File:S2e19 Beta Paci-Fire, Beta Lava Lamp Guy and Beta 8 Ball.pngFile:S2e19 Beta Paci-Fire, the teacher.pngFile:S2e19 Beta Paci-Fire expalins.png
File:S2e19 Beta Paci-Fire knows why.pngFile:S2e19 Beta Paci-Fire takes off his pacifier.pngFile:S2e19 Bone Coat1.png
File:S2e19 Bone Coat2.pngFile:S2e19 Bone Coat3.pngFile:S2e19 Bone Coat4.png
File:S2e19 Bubble bursting 1.pngFile:S2e19 Bubble close up.jpgFile:S2e19 Burst your bubble.png
File:S2e19 Castle animals.pngFile:S2e19 Childlike wonder.pngFile:S2e19 City limit yarn field.png
File:S2e19 Demonichus.pngFile:S2e19 Dipper's bag of valentines.pngFile:S2e19 Dipper and Wendy can't breathe.png
File:S2e19 Dipper falling scream.pngFile:S2e19 Dipper leaving his desk.pngFile:S2e19 Dipper mumbling.png
File:S2e19 Dipper not happy.pngFile:S2e19 Dipper takes the floor.pngFile:S2e19 Dippy Fresh.png
File:S2e19 Dippy dead.gifFile:S2e19 Dippy going in.pngFile:S2e19 Drink punched.png
File:S2e19 Emmy Cicierega promo art.jpgFile:S2e19 Escape From Reality - Epic MondayFile:S2e19 Escape From Reality - Preview
File:S2e19 Escape From Reality - Preview 2File:S2e19 Escape From Reality - TeaserFile:S2e19 Escape From Reality - Teaser 2
File:S2e19 Everyone get on.pngFile:S2e19 Fantasy vs. Reality.jpgFile:S2e19 Flavor pup.jpg
File:S2e19 Frozen human agony.pngFile:S2e19 Frozen human agony2.pngFile:S2e19 Frozen human agony3.png
File:S2e19 Frozen human agony4.pngFile:S2e19 HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA.pngFile:S2e19 Hey everyone.png
File:S2e19 Horrified brothers.pngFile:S2e19 How bright it's.pngFile:S2e19 Hug power.png
File:S2e19 Hug sign.pngFile:S2e19 I'm not cool.pngFile:S2e19 I'm not stylish.png
File:S2e19 I choose my witness.pngFile:S2e19 I don't have all the answers.pngFile:S2e19 I don't make the rules.jpg
File:S2e19 I hate him so much.jpgFile:S2e19 I haven't presented.pngFile:S2e19 It's been fun.png
File:S2e19 It hurts.pngFile:S2e19 Jury don't listen.pngFile:S2e19 Jury fall.png
File:S2e19 Lava Lamp Guy.pngFile:S2e19 Lava Lamp Shaped Creature Beta Design.pngFile:S2e19 Living in a lie.png
File:S2e19 Look inside Waddles.pngFile:S2e19 Mabel's bag of valentines.pngFile:S2e19 Mabel already won.png
File:S2e19 Mabel as a witness.pngFile:S2e19 Mabel clones burst.pngFile:S2e19 Mabel on the ground.png
File:S2e19 Mabel room.jpgFile:S2e19 Mabel runs away.pngFile:S2e19 Mabel setting rules.jpg
File:S2e19 Mabeland corrupting.pngFile:S2e19 Mabeland thunder.pngFile:S2e19 Manly Dan screams.png
File:S2e19 Matt Braly production art.pngFile:S2e19 Matt Braly promo art.pngFile:S2e19 Meow groans.png
File:S2e19 Needle as sword.pngFile:S2e19 Needle bursting.pngFile:S2e19 Party.png
File:S2e19 Partying Harder.pngFile:S2e19 Prison bubble entrance.jpgFile:S2e19 Reality Dipper loves.png
File:S2e19 Reign is over.pngFile:S2e19 Sibling and sibling.pngFile:S2e19 Soos holding mabel.jpg
File:S2e19 Sprott screams.pngFile:S2e19 Stuffed toys hugging.pngFile:S2e19 The photo day.png
File:S2e19 Three whoa.pngFile:S2e19 Throne.pngFile:S2e19 Toys dancing around Zack.png
File:S2e19 Upset Bill.pngFile:S2e19 Vaughn Tada production art 1.pngFile:S2e19 Vaughn Tada production art 2.png
File:S2e19 Waddles jump.pngFile:S2e19 Waddles runs.pngFile:S2e19 Waddles wake up.png
File:S2e19 Waffle eaten alive.pngFile:S2e19 Waffle punched.pngFile:S2e19 Waffles guarding.png
File:S2e19 We all wear a same headband.pngFile:S2e19 Weirdmageddon Pt 1.jpgFile:S2e19 XC crashing in.png
File:S2e19 Xyler and Craz pose.pngFile:S2e19 You're dust now!.pngFile:S2e19 You all good.png
File:S2e19 a lot harder.pngFile:S2e19 a million slap bracelets.pngFile:S2e19 a small tap.png
File:S2e19 a true dream.jpgFile:S2e19 adding Sprott.pngFile:S2e19 almost gets key hole.jpg
