File:S2e20 Wendy leap 3.pngFile:S2e20 Wendy on the eye bat.pngFile:S2e20 Wendy push Robbie.png
File:S2e20 Wendy riding off.pngFile:S2e20 Wendy riding off 2.pngFile:S2e20 Wendy stealthy.png
File:S2e20 Wendy still riding the eye bat.pngFile:S2e20 Wendy teleported.pngFile:S2e20 Wendy tuck.png
File:S2e20 Who is the author.pngFile:S2e20 Xanthar explosion.pngFile:S2e20 Xanthar explosion smoke.png
File:S2e20 Xanthar falling 1.pngFile:S2e20 Xanthar falling 2.pngFile:S2e20 Xanthar falling 3.png
File:S2e20 Xanthar falling 4.pngFile:S2e20 Xanthar hat falling.pngFile:S2e20 Xanthar hat on the ground.png
File:S2e20 Xanthar headbutt.pngFile:S2e20 Xanthar slowing down.pngFile:S2e20 Xanthar snowplow.png
File:S2e20 Xanthar still plowing forward.pngFile:S2e20 Xyler and Craz fade out.pngFile:S2e20 You'll never take us alive.png
File:S2e20 You've helped everyone here.pngFile:S2e20 You need me.pngFile:S2e20 Zodiac lights up.png
File:S2e20 a chance to beat Bill.pngFile:S2e20 a load of Shmebulock.pngFile:S2e20 a mysterious pushing force.png
File:S2e20 about mcgucket.pngFile:S2e20 about to collapse.pngFile:S2e20 accidental button push.png
File:S2e20 adorable Waddles page.pngFile:S2e20 adventure of a lifetime.pngFile:S2e20 aggro Wendy.png
File:S2e20 aiming the gun.pngFile:S2e20 alchemy on the shield.pngFile:S2e20 all aboard.png
File:S2e20 all because i couldn't shake your hand.pngFile:S2e20 all gasp.pngFile:S2e20 all his might.png
File:S2e20 all ready but Stan.pngFile:S2e20 all standing around.pngFile:S2e20 almost loose.png
File:S2e20 alright fellas.pngFile:S2e20 always Ford the hero.pngFile:S2e20 always optimistic Mabel.png
File:S2e20 always stan the screw up.pngFile:S2e20 amorphous shape getting pulled in.pngFile:S2e20 an excuse.png
File:S2e20 and legs.pngFile:S2e20 and more sulking.pngFile:S2e20 and time.png
File:S2e20 and whatever Toby has.pngFile:S2e20 angry Bill.pngFile:S2e20 angry Bill melt 1.png
File:S2e20 angry Bill melt 2.pngFile:S2e20 angry Bill melt 3.pngFile:S2e20 angry bill.png
File:S2e20 anime education.pngFile:S2e20 anime time.pngFile:S2e20 answer is still no.png
File:S2e20 applause.pngFile:S2e20 are you ready.pngFile:S2e20 arms around shoulders.png
File:S2e20 arms dropped a little.pngFile:S2e20 around the cake.pngFile:S2e20 asking about bill's weakness.png
File:S2e20 at least my dream.pngFile:S2e20 attack of the 5000 ft triangle.pngFile:S2e20 attark 1.png
File:S2e20 attark 2.pngFile:S2e20 attic still looks untouched.pngFile:S2e20 aureus rashes.png
File:S2e20 aww.pngFile:S2e20 back to the exterior.pngFile:S2e20 backing up.png
File:S2e20 balderdash.pngFile:S2e20 beard bandage buddies.pngFile:S2e20 been a nuisance.png
File:S2e20 been practicing.pngFile:S2e20 best day.pngFile:S2e20 between me and him.png
File:S2e20 big Bill tiny hat.pngFile:S2e20 big hand.pngFile:S2e20 bill's shadow.png
File:S2e20 bill and the leg.pngFile:S2e20 bill is chasing the kids.pngFile:S2e20 bill needs decorations.png
File:S2e20 bill punching shacktron.pngFile:S2e20 bird on Bill statue.pngFile:S2e20 birds in the woods.png
File:S2e20 black Bill pixelated.pngFile:S2e20 black eye squirming.pngFile:S2e20 blank headstones.png
File:S2e20 blow the candles.pngFile:S2e20 blubs hugs durland.pngFile:S2e20 blubs landing.png
File:S2e20 blubs no glasses.pngFile:S2e20 blubs shove.pngFile:S2e20 blue Bill.png
File:S2e20 blue Bill disjointed.pngFile:S2e20 blue Bill pixelated.pngFile:S2e20 blue eye.png
File:S2e20 blueprint scroll.pngFile:S2e20 bravo kids.pngFile:S2e20 broken open.png
File:S2e20 brushing it aside.pngFile:S2e20 bubble eye.pngFile:S2e20 bubble eye 2.png
File:S2e20 building the leg.pngFile:S2e20 burning Gideon dolls.pngFile:S2e20 bus driver still intimidated.png
