File:S2e1 Trembley in the Background full.pngFile:S2e1 USEXEMPT.pngFile:S2e1 Waddles afraid.png
File:S2e1 a REAL reporter.pngFile:S2e1 action girl mabel.pngFile:S2e1 adorable pines fam.png
File:S2e1 agent powers.pngFile:S2e1 agent powers and trigger.pngFile:S2e1 agent powers is alive.png
File:S2e1 agent trigger in shock.pngFile:S2e1 airquotes.pngFile:S2e1 all that contraband.png
File:S2e1 are you serious dipper.pngFile:S2e1 at odds with stan.pngFile:S2e1 attacked.png
File:S2e1 background art sean jimenez 01.pngFile:S2e1 background art sean jimenez 02.pngFile:S2e1 background art sean jimenez 03.png
File:S2e1 background art sean jimenez 04.pngFile:S2e1 background art sean jimenez 05.pngFile:S2e1 background art sean jimenez 06.png
File:S2e1 barring gift shop.pngFile:S2e1 being badazz by daylight.pngFile:S2e1 best fam.png
File:S2e1 blank.pngFile:S2e1 bloody book cover.pngFile:S2e1 blue lit town.png
File:S2e1 boo harder.pngFile:S2e1 boombox sweater.gifFile:S2e1 brass knuckles.png
File:S2e1 can't sleep.pngFile:S2e1 candy pack.pngFile:S2e1 caught.png
File:S2e1 chillax bro.pngFile:S2e1 chris houghton storyboards.pngFile:S2e1 clean up nice gorney.png
File:S2e1 confetti.pngFile:S2e1 confetti canon and waddles.pngFile:S2e1 confetti canon go!.png
File:S2e1 confiscated for evidence.pngFile:S2e1 confused zoms.pngFile:S2e1 contact us.png
File:S2e1 contraband.pngFile:S2e1 crime scene in my mouth.pngFile:S2e1 crowd leaving.png
File:S2e1 cutey tubby.pngFile:S2e1 dancing crowd.pngFile:S2e1 dancing teens.png
File:S2e1 danger lane to highway town.pngFile:S2e1 dark shack.pngFile:S2e1 diagram.png
File:S2e1 dip and mabe.pngFile:S2e1 dip unhappy.pngFile:S2e1 dipper grabbed.png
File:S2e1 dipper will not be deterred.pngFile:S2e1 dippers getting obsessed.pngFile:S2e1 dippers grounded.png
File:S2e1 disintegrating skull.pngFile:S2e1 distracted.pngFile:S2e1 doomed.png
File:S2e1 earth.pngFile:S2e1 eat it zombies.pngFile:S2e1 eh i already sat down.png
File:S2e1 end credits cryptogram.pngFile:S2e1 ew.pngFile:S2e1 fam gathered round.png
File:S2e1 fighting evil by moonlight.pngFile:S2e1 friendly portal.pngFile:S2e1 gleeful stan.png
File:S2e1 glowing materials.pngFile:S2e1 gnomes.pngFile:S2e1 gold chains for old men.png
File:S2e1 gov agency.pngFile:S2e1 gov readings.pngFile:S2e1 gove headquarters.png
File:S2e1 grand reopening.pngFile:S2e1 gravity falls on map.pngFile:S2e1 grunk.png
File:S2e1 he is the one named.pngFile:S2e1 helmet.pngFile:S2e1 help my sister has strabismus.png
File:S2e1 hide behind.pngFile:S2e1 hiding spot.pngFile:S2e1 hole in wall.png
File:S2e1 holy mackerel.pngFile:S2e1 honk if u wanna be arrested.pngFile:S2e1 hunkle stan.png
File:S2e1 hunky stan.pngFile:S2e1 i'll do anything for your approval.pngFile:S2e1 i'm not an idiot.png
File:S2e1 inside mystery shack.pngFile:S2e1 inside mystery shack 3.pngFile:S2e1 inside mystery shack 4.png
File:S2e1 into it.pngFile:S2e1 invading zoms.pngFile:S2e1 investigation
File:S2e1 invisible ink.pngFile:S2e1 invisible ink close.pngFile:S2e1 is three part harmony.png
File:S2e1 it says don't read aloud dipper.pngFile:S2e1 ive got my favorite dress on.pngFile:S2e1 jeffery thompson production art 01.jpg
File:S2e1 jeffery thompson production art 02.jpgFile:S2e1 jeffery thompson production art 03.jpgFile:S2e1 jeffery thompson production art 04.jpg
File:S2e1 jeffery thompson production art 05.jpgFile:S2e1 jeffery thompson production art 06.jpgFile:S2e1 jeffery thompson production art 07.jpg
File:S2e1 jeffery thompson production art 08.jpgFile:S2e1 jeffery thompson production art 09.jpgFile:S2e1 jeffery thompson production art 10.jpg
