File:S2e16 Jerk Dipper.jpgFile:S2e16 Mabel sweater.jpgFile:S2e16 Mummy town 1.png
File:S2e16 No Wendy.pngFile:S2e16 Not So Smooth.pngFile:S2e16 Not intrested.png
File:S2e16 On the Road to the Shack.pngFile:S2e16 Pamphlet inside.pngFile:S2e16 Prank1.png
File:S2e16 Prank2.pngFile:S2e16 Prank3.pngFile:S2e16 Prank4.png
File:S2e16 Robertryan Cory art 1.jpgFile:S2e16 Robertryan Cory art 2.jpgFile:S2e16 Robertryan Cory art 3.jpg
File:S2e16 The Prank.pngFile:S2e16 Trambience.pngFile:S2e16 Upset Candy.png
File:S2e16 Using confidence for good.pngFile:S2e16 Vin key.jpgFile:S2e16 You Stink color goof.png
File:S2e16 a great day.pngFile:S2e16 about to scream.pngFile:S2e16 alex cameo.png
File:S2e16 angry girls.pngFile:S2e16 awk.pngFile:S2e16 bill cameo.jpg
File:S2e16 black hearted perpriator.pngFile:S2e16 candy and grenda.pngFile:S2e16 candy blush.png
File:S2e16 candy glares.pngFile:S2e16 chances.pngFile:S2e16 confident dipper.png
File:S2e16 confused soos.pngFile:S2e16 corn maze girl.pngFile:S2e16 corn weevils.png
File:S2e16 coyotes.pngFile:S2e16 creepy candy.pngFile:S2e16 cryptogram.jpg
File:S2e16 darlene ponders.pngFile:S2e16 darlene shrugs.pngFile:S2e16 darlene smiling.png
File:S2e16 dipper be flirting.pngFile:S2e16 dipper objects.pngFile:S2e16 dipper reading.png
File:S2e16 dipper upside down.pngFile:S2e16 do not touch.pngFile:S2e16 dog soos.png
File:S2e16 dont.pngFile:S2e16 dont forget bugspray.pngFile:S2e16 doomed.png
File:S2e16 dopper.pngFile:S2e16 dropped box.pngFile:S2e16 email.png
File:S2e16 emma sue.pngFile:S2e16 emma sue talking.pngFile:S2e16 emmasue walks in.png
File:S2e16 end page.pngFile:S2e16 ends with ipper.pngFile:S2e16 escalated quickly.png
File:S2e16 everyone on board.pngFile:S2e16 excited mabel.pngFile:S2e16 fail.png
File:S2e16 family road trip.pngFile:S2e16 gift shop.pngFile:S2e16 girls upside down.png
File:S2e16 granny attacks.pngFile:S2e16 granny mad.pngFile:S2e16 granny shocked.png
File:S2e16 granny sweetkins.pngFile:S2e16 grenda pumped.pngFile:S2e16 groan.png
File:S2e16 gtg.pngFile:S2e16 happy dip.pngFile:S2e16 head falling.png
File:S2e16 heading in.pngFile:S2e16 hot stuff.pngFile:S2e16 hunkle.png
File:S2e16 i want to gain their travel knowledge.pngFile:S2e16 in the vehicle.pngFile:S2e16 knock knock.jpg
File:S2e16 lady with dog.pngFile:S2e16 log land girl.pngFile:S2e16 log on a stick.png
File:S2e16 long story.pngFile:S2e16 looking around.pngFile:S2e16 mabel dives.png
File:S2e16 metaphor.pngFile:S2e16 mystery mountain.pngFile:S2e16 mystery shack...vandalized.png
File:S2e16 nailed it.pngFile:S2e16 ndas.pngFile:S2e16 need to go.png
File:S2e16 never run out of prey.pngFile:S2e16 new mummies daily.pngFile:S2e16 no.png
File:S2e16 not over her.pngFile:S2e16 not toby.pngFile:S2e16 now leaving gravity falls.png
File:S2e16 pamphlet front.pngFile:S2e16 personal bubble.pngFile:S2e16 playah.png
File:S2e16 praise.pngFile:S2e16 probably.pngFile:S2e16 puppy dog eyes.png
File:S2e16 put on a shirt.pngFile:S2e16 red flag.pngFile:S2e16 rediscover.png
File:S2e16 road dogs.pngFile:S2e16 run free.pngFile:S2e16 rv side shot.png
File:S2e16 rvs are amazing.pngFile:S2e16 saboteur.pngFile:S2e16 sad dipper.png
File:S2e16 scar.pngFile:S2e16 scenic rv drive.pngFile:S2e16 septic ridge.png
File:S2e16 silver fox.pngFile:S2e16 soos dip and mabel.pngFile:S2e16 soos leaves.png
File:S2e16 soos trapped.pngFile:S2e16 spider darlene.jpgFile:S2e16 spiders of oregon.jpg