File:S2e19 always wanted to do that.jpgFile:S2e19 as some sick trap.pngFile:S2e19 banishment.jpg
File:S2e19 banishment 2.jpgFile:S2e19 bill funny.jpgFile:S2e19 bill gang hurt.jpg
File:S2e19 bill has taken over the town.pngFile:S2e19 bogus reality.jpgFile:S2e19 bully laughs.png
File:S2e19 cockroaches.jpgFile:S2e19 come on guys.jpgFile:S2e19 court house.jpg
File:S2e19 court house members.jpgFile:S2e19 craz close up.jpgFile:S2e19 dad.jpg
File:S2e19 demon ouch.pngFile:S2e19 dipper and crew barge in.jpgFile:S2e19 dipper calling for mabel.png
File:S2e19 dippy 1.jpgFile:S2e19 dippy 2.jpgFile:S2e19 dippy true form.jpg
File:S2e19 do we have a choice.pngFile:S2e19 do you even have a case.pngFile:S2e19 do you see what's happening here.png
File:S2e19 drop it like a boss.jpgFile:S2e19 ducktective vs soos.jpgFile:S2e19 eggbert class room.jpg
File:S2e19 end credit cryptogram.pngFile:S2e19 end page.pngFile:S2e19 everyone laughing.png
File:S2e19 evil monsters attack.jpgFile:S2e19 fake Wendy falls apart.pngFile:S2e19 fall.png
File:S2e19 false wendy.jpgFile:S2e19 file 7.pngFile:S2e19 flippant Judge.png
File:S2e19 flying off.pngFile:S2e19 full room.jpgFile:S2e19 getting ready.png
File:S2e19 getting use to taking over.pngFile:S2e19 gideon rises.jpgFile:S2e19 giggle creek.jpg
File:S2e19 go back.pngFile:S2e19 grapling hook.jpgFile:S2e19 gross.jpg
File:S2e19 ground shattering.pngFile:S2e19 gulity.jpgFile:S2e19 gum stuck.png
File:S2e19 has only one hope.pngFile:S2e19 hey dipper.jpgFile:S2e19 hey everyone.png
File:S2e19 high five dippy.jpgFile:S2e19 holding down door.jpgFile:S2e19 holding use in gravity falls.jpg
File:S2e19 how do you like my pigtails.pngFile:S2e19 how is this possible.jpgFile:S2e19 i wanna die hugging.png
File:S2e19 if i die.pngFile:S2e19 illusion tree.jpgFile:S2e19 into the bunker.jpg
File:S2e19 it was him.jpgFile:S2e19 its you ford.jpgFile:S2e19 joining the others.png
File:S2e19 jon stuwart at his best.jpgFile:S2e19 journal page 1.jpgFile:S2e19 journal page 10.jpg
File:S2e19 journal page 11.jpgFile:S2e19 journal page 12.jpgFile:S2e19 journal page 13.jpg
File:S2e19 journal page 14.jpgFile:S2e19 journal page 15.jpgFile:S2e19 journal page 2.jpg
File:S2e19 journal page 3.jpgFile:S2e19 journal page 4.jpgFile:S2e19 journal page 5.jpg
File:S2e19 journal page 6.jpgFile:S2e19 journal page 7.jpgFile:S2e19 journal page 8.jpg
File:S2e19 journal page 9.jpgFile:S2e19 just the beginning.pngFile:S2e19 keyhole close up.jpg
File:S2e19 kids what are you doing here.jpgFile:S2e19 knocked over bin.pngFile:S2e19 ladies of the court.jpg
File:S2e19 lazy susan wakes.pngFile:S2e19 leaving the Fearamid.pngFile:S2e19 lee close up.jpg
File:S2e19 lets do this.jpgFile:S2e19 lets fight soos.jpgFile:S2e19 listen.png
File:S2e19 listen creepy dream guys.pngFile:S2e19 mabel's bubble exterior.pngFile:S2e19 mabel's memories.jpg
File:S2e19 mabel jury.jpgFile:S2e19 mabel playing with the gang.jpgFile:S2e19 mabeland.png
File:S2e19 mabeland beach.pngFile:S2e19 mabeland is the ultimate paradise.pngFile:S2e19 mables licking ice cream.jpg
File:S2e19 mailbox.pngFile:S2e19 main street destroyed.jpgFile:S2e19 mayor mabel.jpg
File:S2e19 monster with 87 faces.jpgFile:S2e19 more party.pngFile:S2e19 most diabolical trap i've ever created.png
File:S2e19 nate close up.jpgFile:S2e19 no pug sundaes.pngFile:S2e19 nooooo!.png
File:S2e19 normal day?.pngFile:S2e19 oh, that's normal.pngFile:S2e19 oh no dolls.jpg
File:S2e19 only bees and art students can see.pngFile:S2e19 or not.pngFile:S2e19 our home girl mabel lives at our next stop.png
File:S2e19 our new dimension.pngFile:S2e19 out of this dippy.jpgFile:S2e19 past episode sweaters.jpg
File:S2e19 photo day.jpgFile:S2e19 picking the next memory.pngFile:S2e19 pig stop.jpg
