File:S2e20 Candy serious.pngFile:S2e20 Circle McGucket middle.pngFile:S2e20 Circle Pacifica Mabel middle.png
File:S2e20 Circle Robbie middle.pngFile:S2e20 Coming in 2016File:S2e20 Corduroy family frozen.png
File:S2e20 Corduroy reunion.pngFile:S2e20 Crowd cheering at party.pngFile:S2e20 Cut It Out Heart.png
File:S2e20 DURLAND.pngFile:S2e20 Diper just looks confused.pngFile:S2e20 Dipper Grabs The Card.png
File:S2e20 Dipper Looks At The Card.pngFile:S2e20 Dipper and Mabel in shock.pngFile:S2e20 Dipper and Mabel looking around.png
File:S2e20 Dipper and Mabel released.pngFile:S2e20 Dipper and McGucket destroying the attic.pngFile:S2e20 Dipper at the wheel.png
File:S2e20 Dipper at the wheel 2.pngFile:S2e20 Dipper blocking the blueprints.pngFile:S2e20 Dipper busted the door down.png
File:S2e20 Dipper comes over.pngFile:S2e20 Dipper crying.pngFile:S2e20 Dipper grabs Mabel.png
File:S2e20 Dipper grabs Stan's hand.pngFile:S2e20 Dipper in his spot.pngFile:S2e20 Dipper looks at Mabel.png
File:S2e20 Dipper looks good in Wendy's hat.pngFile:S2e20 Dipper looks scared of Grenda.pngFile:S2e20 Dipper looks the most excited.png
File:S2e20 Dipper looks up.pngFile:S2e20 Dipper motions them in.pngFile:S2e20 Dipper now!.png
File:S2e20 Dipper points to scrapbook.pngFile:S2e20 Dipper points to the pentagram.pngFile:S2e20 Dipper shocked.png
File:S2e20 Dipper the pine tree.pngFile:S2e20 Dipper with the bobblehead.pngFile:S2e20 Dippers 3 and 4.png
File:S2e20 Do you really have to go.pngFile:S2e20 Dreams aren't fake.pngFile:S2e20 Durland frozen.png
File:S2e20 Fading gold status.pngFile:S2e20 Fearamid and the floating cliffs.pngFile:S2e20 Fearamid breaks down.png
File:S2e20 Fearamid collapsing.pngFile:S2e20 Fearamid tunnel.pngFile:S2e20 Fist Bump.png
File:S2e20 Ford's drink.pngFile:S2e20 Ford's stuck.pngFile:S2e20 Ford Shake.png
File:S2e20 Ford and I couldn't stop Bill.pngFile:S2e20 Ford caused all of this.pngFile:S2e20 Ford chained.png
File:S2e20 Ford cleared his mind well.pngFile:S2e20 Ford explains.pngFile:S2e20 Ford gold again.png
File:S2e20 Ford hand turkey.pngFile:S2e20 Ford hugs Stan.pngFile:S2e20 Ford in Bill's eye.png
File:S2e20 Ford in the spotlight.pngFile:S2e20 Ford kneels by Stan.pngFile:S2e20 Ford looks ready to cry.png
File:S2e20 Ford lost.pngFile:S2e20 Ford lowered.pngFile:S2e20 Ford puppy dog eyes.png
File:S2e20 Ford revealed.pngFile:S2e20 Ford sad.pngFile:S2e20 Ford smoking in the PG way.png
File:S2e20 Ford talking.pngFile:S2e20 Ford to other residents.pngFile:S2e20 Ford wincing.png
File:S2e20 Ford won't give in.pngFile:S2e20 Fordy Lordy.pngFile:S2e20 Gideon and minions.png
File:S2e20 Gideon as a normal kid.pngFile:S2e20 Gideon dance 1.pngFile:S2e20 Gideon is back.png
File:S2e20 Gideon walking up to Mabel.pngFile:S2e20 Gobblewonker at the ready.pngFile:S2e20 Gobblewonker eats eye bat.png
File:S2e20 Gobblewonker head leaning back.pngFile:S2e20 Gobblewonker head upright.pngFile:S2e20 Gompers roar.png