File:S2e1 journal scan 1.pngFile:S2e1 journal scan 2.pngFile:S2e1 journals.png
File:S2e1 just between u and me.pngFile:S2e1 karaoke songs.pngFile:S2e1 kegs of MEAT.png
File:S2e1 lee lookin high.pngFile:S2e1 lepcracorn.pngFile:S2e1 lets get ready to party.png
File:S2e1 lil gideon in the big house.pngFile:S2e1 listen u guys.pngFile:S2e1 listen up peeps.png
File:S2e1 long way to go.pngFile:S2e1 lord mystery ham.pngFile:S2e1 love patrol alpha.png
File:S2e1 lying for your own good.pngFile:S2e1 mabel and stan duet.pngFile:S2e1 mabelwakingup.png
File:S2e1 mostly thanks to these guys.pngFile:S2e1 musical sweater.pngFile:S2e1 mystery board.png
File:S2e1 mystery board 2.pngFile:S2e1 mystery cart.pngFile:S2e1 mystery hack.png
File:S2e1 mystery shack day.pngFile:S2e1 nametag goof.pngFile:S2e1 nervous.png
File:S2e1 never running from a real fight.pngFile:S2e1 no dipper.pngFile:S2e1 nonsense and fruit bats.png
File:S2e1 old peeps.pngFile:S2e1 one good eye one good pie.pngFile:S2e1 pacing.png
File:S2e1 party hat over a hat.pngFile:S2e1 party invite.pngFile:S2e1 party peeps.png
File:S2e1 passion mabel.pngFile:S2e1 photocopied pages.pngFile:S2e1 poolcheck.png
File:S2e1 portal scan.pngFile:S2e1 powers business card.pngFile:S2e1 powers dragged away.png
File:S2e1 previewFile:S2e1 quite a mess.pngFile:S2e1 rappers rap.png
File:S2e1 rare photos of american presidents.pngFile:S2e1 ripping off ears.pngFile:S2e1 rotting flesh.png
File:S2e1 rounding corner dipper.pngFile:S2e1 rounding corner mabel.pngFile:S2e1 ruined party.png
File:S2e1 scanning portal.pngFile:S2e1 scrabbling zombies.pngFile:S2e1 scream.png
File:S2e1 screaming.pngFile:S2e1 screaming mabel.pngFile:S2e1 screen.png
File:S2e1 seeing some yay faces.pngFile:S2e1 send all.pngFile:S2e1 setting up.png
File:S2e1 shaking earth.pngFile:S2e1 sheepish wendy.pngFile:S2e1 shiny cover.png
File:S2e1 shoulda worn pants.pngFile:S2e1 slap that rump.pngFile:S2e1 sleep dipper.png
File:S2e1 sleeping twins.pngFile:S2e1 sleeping wendy.pngFile:S2e1 smell of gideon is finally gone.png
File:S2e1 soos.pngFile:S2e1 soos zombie production art.pngFile:S2e1 sorry doodz.png
File:S2e1 stan's bedroom.pngFile:S2e1 stan's posh painting.pngFile:S2e1 stan's stash.png
File:S2e1 stan and dip disbelief.pngFile:S2e1 stan bobble.pngFile:S2e1 stan head pinatas.png
File:S2e1 stan pleased.pngFile:S2e1 stan retreats.pngFile:S2e1 stan squint.png
File:S2e1 stan waking up.pngFile:S2e1 stans desk.pngFile:S2e1 stomach faced duck.png
File:S2e1 stomp on zombie skull.pngFile:S2e1 sure grunkle stan.pngFile:S2e1 swag.png
File:S2e1 sweet light show.pngFile:S2e1 t8king over midnight by &ndra.pngFile:S2e1 taking over midnight screen.png
File:S2e1 taking over midnight screen 2.pngFile:S2e1 tambry sends craziest texts.pngFile:S2e1 teens incoming.png
File:S2e1 the most adorable family ever.pngFile:S2e1 these brains are delicious.pngFile:S2e1 this is terrifying.png
File:S2e1 this was on disney channel.pngFile:S2e1 to the attic.pngFile:S2e1 tourists.png
File:S2e1 town map.pngFile:S2e1 trigger dragged away.pngFile:S2e1 twins photo.png
File:S2e1 uh mystery cart....pngFile:S2e1 uhoh.pngFile:S2e1 undead page.png
File:S2e1 very boring paperwork.pngFile:S2e1 wait whats that.pngFile:S2e1 water tower.png
File:S2e1 we're all gonna die.pngFile:S2e1 we built this township on rock and roll.pngFile:S2e1 welcome to your dreams.png
File:S2e1 wenddddy.pngFile:S2e1 wendy takes charge.pngFile:S2e1 worried.png
File:S2e1 you saw nothing.pngFile:S2e1 your cameras a cinderblock.pngFile:S2e1 your struggling is just making us look more awesome.png
File:S2e1 zom soos.pngFile:S2e1 zombie.pngFile:S2e1 zombie disco.png