File:S2e16 stan approves.pngFile:S2e16 stanley and darlene.pngFile:S2e16 taking picture.png
File:S2e16 tell me stan.pngFile:S2e16 the ultimate roadtrip experience.pngFile:S2e16 thirty miles.png
File:S2e16 those never helped anyone.pngFile:S2e16 thumbs up.pngFile:S2e16 tied up.png
File:S2e16 tourist attractions.pngFile:S2e16 truth.pngFile:S2e16 truth or dare or dont.png
File:S2e16 uh uh its nothing.pngFile:S2e16 unravel.pngFile:S2e16 upside down town.png
File:S2e16 who is this.pngFile:S2e16 whoa an rv.pngFile:S2e16 writing.png
File:S2e16 yarn is gone.pngFile:S2e16 yarnball.pngFile:S2e16 yes.png
File:S2e16 your future.pngFile:S2e17 A bit more summer.pngFile:S2e17 Alone Forever.png
File:S2e17 At last.pngFile:S2e17 B-day party.jpgFile:S2e17 BaBwh.png
File:S2e17 Bigger Dipper.pngFile:S2e17 Bill's World.pngFile:S2e17 Bill,Ford,Dipper.png
File:S2e17 BillNRealm.pngFile:S2e17 Bill rift growing.pngFile:S2e17 Blendin&Mabel.png
File:S2e17 Clipped twins calendar.pngFile:S2e17 Dana Terrace production art 1.pngFile:S2e17 Dana Terrace production art 2.png
File:S2e17 Dana Terrace production art 3.pngFile:S2e17 Dana Terrace production art 4.pngFile:S2e17 Dana Terrace production art 5.png
File:S2e17 Dana Terrace production art 6.pngFile:S2e17 Dana Terrace production art 7.pngFile:S2e17 Dana Terrace production art 8.png
File:S2e17 Dana Terrace production art 9.pngFile:S2e17 Dana Terrace title cards.gifFile:S2e17 Dana terrace promo art.jpg
File:S2e17 Deleted scene.pngFile:S2e17 DipperFord.pngFile:S2e17 Dipper I need your help.jpg
File:S2e17 Dipper Searches.pngFile:S2e17 Dipper gets up from bed.pngFile:S2e17 Dipper helps Ford getting up.png
File:S2e17 Dipper selfie.pngFile:S2e17 Dipper shocked.pngFile:S2e17 Dipper sleeping.png
File:S2e17 Dipper stuck.jpgFile:S2e17 Done with him.pngFile:S2e17 Doubts.png
File:S2e17 Focus.pngFile:S2e17 Forever Summer.pngFile:S2e17 Free Rift.png
File:S2e17 Full code.jpgFile:S2e17 Gravity Falls High School.jpgFile:S2e17 Guess Who.png
File:S2e17 Guess who.pngFile:S2e17 He's here to help.pngFile:S2e17 Here, have it.png
File:S2e17 I'm gonna stay.pngFile:S2e17 I don't want it to work.pngFile:S2e17 I need this .png
File:S2e17 Leaving Blendin.pngFile:S2e17 Little Dipper.pngFile:S2e17 Looking for it.png
File:S2e17 Mabel's Mistake.pngFile:S2e17 Mabel's interested.pngFile:S2e17 Mabel come back.png
File:S2e17 Mabel escaping the shack.pngFile:S2e17 Mabel found it.pngFile:S2e17 Mabel running and crying.png
File:S2e17 Mabel running away.pngFile:S2e17 Magna pulse.pngFile:S2e17 Matt Braly promo art.png
File:S2e17 Michelle Park art 1.pngFile:S2e17 Michelle Park art 2.pngFile:S2e17 Michelle Park art 3.png
File:S2e17 Michelle Park art 4.pngFile:S2e17 Mr. Upsidedownington.pngFile:S2e17 Needing it.png
File:S2e17 Not taking it well.pngFile:S2e17 Oops.pngFile:S2e17 Prison robot collapses.png
File:S2e17 Prophecy.pngFile:S2e17 Returning the favor.pngFile:S2e17 Rift Opening.png
File:S2e17 Saw you like in third grade.pngFile:S2e17 She's out.pngFile:S2e17 Smashed.png
File:S2e17 Snap.pngFile:S2e17 Stan trying to cheer Mabel up.pngFile:S2e17 Stanford's Half.png
File:S2e17 Still out.pngFile:S2e17 Surprise.pngFile:S2e17 Susan schocked.png
File:S2e17 Sweater Town.pngFile:S2e17 That's it.pngFile:S2e17 The end of all things.png
File:S2e17 The poster.pngFile:S2e17 Time Bubbles.pngFile:S2e17 Too old for this.png