File:S2e19 pink cat.pngFile:S2e19 pink cat appears.jpgFile:S2e19 pink cat true form gross.jpg
File:S2e19 poor ford.jpgFile:S2e19 pretty much stuck.pngFile:S2e19 prison bubble btter view.jpg
File:S2e19 probably what bill wants.pngFile:S2e19 production art 1.jpgFile:S2e19 production art 2.jpg
File:S2e19 production art 3.jpgFile:S2e19 production art 4.jpgFile:S2e19 pudding inside.jpg
File:S2e19 ready for a verdict.pngFile:S2e19 running away.jpgFile:S2e19 servants at the beach.jpg
File:S2e19 shimmery twinkleheart.pngFile:S2e19 shoudn't have done that dipper.jpgFile:S2e19 show the world weirdness.png
File:S2e19 sincere sibling hug.pngFile:S2e19 sockopera.jpgFile:S2e19 something I miss.jpg
File:S2e19 soos choking dipper.pngFile:S2e19 soos fake dad 1.jpgFile:S2e19 soos fake dad 2.jpg
File:S2e19 sprinkles from mabel shorts.jpgFile:S2e19 squirrel.pngFile:S2e19 stacking humans.png
File:S2e19 stan the resistance chef.jpgFile:S2e19 stuffed animal tree.jpgFile:S2e19 summerween.jpg
File:S2e19 taking Sprott back.pngFile:S2e19 that creature with like...87 different faces.pngFile:S2e19 that glitter rain is probably ground-up bones or babies or something.png
File:S2e19 that punch is probably blood.pngFile:S2e19 the best solution.jpgFile:S2e19 the end is nigh.jpg
File:S2e19 the gang is safe.jpgFile:S2e19 the greatest case.jpgFile:S2e19 the shack is safe.jpg
File:S2e19 there she is.pngFile:S2e19 this is a rescue.pngFile:S2e19 this is worse than the apocalypse.png
File:S2e19 this place hurts my eyes.pngFile:S2e19 this world was created by bill.pngFile:S2e19 time to take our chaos worldwide.png
File:S2e19 top of castle.jpgFile:S2e19 top view.jpgFile:S2e19 touchy subject.png
File:S2e19 tower full view.jpgFile:S2e19 town knows what you want.jpgFile:S2e19 transported to the past.png
File:S2e19 true mabeland.jpgFile:S2e19 true mabeland overview.jpgFile:S2e19 trying not to cry.png
File:S2e19 turned to stone.pngFile:S2e19 twins watching.pngFile:S2e19 uh guys.jpg
File:S2e19 vs the future.jpgFile:S2e19 wacthing you.jpgFile:S2e19 waddles attacks.jpg
File:S2e19 walk it off.pngFile:S2e19 walking in the court room.jpgFile:S2e19 we need to grab mabel.png
File:S2e19 weirdmageddon day 4.pngFile:S2e19 welcome to mabeland.pngFile:S2e19 wendy friends.jpg
File:S2e19 wendy friends close up.jpgFile:S2e19 what about my case.pngFile:S2e19 what do I do dipper.jpg
File:S2e19 what is this new world.pngFile:S2e19 who wants to go on the grand tour.pngFile:S2e19 why doesn't this work.jpg
File:S2e19 yarn land.jpgFile:S2e19 yes definitely absolutely.pngFile:S2e19 young dip.png
File:S2e19 young dipper and mabel.jpgFile:S2e1 6 fingered glove.pngFile:S2e1 AUGH.png
File:S2e1 AgentPowers.pngFile:S2e1 Cryptic image.pngFile:S2e1 Disney Channel night of premieres promo
File:S2e1 Government Vehicle.pngFile:S2e1 Gravity Falls Season 2 Dipper and Mabel's room in the portal light.pngFile:S2e1 Luke Weber zombies production art 01.png
File:S2e1 Luke Weber zombies production art 02.pngFile:S2e1 Luke Weber zombies production art 03.pngFile:S2e1 Luke Weber zombies production art 04.png
File:S2e1 Luke Weber zombies production art 05.pngFile:S2e1 Luke Weber zombies production art 06.pngFile:S2e1 Luke Weber zombies production art 07.png
File:S2e1 Luke Weber zombies production art 08.pngFile:S2e1 Luke Weber zombies production art 09.pngFile:S2e1 Luke Weber zombies production art 10.png
File:S2e1 Mysterious Sattelite.pngFile:S2e1 Mystery Shack being mysterious.pngFile:S2e1 NOW.png
File:S2e1 PINES PINES PINES PINES.pngFile:S2e1 Sabrina Cotugno promoimage.pngFile:S2e1 Sarah Craig promo art.png
File:S2e1 Scaryoke.pngFile:S2e1 Stan's room.pngFile:S2e1 Stan hat goof.png
File:S2e1 Stan portal otp.png
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