File:S2e20 Gompers the master of the wastelands.pngFile:S2e20 Gravity Falls sign.pngFile:S2e20 Greasy's Diner.png
File:S2e20 Grenda going for a ride.pngFile:S2e20 Grenda manotaur and Rumble.pngFile:S2e20 Grenda punch.png
File:S2e20 Grenda smash.pngFile:S2e20 Grenda time.pngFile:S2e20 Grunkle Stan!.png
File:S2e20 Grunklier than usual.pngFile:S2e20 Hectorgon full view.pngFile:S2e20 Hectorgon going.png
File:S2e20 I'll give you anything.pngFile:S2e20 I'm detecting new anomalies.pngFile:S2e20 I'm sorry.png
File:S2e20 I've tried forgetting.pngFile:S2e20 I declare you technically teenagers.pngFile:S2e20 I do a good impression.png
File:S2e20 I guarantee a party.pngFile:S2e20 I have everything I wanted.pngFile:S2e20 I just fixed that door.png
File:S2e20 I know that hurts.pngFile:S2e20 I need your help.pngFile:S2e20 I see everything.png
File:S2e20 I surrender.pngFile:S2e20 I think I have a plan.pngFile:S2e20 I think it's working.png
File:S2e20 I thought I lost you.pngFile:S2e20 I watch a lot of anime.pngFile:S2e20 I will.png
File:S2e20 It's Cold Out, I Had To.pngFile:S2e20 It's Like 80-Something Degrees.pngFile:S2e20 It's Time To Grow Up.png
File:S2e20 Jeff objects.pngFile:S2e20 Journal 2.pngFile:S2e20 Key.jpg
File:S2e20 Keyhole land.pngFile:S2e20 Keyhole sucked in.pngFile:S2e20 Kryptos jump.png
File:S2e20 Kryptos knocked back.pngFile:S2e20 Lil Gideon sign.pngFile:S2e20 Louis CK getting pulled.png
File:S2e20 Love Tree.pngFile:S2e20 Mabel Gideon Robbie chain.pngFile:S2e20 Mabel blocking too.png
File:S2e20 Mabel climbs on the Multibear.pngFile:S2e20 Mabel covering her mouth.pngFile:S2e20 Mabel crying.png
File:S2e20 Mabel destroys the memory eraser gun.pngFile:S2e20 Mabel gives Stan his fez.pngFile:S2e20 Mabel holding on.png
File:S2e20 Mabel in her spot.pngFile:S2e20 Mabel is clueless.pngFile:S2e20 Mabel knocked off the fez.png
File:S2e20 Mabel knows better.pngFile:S2e20 Mabel leads Stan inside.pngFile:S2e20 Mabel looks so serious.png
File:S2e20 Mabel perks down.pngFile:S2e20 Mabel pulling her hair.pngFile:S2e20 Mabel seems to agree now.png
File:S2e20 Mabel sees the scrapbook.pngFile:S2e20 Mabel squeezes in.pngFile:S2e20 Mabel stands up.png
File:S2e20 Mabel still in denial.pngFile:S2e20 Mabel the peacekeeper.pngFile:S2e20 Mabel with the fez.png
File:S2e20 Mabel won't give up.pngFile:S2e20 Mabels Side of Room.pngFile:S2e20 McGucket and Candy.png
File:S2e20 McGucket crazy face.pngFile:S2e20 McGucket decides to buy Northwest Manor.pngFile:S2e20 McGucket in a new location.png
File:S2e20 McGucket location goof.pngFile:S2e20 McGucket moves in.pngFile:S2e20 McGucket regrets nothing.png
File:S2e20 McGucket the miner.pngFile:S2e20 My brain isn't good for anything.pngFile:S2e20 Mystery Hack.png
File:S2e20 NOW.pngFile:S2e20 No Bills Allowed.pngFile:S2e20 No more evildoing.png
File:S2e20 Northwests' comeuppance.pngFile:S2e20 Octavia.pngFile:S2e20 One of us.png
File:S2e20 Outside the Fearamid.pngFile:S2e20 PA feedback.pngFile:S2e20 Paci-Fire and Pyronica.png
