File:S2e20 gasping.pngFile:S2e20 get down.pngFile:S2e20 get em Gobblewonker.png
File:S2e20 getting back to normal.pngFile:S2e20 getting closer.pngFile:S2e20 getting ready.png
File:S2e20 giant robot foot.pngFile:S2e20 gideon cry.pngFile:S2e20 gideon dance 2.png
File:S2e20 gideon dance 3.pngFile:S2e20 gideon exhausted.pngFile:S2e20 gideon explains.png
File:S2e20 gideon falls.pngFile:S2e20 gideon helping.pngFile:S2e20 gideon hit.png
File:S2e20 gideon laughing.pngFile:S2e20 gideon trapped.pngFile:S2e20 glasses me.png
File:S2e20 glomp hugs.pngFile:S2e20 glowing limbs.pngFile:S2e20 gnome sneak attack.png
File:S2e20 gnomes.pngFile:S2e20 gnomes fanning.pngFile:S2e20 go forth and destroy.png
File:S2e20 go into the unknown.pngFile:S2e20 go to my page.pngFile:S2e20 going to Ford's mind.png
File:S2e20 going to attack the Shacktron.pngFile:S2e20 gonna need some gun swords.pngFile:S2e20 good as new.png
File:S2e20 good choice.pngFile:S2e20 good enough landing.pngFile:S2e20 good for something.png
File:S2e20 good pig.pngFile:S2e20 goodbye Gravity Falls.pngFile:S2e20 goodbye Paci-Fire.png
File:S2e20 goodbye Pyronica.pngFile:S2e20 goodbye Teeth.pngFile:S2e20 goodbye attic wall.png
File:S2e20 goodbye dipper and mabel.pngFile:S2e20 goodbye gravity falls.pngFile:S2e20 goodbye heros.png
File:S2e20 gorney.pngFile:S2e20 gotta be something.pngFile:S2e20 grabbing the wings.png
File:S2e20 grammar stanley.pngFile:S2e20 grapple behind mabel.pngFile:S2e20 grappling hook 2.png
File:S2e20 grappling hook twirl.pngFile:S2e20 green Bill pixelated.pngFile:S2e20 green Bill pixelated 2.png
File:S2e20 grunkle stan always says.pngFile:S2e20 grunkles trying to run after the kids.pngFile:S2e20 guess we've said goodbye to everyone.png
File:S2e20 gun dropped.pngFile:S2e20 guys stop it.pngFile:S2e20 hair grab.png
File:S2e20 hair in face.pngFile:S2e20 hands from offscreen.pngFile:S2e20 happening again.png
File:S2e20 happy Waddles.pngFile:S2e20 happy dipper.pngFile:S2e20 happy planet.png
File:S2e20 happy stan twins.pngFile:S2e20 hat askew.pngFile:S2e20 hat flying off.png
File:S2e20 hat symbolism.pngFile:S2e20 he's golden.pngFile:S2e20 he's lost his mind.png
File:S2e20 he didn't just try to hide.pngFile:S2e20 he just remembered something.pngFile:S2e20 he must remember our relationship.png
File:S2e20 he never thanked me.pngFile:S2e20 heads rotating.pngFile:S2e20 height altering flashlight.png
File:S2e20 henchmaniacs.pngFile:S2e20 here comes the dino.pngFile:S2e20 here we are.png
File:S2e20 hey there kiddo.pngFile:S2e20 high probability.pngFile:S2e20 hit the ground.png
File:S2e20 hold hands.pngFile:S2e20 hole in the wall.pngFile:S2e20 hooked.png
File:S2e20 hope this turns out better.pngFile:S2e20 how'd it happen.pngFile:S2e20 huddle up.png
File:S2e20 hug goodbye.pngFile:S2e20 hug over.pngFile:S2e20 human again.png
File:S2e20 hurt Bodacious T.pngFile:S2e20 i'll let bill into my mind.pngFile:S2e20 i'll never forget you guys.png
File:S2e20 i might be too old to do it alone.pngFile:S2e20 i need to talk to you.pngFile:S2e20 if I die I'm sueing all of you.png
File:S2e20 if we're lucky and survive.pngFile:S2e20 if you didn't notice.pngFile:S2e20 in your face Bill.png
File:S2e20 inanimate again.pngFile:S2e20 incoming Waddles.pngFile:S2e20 incoming Xanthar.png
File:S2e20 insane.pngFile:S2e20 insane ether way.pngFile:S2e20 is something wrong.png
File:S2e20 is that impossible.pngFile:S2e20 is there an escape hatch.pngFile:S2e20 is this thing on.png
File:S2e20 it's a deal.pngFile:S2e20 it's a prophecy.pngFile:S2e20 it's me.png
File:S2e20 it's the....pngFile:S2e20 it's the only way.pngFile:S2e20 it's working.png