File:S2e20 bus seat code.pngFile:S2e20 bust into the Shack.pngFile:S2e20 but differenty.png
File:S2e20 but they're captured.pngFile:S2e20 bye bye bill eye.pngFile:S2e20 bye bye birdie.png
File:S2e20 call me Humble.pngFile:S2e20 campfire.pngFile:S2e20 can't look.png
File:S2e20 can't tell us apart.pngFile:S2e20 can't walk.pngFile:S2e20 captive 1.png
File:S2e20 captive 2.pngFile:S2e20 cave painting closeup.pngFile:S2e20 cave painting defeating Bill.png
File:S2e20 cave painting pine tree.pngFile:S2e20 cave painting question mark.pngFile:S2e20 cave painting shooting star.png
File:S2e20 cave painting top.pngFile:S2e20 chained again.pngFile:S2e20 chair-ible fate.png
File:S2e20 checking the sash.pngFile:S2e20 cheek squish.pngFile:S2e20 cheering Bill on.png
File:S2e20 chewy woodpecker.pngFile:S2e20 clean town square.pngFile:S2e20 clean window.png
File:S2e20 close up on Bill's eye.pngFile:S2e20 closed vent.pngFile:S2e20 closeup on Ford.png
File:S2e20 closeup on Mabel.pngFile:S2e20 closeup on the bottom of the Fearamid.pngFile:S2e20 clothes switched back.png
File:S2e20 cmon Grunkle Stan.pngFile:S2e20 cockamamie.pngFile:S2e20 collapse 1.png
File:S2e20 collapse 2.pngFile:S2e20 collapse 3.pngFile:S2e20 collapse 4.png
File:S2e20 collapse 5.pngFile:S2e20 come and get us.pngFile:S2e20 come here old friend.png
File:S2e20 comfortable.pngFile:S2e20 coming closer.pngFile:S2e20 coming in 2016.png
File:S2e20 coming in for a landing.pngFile:S2e20 controling space.pngFile:S2e20 crash positions.png
File:S2e20 creatures in sweaters.pngFile:S2e20 credits alex hirsch.pngFile:S2e20 credits dip and mab fireworks.png
File:S2e20 credits dip and mab fireworks2.pngFile:S2e20 credits family stayed up all night.pngFile:S2e20 credits family watching movie.png
File:S2e20 credits going for the kiss.pngFile:S2e20 credits grenda enthusiastic kisser.pngFile:S2e20 credits mabel close.png
File:S2e20 credits mcgucket father and son.pngFile:S2e20 credits photobooth1.pngFile:S2e20 credits photobooth2.png
File:S2e20 credits photobooth3.pngFile:S2e20 credits shining window.pngFile:S2e20 credits voice talents.png
File:S2e20 credits wendy laugh.pngFile:S2e20 crumbling 1.pngFile:S2e20 crumbling 2.png
File:S2e20 crumbling 3.pngFile:S2e20 crumbling 4.pngFile:S2e20 crumbling Bill disjointed.png
File:S2e20 crumbling Bill pixelated.pngFile:S2e20 cut it out leg.pngFile:S2e20 cuter before you talked.png
File:S2e20 dad was right about me.pngFile:S2e20 dangit old man.pngFile:S2e20 dark for reals.png
File:S2e20 day 1.pngFile:S2e20 dazed townsfolk 1.pngFile:S2e20 dazed townsfolk 2.png
File:S2e20 de facto chief.pngFile:S2e20 deal made.pngFile:S2e20 death ball.png
File:S2e20 decoration.pngFile:S2e20 demon bill chase.pngFile:S2e20 demon bill chase1.png
File:S2e20 demons eviler forms.pngFile:S2e20 demons exchange glances.pngFile:S2e20 demons growing.png
File:S2e20 demons lined up.pngFile:S2e20 destiny hoodie.pngFile:S2e20 destroyed on the inside.png
File:S2e20 determination.pngFile:S2e20 determined.pngFile:S2e20 die already.png
File:S2e20 dino clawing in the air.pngFile:S2e20 dino head slipping down.pngFile:S2e20 dino mouth closeup.png
File:S2e20 dino rawr.pngFile:S2e20 dino sneak attack.pngFile:S2e20 dino vs eye bat.png
File:S2e20 dino wins.pngFile:S2e20 dip and mab are scared.pngFile:S2e20 dip and mab celebrate.png
File:S2e20 dipper and mabel's bags.pngFile:S2e20 dipper and mabel's birthday cake.pngFile:S2e20 dipper grapple.png
File:S2e20 dipper leaves the zodiac.pngFile:S2e20 dipper ready.pngFile:S2e20 dipper tumble.png
File:S2e20 dipper yank.pngFile:S2e20 discuss nothing.pngFile:S2e20 disjointed static.png
File:S2e20 disjointed static 2.pngFile:S2e20 distorted static.pngFile:S2e20 do you remember any of it.png