File:S2e20 Paci-Fire knocked back.pngFile:S2e20 Paci-Fire telekinesis.pngFile:S2e20 Pacifica's friends.png
File:S2e20 Pacifica's gifts for the twins.pngFile:S2e20 Pacifica's hands covered in scotch tape.pngFile:S2e20 Pacifica admits her parents are bad.png
File:S2e20 Pacifica in the middle.pngFile:S2e20 Pacifica llama sweater.pngFile:S2e20 Pacifica shivering.png
File:S2e20 Pacifica shocked.pngFile:S2e20 Pacifier glare.pngFile:S2e20 Pacifier glowing eyes.png
File:S2e20 Pines and Soos speechless.pngFile:S2e20 Pines twins.pngFile:S2e20 Pines twins in the throne room.png
File:S2e20 Planet Pyronica.pngFile:S2e20 Planet Teeth.pngFile:S2e20 Planet Tennis.png
File:S2e20 Planet Xanthar.pngFile:S2e20 Pony Fancy.pngFile:S2e20 Priscilla can't look.png
File:S2e20 Punch My Feelings Away.pngFile:S2e20 Pyronica Pacifier and Keyhole.pngFile:S2e20 Pyronica jump.png
File:S2e20 Pyronica land.pngFile:S2e20 Pyronica leads.pngFile:S2e20 Read It The Next Time You Miss Gravity Falls.png
File:S2e20 Rest of the residents out 1.pngFile:S2e20 Rules.pngFile:S2e20 Rumble is real.png
File:S2e20 Rumble jump.pngFile:S2e20 Rumble still can't stay still.pngFile:S2e20 Rumble still posing.png
File:S2e20 Rumble still real.pngFile:S2e20 Rumble strike.pngFile:S2e20 Rumble strike 2.png
File:S2e20 Rumble thumbs up.pngFile:S2e20 SAILOR SUIT.pngFile:S2e20 Sevral joggers.png
File:S2e20 Shack under a tarp.pngFile:S2e20 Shacktron at the ready.pngFile:S2e20 Shacktron battle pose.png
File:S2e20 Shacktron beware.pngFile:S2e20 Shacktron bring it on.pngFile:S2e20 Shacktron curled inwards.png
File:S2e20 Shacktron dino punch.pngFile:S2e20 Shacktron dudes.pngFile:S2e20 Shacktron full view.png
File:S2e20 Shacktron in pieces.pngFile:S2e20 Shacktron nailed it pose.pngFile:S2e20 Shacktron off the ground.png
File:S2e20 Shacktron pushed back.pngFile:S2e20 Shacktron stretch forward.pngFile:S2e20 Shacktron surrounded.png
File:S2e20 Shacktron top.pngFile:S2e20 Shacktron wide stance.pngFile:S2e20 Shandra in the spotlight.png
File:S2e20 Shandra still reporting.pngFile:S2e20 Shmebulock.pngFile:S2e20 Shmebulock is eaten.png
File:S2e20 Shmebulock scampers off.pngFile:S2e20 Shmebulock scared.pngFile:S2e20 Something Weird 2 15
File:S2e20 Soos Wendy Mabel and Dipper.pngFile:S2e20 Soos and Ford share a look.pngFile:S2e20 Soos crying at stans memory loss.png
File:S2e20 Soos gives great pep talks.pngFile:S2e20 Soos glomp hug.pngFile:S2e20 Soos hands on hips.png
File:S2e20 Soos has a question.pngFile:S2e20 Soos in tears.pngFile:S2e20 Soos is disappointed.png
File:S2e20 Soos looks over.pngFile:S2e20 Soos realizes his dream.pngFile:S2e20 Soos shocked.png
File:S2e20 Soos speechless.pngFile:S2e20 Soos steps into place.pngFile:S2e20 Soos still sad.png
File:S2e20 Soos tiger sweater.pngFile:S2e20 Soos turned away.pngFile:S2e20 Sprott shooing eye bats.png
File:S2e20 Stan's not himself.pngFile:S2e20 Stan Defeats Bill.pngFile:S2e20 Stan and Ford.png
File:S2e20 Stan and Mabel.pngFile:S2e20 Stan and his fist.pngFile:S2e20 Stan arms open.png