File:S2e20 it's your place.pngFile:S2e20 it happened again.pngFile:S2e20 it makes us believe that everything is possible.png
File:S2e20 jaws dropped.pngFile:S2e20 jig of excitement.pngFile:S2e20 job finished.png
File:S2e20 just Stan.pngFile:S2e20 just like us.pngFile:S2e20 just listen.png
File:S2e20 just regenerated that.pngFile:S2e20 keep running.pngFile:S2e20 kids!!!.png
File:S2e20 kids!.pngFile:S2e20 kinda surprised it worked.pngFile:S2e20 landing on the eye bat.png
File:S2e20 last goodbye.pngFile:S2e20 last view of Gravity Falls.pngFile:S2e20 launched.png
File:S2e20 launched2.pngFile:S2e20 lava filling.pngFile:S2e20 law of weirdness.png
File:S2e20 leader Mabel.pngFile:S2e20 leaves rustling.pngFile:S2e20 left arm is a dino head.png
File:S2e20 let me go.pngFile:S2e20 let me out.pngFile:S2e20 lets get out of here.png
File:S2e20 letter from Wendy.pngFile:S2e20 liberated.pngFile:S2e20 lightbulb.png
File:S2e20 lights out.pngFile:S2e20 like we planned.pngFile:S2e20 lilliputtians.png
File:S2e20 lilliputtians underfoot.pngFile:S2e20 listen up demons.pngFile:S2e20 lit match.png
File:S2e20 lit up Zodiac aerial view.pngFile:S2e20 live sofa.pngFile:S2e20 look at the fingers! why i didnt notice.png
File:S2e20 looking at the photo.pngFile:S2e20 looks like we're gonna have to break in.pngFile:S2e20 looming Stan shadow.png
File:S2e20 looming demons.pngFile:S2e20 looming red eye 1.pngFile:S2e20 looming red eye 2.png
File:S2e20 looting the junkyard.pngFile:S2e20 lost in translation.pngFile:S2e20 lower half view.png
File:S2e20 lower half view 2.pngFile:S2e20 lowering the arm.pngFile:S2e20 mab holding dip.png
File:S2e20 mabel hears gideon.pngFile:S2e20 mabel holding memory gun.pngFile:S2e20 mabel shocked.png
File:S2e20 mabel unbuckling.pngFile:S2e20 macaroni interpretation.pngFile:S2e20 mad with power.gif
File:S2e20 magic electricity.pngFile:S2e20 making him talk.pngFile:S2e20 manotaur flex.png
File:S2e20 map closeup.pngFile:S2e20 map full view.pngFile:S2e20 marbles rolling.png
File:S2e20 matter.pngFile:S2e20 maximum power.pngFile:S2e20 maybe I should try forgiving.png
File:S2e20 maybe because he is a hero.pngFile:S2e20 maybe over there.pngFile:S2e20 mayor tyler.png
File:S2e20 mcgucket.pngFile:S2e20 mcgucket is so happy.pngFile:S2e20 meanwhile at the Shack.png
File:S2e20 meenie.pngFile:S2e20 memory erase plan.pngFile:S2e20 memory erasing gun.png
File:S2e20 memory erasing gun still on.pngFile:S2e20 memory gun.pngFile:S2e20 messed with my family.png
File:S2e20 metallic pyramid.pngFile:S2e20 metallic pyramid doubled.pngFile:S2e20 metallic pyramid with arms.png
File:S2e20 might come in handy later.pngFile:S2e20 minee.pngFile:S2e20 minions confused.png
File:S2e20 minus 50 despair.pngFile:S2e20 missed you.pngFile:S2e20 mom and dad.png
File:S2e20 mom and dad won't let me 2.pngFile:S2e20 mom and dad wont let me 1.pngFile:S2e20 money.png
File:S2e20 monster water tower.pngFile:S2e20 monsters here.pngFile:S2e20 more alchemy on the walls.png
File:S2e20 more cheek squish.pngFile:S2e20 mouth tastes like nightmares.pngFile:S2e20 move out.png
File:S2e20 moving the TV.pngFile:S2e20 moving the fishtank.pngFile:S2e20 multi scope.png
File:S2e20 multibear massage.pngFile:S2e20 multiple times.pngFile:S2e20 my Durland.png
File:S2e20 my family.pngFile:S2e20 my hair.pngFile:S2e20 my mind is fine.png
File:S2e20 my only condition.pngFile:S2e20 my only wish.pngFile:S2e20 mystery shack at the party.png
File:S2e20 mystery shack sign.pngFile:S2e20 mysteryous shadowy figure.pngFile:S2e20 named myself chief.png
File:S2e20 never mind all that!.pngFile:S2e20 never mind the marbles.pngFile:S2e20 new hat page.png
File:S2e20 new plan please.pngFile:S2e20 news over.pngFile:S2e20 nice place.png