File:S2e1 zombie disco production art.pngFile:S2e1 zombie gift shop.pngFile:S2e1 zombie group production art.png
File:S2e1 zombie head production art.pngFile:S2e1 zombie pop.pngFile:S2e1 zombie slime.png
File:S2e1 zombie weakness.pngFile:S2e1 zombies.pngFile:S2e1 zombies closing in.png
File:S2e1 zombies incoming.pngFile:S2e1 zombies stopped.pngFile:S2e20 100 points.png
File:S2e20 13th birthday cake.pngFile:S2e20 30 years later.pngFile:S2e20 618.png
File:S2e20 8 Ball concerned face.pngFile:S2e20 8 Ball hit by eye bat.pngFile:S2e20 8 Ball stone face.png
File:S2e20 8 Ball with punch.pngFile:S2e20 AM radio told me so.pngFile:S2e20 ATTACK.png
File:S2e20 Abuelita moves in.pngFile:S2e20 After Fist Bump.pngFile:S2e20 All Hug.png
File:S2e20 All Laugh.pngFile:S2e20 All Together.pngFile:S2e20 All in fear.png
File:S2e20 America guy.pngFile:S2e20 At the top.pngFile:S2e20 Bill'll meet Ford again.png
File:S2e20 Bill's angry.pngFile:S2e20 Bill's back.pngFile:S2e20 Bill's makeover.png
File:S2e20 Bill's plan.pngFile:S2e20 Bill's stuck.pngFile:S2e20 BillFinaleCutoff.gif
File:S2e20 Bill Earth.pngFile:S2e20 Bill approach Shacktron.pngFile:S2e20 Bill approach Shacktron 2.png
File:S2e20 Bill arms crossed.pngFile:S2e20 Bill blue cracking.pngFile:S2e20 Bill broke it.png
File:S2e20 Bill demon form.pngFile:S2e20 Bill drawing.pngFile:S2e20 Bill drinks.png
File:S2e20 Bill dying 1.gifFile:S2e20 Bill dying 2.gifFile:S2e20 Bill dying 3.gif
File:S2e20 Bill excited.pngFile:S2e20 Bill eye zap.pngFile:S2e20 Bill fits perfectly.png
File:S2e20 Bill flies.pngFile:S2e20 Bill float.pngFile:S2e20 Bill found his weakness.png
File:S2e20 Bill freaking out.pngFile:S2e20 Bill giant fist.pngFile:S2e20 Bill gone.png
File:S2e20 Bill has an idea.pngFile:S2e20 Bill has the twins.pngFile:S2e20 Bill in Ford's face.png
File:S2e20 Bill in his mind.pngFile:S2e20 Bill in his throne.pngFile:S2e20 Bill in the pupil.png
File:S2e20 Bill is unamused.pngFile:S2e20 Bill just wants a fist bump.pngFile:S2e20 Bill knuckle crack 1.png
File:S2e20 Bill knuckle crack 2.pngFile:S2e20 Bill laughing.pngFile:S2e20 Bill massive fist.png
File:S2e20 Bill massive fist 2.pngFile:S2e20 Bill melted.pngFile:S2e20 Bill orange cracking.png
File:S2e20 Bill panics.pngFile:S2e20 Bill pink cracking.pngFile:S2e20 Bill punching bag.png
File:S2e20 Bill punching tree.pngFile:S2e20 Bill ready to rally.pngFile:S2e20 Bill realizes the trick.png
File:S2e20 Bill red eye closeup.pngFile:S2e20 Bill separated.pngFile:S2e20 Bill smudge.png
File:S2e20 Bill solid black.pngFile:S2e20 Bill solid black 2.pngFile:S2e20 Bill spider limbs.png
File:S2e20 Bill statue.pngFile:S2e20 Bill still calm.pngFile:S2e20 Bill still looks normal.png
File:S2e20 Bill still pleading.pngFile:S2e20 Bill thinking face.pngFile:S2e20 Bill trapped by flames.png
File:S2e20 Bill turn around 1.pngFile:S2e20 Bill turn around 2.pngFile:S2e20 Bill turn around 3.png
File:S2e20 Bill turn around 4.pngFile:S2e20 Bill turn around 5.pngFile:S2e20 Bill turn around 6.png
File:S2e20 Bill turned.pngFile:S2e20 Bill turns to stone.pngFile:S2e20 Bill vs the Shack.png
File:S2e20 Bill wants us to be afraid.pngFile:S2e20 Bill watching the fight.pngFile:S2e20 Bill yellow shattering.png
File:S2e20 Bill yellow shattering 3.pngFile:S2e20 Bill yellow shattering 4.pngFile:S2e20 Bill yellow white outline.png
File:S2e20 Bill yellow white outline 2.pngFile:S2e20 Bill zoom out.pngFile:S2e20 Bills penthouse.png
File:S2e20 Bills penthouse2.pngFile:S2e20 Blubbs and Durland with canon.pngFile:S2e20 Busting your pants.png
File:S2e20 But Not Too Much.pngFile:S2e20 Can It Soos.pngFile:S2e20 Candy punch.png
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