File:S2e20 Stan bobblehead.pngFile:S2e20 Stan comfy.pngFile:S2e20 Stan continues to explain.png
File:S2e20 Stan did it.pngFile:S2e20 Stan engulfed by flames.pngFile:S2e20 Stan gives his hat to Soos.png
File:S2e20 Stan grappling hook.pngFile:S2e20 Stan has no idea.pngFile:S2e20 Stan in the woods.png
File:S2e20 Stan is gone.pngFile:S2e20 Stan is mad.pngFile:S2e20 Stan is not enjoying this.png
File:S2e20 Stan isn't sold.pngFile:S2e20 Stan looking at Jeff.pngFile:S2e20 Stan looks around.png
File:S2e20 Stan looks for the culprit.pngFile:S2e20 Stan looks like a bad infomercial.pngFile:S2e20 Stan looks like a lost kid.png
File:S2e20 Stan lounging.pngFile:S2e20 Stan ready to punch.pngFile:S2e20 Stan reveals the truth.png
File:S2e20 Stan satisfied.pngFile:S2e20 Stan sees Soos.pngFile:S2e20 Stan shocked.png
File:S2e20 Stan sits back down.pngFile:S2e20 Stan smiling at the picture.pngFile:S2e20 Stan stands up.png
File:S2e20 Stan still beyond confused.pngFile:S2e20 Stan still dazed.pngFile:S2e20 Stan still looking around.png
File:S2e20 Stan still out.pngFile:S2e20 Stan still unhappy.pngFile:S2e20 Stan sulking in a corner.png
File:S2e20 Stan takes a look at the blueprints.pngFile:S2e20 Stan thinks Ford deserves it.pngFile:S2e20 Stan trapped in his mind.png
File:S2e20 Stan waking up.pngFile:S2e20 Stans talking behind shack.pngFile:S2e20 Super Fan Alert
File:S2e20 TV turns on.pngFile:S2e20 Take Back the Falls - TeaserFile:S2e20 Take Back the Falls - Trailer
File:S2e20 Teeth attacking.pngFile:S2e20 Teeth does not want to be eaten.pngFile:S2e20 Teeth on fire.png
File:S2e20 Teeth standing around.pngFile:S2e20 Thank You Grunkle Stan.pngFile:S2e20 Thanks For Being My People.png
File:S2e20 The end.pngFile:S2e20 The mortals are trying to fight back, adorable.pngFile:S2e20 The twins have won.jpg
File:S2e20 The twins have won.pngFile:S2e20 This is freaky.pngFile:S2e20 Three More Days promo.jpg
File:S2e20 Time for noogies.pngFile:S2e20 Toby goof.pngFile:S2e20 Tomorrow promo.png
File:S2e20 Trembley on a horse.pngFile:S2e20 Unfrozen Ford.pngFile:S2e20 WHAT!.png
File:S2e20 Waddles agrees with Mabel.pngFile:S2e20 Waddles and Gompers.pngFile:S2e20 Waddles don't go.png
File:S2e20 Waddles face lick.pngFile:S2e20 Waddles face lick closeup.pngFile:S2e20 Waddles helping too.png
File:S2e20 Waddles holding bar.pngFile:S2e20 Waddles lying down.pngFile:S2e20 Waddles popped the bubble.png
File:S2e20 Waddles sitting and looking.pngFile:S2e20 Waddles sneak attack.pngFile:S2e20 Waddles wants in.png
File:S2e20 Waddles waves goodbye.pngFile:S2e20 Wait!.pngFile:S2e20 Weirdmageddon has taught.png
File:S2e20 Wendy's friends frozen.pngFile:S2e20 Wendy Fist Bump.pngFile:S2e20 Wendy Gives Dipper A Card.png
File:S2e20 Wendy Takes Dipper's Hat.pngFile:S2e20 Wendy Tries On Dipper's Hat.pngFile:S2e20 Wendy Walk By.png
File:S2e20 Wendy glomp hug.pngFile:S2e20 Wendy goof.pngFile:S2e20 Wendy land.png
File:S2e20 Wendy leap 1.pngFile:S2e20 Wendy leap 2.png
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