File:S2e20 nice work with the heel.pngFile:S2e20 no more.pngFile:S2e20 no one asked the Chief.png
File:S2e20 no raise.pngFile:S2e20 nomnom.pngFile:S2e20 none of that thank you.png
File:S2e20 normal Bill.pngFile:S2e20 normal again.pngFile:S2e20 normal water tower.png
File:S2e20 normal waterfall.pngFile:S2e20 normality wave.pngFile:S2e20 northwest's manor, wait it's McGucket's now.png
File:S2e20 not Ford.pngFile:S2e20 not dead yet.pngFile:S2e20 not gonna like it.png
File:S2e20 not in the good way.pngFile:S2e20 not so fast.pngFile:S2e20 not so noodle arms.png
File:S2e20 not the fishtank!.pngFile:S2e20 not the kids.pngFile:S2e20 not too late for them.png
File:S2e20 nothing to see here.pngFile:S2e20 nothing we can do.pngFile:S2e20 now's our chance.png
File:S2e20 now he's mad.pngFile:S2e20 now it's dead.pngFile:S2e20 oh man.png
File:S2e20 oh no.pngFile:S2e20 one condition.pngFile:S2e20 one job you guys.png
File:S2e20 one of the Stans held down.pngFile:S2e20 only Mabel is smiling.pngFile:S2e20 only one door.png
File:S2e20 only safe inside.pngFile:S2e20 opening up the ceiling.pngFile:S2e20 orange Bill.png
File:S2e20 orange Bill disjointed.pngFile:S2e20 ouchy.pngFile:S2e20 our friends need us.png
File:S2e20 our new mr. mystery.pngFile:S2e20 outside the mindscape.pngFile:S2e20 outta the way.png
File:S2e20 ow my liver girl.pngFile:S2e20 owl clock 1.pngFile:S2e20 owl clock 2.png
File:S2e20 owl clock 3.pngFile:S2e20 pacifica sees her parents.pngFile:S2e20 pack the grappling hook.png
File:S2e20 pan to scrapbook.pngFile:S2e20 pardon my french.pngFile:S2e20 perfect.png
File:S2e20 photo on the table.pngFile:S2e20 physically exhausted.pngFile:S2e20 pines twins gasp.png
File:S2e20 pink Bill.pngFile:S2e20 pink Bill 2.pngFile:S2e20 pink Bill 3.png
File:S2e20 pink Bill 4.pngFile:S2e20 pink Bill disjointed.pngFile:S2e20 pink Bill pixelated.png
File:S2e20 pink Bill pixelated 2.pngFile:S2e20 pink Bill pixelated 3.pngFile:S2e20 pink Bill pixelated 4.png
File:S2e20 pink Bill pixelated 5.pngFile:S2e20 plan to stay here and eat these.pngFile:S2e20 planting the flag.png
File:S2e20 please leave the kids alone.pngFile:S2e20 pointing at Soos.pngFile:S2e20 poor Mr Poolcheck.png
File:S2e20 poor dipper and mabel.pngFile:S2e20 poor gideon.pngFile:S2e20 poor robbie.png
File:S2e20 poor soos and wendy.pngFile:S2e20 poor that kid.pngFile:S2e20 poor woodpecker.png
File:S2e20 pose for the statue.pngFile:S2e20 possum breath.pngFile:S2e20 potato sack Pacifica.png
File:S2e20 power light bulb 1.pngFile:S2e20 power light bulb 2.pngFile:S2e20 power light bulb 3.png
File:S2e20 power light bulb 4.pngFile:S2e20 powers fail.pngFile:S2e20 prehensile beard.png
File:S2e20 prepping the arm.pngFile:S2e20 presents from pacifica.pngFile:S2e20 pretty clever.png
File:S2e20 production art 1.jpgFile:S2e20 production art 10.jpgFile:S2e20 production art 11.jpg
File:S2e20 production art 12.jpgFile:S2e20 production art 13.jpgFile:S2e20 production art 14.jpg
File:S2e20 production art 15.jpgFile:S2e20 production art 16.jpgFile:S2e20 production art 17.jpg
File:S2e20 production art 18.pngFile:S2e20 production art 19.pngFile:S2e20 production art 2.jpg
File:S2e20 production art 20.pngFile:S2e20 production art 21.pngFile:S2e20 production art 22.png
File:S2e20 production art 23.pngFile:S2e20 production art 24.pngFile:S2e20 production art 25.png
File:S2e20 production art 26.pngFile:S2e20 production art 27.pngFile:S2e20 production art 3.jpg
File:S2e20 production art 4.jpgFile:S2e20 production art 5.jpgFile:S2e20 production art 6.jpg
File:S2e20 production art 7.jpgFile:S2e20 production art 8.jpgFile:S2e20 production art 9.jpg
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