2e4 mabel confused.png
File:S2e4 mabel in bed.pngFile:S2e4 mabel infatuated.pngFile:S2e4 mabel juice.png
File:S2e4 mabel laugh.pngFile:S2e4 mabel meets puppet.pngFile:S2e4 mabel nervous.png
File:S2e4 mabel nightmare.pngFile:S2e4 mabel on catwalk.pngFile:S2e4 mabel panic.png
File:S2e4 mabel peak.pngFile:S2e4 mabel puppet apology.pngFile:S2e4 mabel reach.png
File:S2e4 mabel reads 3.pngFile:S2e4 mabel scared.pngFile:S2e4 mabel screaming.png
File:S2e4 mabel sees gabe again.pngFile:S2e4 mabel sewing.pngFile:S2e4 mabel slurp.png
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