File:S2e20 does anyone have a pen.pngFile:S2e20 does it have gun swords.pngFile:S2e20 don't do it.png
File:S2e20 don't do it Ford.pngFile:S2e20 don't forget.pngFile:S2e20 don't know what this is.png
File:S2e20 don't know when.pngFile:S2e20 don't know where.pngFile:S2e20 don't know you.png
File:S2e20 don't look at me I'm not wearing my eye.pngFile:S2e20 don't you remember.pngFile:S2e20 door locked.png
File:S2e20 door on fire.pngFile:S2e20 door slam.pngFile:S2e20 door still closed.png
File:S2e20 double Bill.pngFile:S2e20 double squish.pngFile:S2e20 dramatic Blubs 1.png
File:S2e20 dramatic Blubs 2.pngFile:S2e20 dramatic Blubs 3.pngFile:S2e20 dramatic Blubs 4.png
File:S2e20 dramatic Blubs 5.pngFile:S2e20 drawing a circle.pngFile:S2e20 drumroll please.png
File:S2e20 eager Mabel.pngFile:S2e20 eenie.pngFile:S2e20 empty heart spot.png
File:S2e20 empty pine tree spot.pngFile:S2e20 empty question mark spot.pngFile:S2e20 empty room.png
File:S2e20 empty shooting star spot.pngFile:S2e20 empty wasteland.pngFile:S2e20 end card 1.png
File:S2e20 end card 2.pngFile:S2e20 end credits code part I.pngFile:S2e20 entering the cave.png
File:S2e20 envelope from Wendy.pngFile:S2e20 erase Stanley Pines.pngFile:S2e20 even Stan gasps.png
File:S2e20 even a little.pngFile:S2e20 even in a potato sack.pngFile:S2e20 everyone's scared.png
File:S2e20 everyone cheering.pngFile:S2e20 everyone gasps.pngFile:S2e20 everyone is caught.png
File:S2e20 everyone laughing.pngFile:S2e20 everyone off balance.pngFile:S2e20 everyone off balance 2.png
File:S2e20 everyone to the left.pngFile:S2e20 everyone to the right.pngFile:S2e20 everything looks normal.png
File:S2e20 evil martini.pngFile:S2e20 except waddles.pngFile:S2e20 excited faces.png
File:S2e20 exit door.pngFile:S2e20 exit door locked.pngFile:S2e20 eye-bat closer.png
File:S2e20 eye-bat spotlight.pngFile:S2e20 eye activated.pngFile:S2e20 eye bat about to escape.png
File:S2e20 eye bat explode.pngFile:S2e20 eye bat falling.pngFile:S2e20 eye bat shattered.png
File:S2e20 eye bat swarm.pngFile:S2e20 eye bat swarm 2.pngFile:S2e20 eye bat turned to stone.png
File:S2e20 eye bat vs eye bat.pngFile:S2e20 eye bat zapped.pngFile:S2e20 eye bats around the Shacktron.png
File:S2e20 eye bats fleeing.pngFile:S2e20 eye extending.pngFile:S2e20 eye ray 1.png
File:S2e20 eye ray 2.pngFile:S2e20 eye turning red.pngFile:S2e20 eyebat at the junkyard.png
File:S2e20 eyes watering.pngFile:S2e20 face to face.pngFile:S2e20 face to face 2.png
File:S2e20 face to face 3.pngFile:S2e20 face to face 4.pngFile:S2e20 falling apart.png
File:S2e20 fame.pngFile:S2e20 family photo.pngFile:S2e20 fascinating.png
File:S2e20 fighting.pngFile:S2e20 fighting kracken.pngFile:S2e20 finally here.png
File:S2e20 finger gun.pngFile:S2e20 fishing pages.pngFile:S2e20 fist bump.png
File:S2e20 fix the bowtie.pngFile:S2e20 flames lick higher.pngFile:S2e20 flames spreading.png
File:S2e20 flat.pngFile:S2e20 fly my pretties.pngFile:S2e20 foot on zombie head.png
File:S2e20 forced to dance.pngFile:S2e20 ford's face.pngFile:S2e20 ford and stan's cage.png
File:S2e20 ford and stan trying to warn dip and mab .pngFile:S2e20 ford hugs.pngFile:S2e20 ford is drinking water.png
File:S2e20 ford is here.pngFile:S2e20 ford laughing.pngFile:S2e20 ford puts a hand on stan's shoulder.png
File:S2e20 ford sees mcgucket.pngFile:S2e20 ford the artist.pngFile:S2e20 ford thinking.png
File:S2e20 ford turning back.pngFile:S2e20 ford turning gold.pngFile:S2e20 ford you dumb dumb you have a pen right there.png
File:S2e20 former mayor of gf.pngFile:S2e20 found ford.pngFile:S2e20 free.png
File:S2e20 freedom for tyler.pngFile:S2e20 front row seats.pngFile:S2e20 gasp.png
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