File:S2e17 Watching the rift.pngFile:S2e17 Weird board 1.jpgFile:S2e17 Weirdmageddon full board.jpg
File:S2e17 Who.pngFile:S2e17 Why are you here.pngFile:S2e17 Wrong half.png
File:S2e17 a hurt ford.jpgFile:S2e17 above Gravity Falls.pngFile:S2e17 alien adhesive.png
File:S2e17 alien glue.jpgFile:S2e17 at least I have dipper.jpgFile:S2e17 b-day flyer.jpg
File:S2e17 blendin camouflage.pngFile:S2e17 blendin face.jpgFile:S2e17 blow up space ship.jpg
File:S2e17 book 2.jpgFile:S2e17 buckle up.pngFile:S2e17 cake sweater.jpg
File:S2e17 cat fight.pngFile:S2e17 chill wendy.pngFile:S2e17 chin goof.jpg
File:S2e17 code timer.jpgFile:S2e17 cracked rift.pngFile:S2e17 crashed.png
File:S2e17 crashing.pngFile:S2e17 cryptogram.pngFile:S2e17 dead alien.jpg
File:S2e17 dip and ford handshake.pngFile:S2e17 dipper and ford see the end.jpgFile:S2e17 dipper in bed.jpg
File:S2e17 dipper shielding.pngFile:S2e17 droids.jpgFile:S2e17 dust drill.png
File:S2e17 end page.pngFile:S2e17 excellent.pngFile:S2e17 face on fire.jpg
File:S2e17 fishing hat.jpgFile:S2e17 ford cough.pngFile:S2e17 ford face on fire.jpg
File:S2e17 ford goes into action.jpgFile:S2e17 ford going down.jpgFile:S2e17 ford is hit.jpg
File:S2e17 ford is taken.jpgFile:S2e17 ford ko.jpgFile:S2e17 ford pines.jpg
File:S2e17 ford saves dipper.jpgFile:S2e17 ford the true hero.jpgFile:S2e17 ford touching the glue.jpg
File:S2e17 full charge.jpgFile:S2e17 full town.jpgFile:S2e17 group hug.png
File:S2e17 gun in action.jpgFile:S2e17 hard times.jpgFile:S2e17 heroic dipper.jpg
File:S2e17 hsm.pngFile:S2e17 i'm ok.jpgFile:S2e17 infamous promo image.jpg
File:S2e17 invitation.pngFile:S2e17 jeffrey thompson art 1.jpgFile:S2e17 jeffrey thompson art 2.jpg
File:S2e17 jeffrey thompson art 3.jpgFile:S2e17 jeffrey thompson art 4.jpgFile:S2e17 jeffrey thompson art 5.jpg
File:S2e17 jeffrey thompson art 6.jpgFile:S2e17 jeffrey thompson art 7.jpgFile:S2e17 just in time.png
File:S2e17 launch pad.jpgFile:S2e17 looking down.jpgFile:S2e17 mabel with fliers.png
File:S2e17 mad mabel.pngFile:S2e17 magnet gun.jpgFile:S2e17 map of univers.jpg
File:S2e17 mid life issues.jpgFile:S2e17 needing emotional backup.pngFile:S2e17 nervous mabel.png
File:S2e17 new additions.jpgFile:S2e17 no escape.pngFile:S2e17 no guests.png
File:S2e17 northwest statue.jpgFile:S2e17 not again.pngFile:S2e17 not gonna be here.png
File:S2e17 not the best way to shave.jpgFile:S2e17 not the time Marius.pngFile:S2e17 note pad code.jpg
File:S2e17 nothing can take away my uncle.pngFile:S2e17 one week.pngFile:S2e17 other episodes.jpg
File:S2e17 party dream.jpgFile:S2e17 party hack.pngFile:S2e17 party image.jpg
File:S2e17 prison.jpgFile:S2e17 production art 1.pngFile:S2e17 production art 2.png
File:S2e17 production art 3.pngFile:S2e17 production art 4.pngFile:S2e17 production art 5.png
File:S2e17 production art 6.pngFile:S2e17 production art 7.pngFile:S2e17 protecting rift.jpg
File:S2e17 sad stan.pngFile:S2e17 save the universe dipper.jpgFile:S2e17 screaming bg.png
File:S2e17 selfie.pngFile:S2e17 ship going to crash.jpgFile:S2e17 something greater.jpg
File:S2e17 soos truck.jpgFile:S2e17 soos truck 2.jpgFile:S2e17 space ship.png
File:S2e17 stan walks in.jpgFile:S2e17 talking about you know what.jpgFile:S2e17 teen horror.png
File:S2e17 teens now.pngFile:S2e17 testosterone.pngFile:S2e17 the end of the world.jpg
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