File:S2e15 - one word for unicorns.pngFile:S2e15 - open rift.pngFile:S2e15 - open sign.png
File:S2e15 - presenting crossbow.pngFile:S2e15 - questioning glance.pngFile:S2e15 - searching for board game.png
File:S2e15 - seen things.pngFile:S2e15 - seven bills.pngFile:S2e15 - shack layout.png
File:S2e15 - shadow above.pngFile:S2e15 - shot away.pngFile:S2e15 - sight for sore eye.png
File:S2e15 - sixfingered hand.pngFile:S2e15 - take her blood.pngFile:S2e15 - they recognize it.png
File:S2e15 - things change.pngFile:S2e15 - vamosvamos.pngFile:S2e15 - ways to shield us.png
File:S2e15 - wellwellwell.pngFile:S2e15 - what are the chances.pngFile:S2e15 - what do you want.png
File:S2e15 - whats this game.pngFile:S2e15 - when you slip up.pngFile:S2e15 - why here.png
File:S2e15 - wizard school maybe.pngFile:S2e15 - you have 24 hours.pngFile:S2e15 -shattered rift.png
File:S2e15 1000 good deeds.jpgFile:S2e15 3-fingered dipper.pngFile:S2e15 A little help from a friend.png
File:S2e15 Betrayal.pngFile:S2e15 Bill's next pawn 1.jpgFile:S2e15 Bill's next pawn 10.jpg
File:S2e15 Bill's next pawn 11.jpgFile:S2e15 Bill's next pawn 12.jpgFile:S2e15 Bill's next pawn 13.jpg
File:S2e15 Bill's next pawn 14.jpgFile:S2e15 Bill's next pawn 15.jpgFile:S2e15 Bill's next pawn 16.jpg
File:S2e15 Bill's next pawn 17.jpgFile:S2e15 Bill's next pawn 18.jpgFile:S2e15 Bill's next pawn 19.jpg
File:S2e15 Bill's next pawn 2.jpgFile:S2e15 Bill's next pawn 20.jpgFile:S2e15 Bill's next pawn 21.jpg
File:S2e15 Bill's next pawn 22.jpgFile:S2e15 Bill's next pawn 23.jpgFile:S2e15 Bill's next pawn 24.jpg
File:S2e15 Bill's next pawn 25.jpgFile:S2e15 Bill's next pawn 26.jpgFile:S2e15 Bill's next pawn 27 restart image full old man mugucket.jpg
File:S2e15 Bill's next pawn 3.jpgFile:S2e15 Bill's next pawn 4.jpgFile:S2e15 Bill's next pawn 5.jpg
File:S2e15 Bill's next pawn 6.jpgFile:S2e15 Bill's next pawn 7.jpgFile:S2e15 Bill's next pawn 8.jpg
File:S2e15 Bill's next pawn 9.jpgFile:S2e15 Bill Cipher shrine.pngFile:S2e15 Bill eye.gif
File:S2e15 Bill painting close up.jpgFile:S2e15 Bill prof shack.jpgFile:S2e15 C-beth very mad.jpg
File:S2e15 Call me a friend.pngFile:S2e15 Charge.jpgFile:S2e15 Dipper asleep.png
File:S2e15 Doing Good Deeds.pngFile:S2e15 Duct for cover.jpgFile:S2e15 Ford is hit.jpg
File:S2e15 Ford memory sorry mucket.jpgFile:S2e15 Ford possessed.pngFile:S2e15 Ford sleeping.jpg
File:S2e15 Ford warning.jpgFile:S2e15 Ford with the hair.jpgFile:S2e15 GF team Unicorn Fight 1.gif
File:S2e15 GF team Unicorn Fight 2.gifFile:S2e15 GF team Unicorn Fight 3.gifFile:S2e15 Gnoman's land.jpg
File:S2e15 Gnome GPD.jpgFile:S2e15 Gnome dad death.jpgFile:S2e15 Grenda chant 1.png
File:S2e15 Hiya smart guy.pngFile:S2e15 How bill gets in minds code.pngFile:S2e15 I'll shut it down.jpg
File:S2e15 I know that laugh.pngFile:S2e15 Ian Worrel background art 1.pngFile:S2e15 Ian Worrel background art 10.png
File:S2e15 Ian Worrel background art 2.pngFile:S2e15 Ian Worrel background art 3.pngFile:S2e15 Ian Worrel background art 4.png
File:S2e15 Ian Worrel background art 5.pngFile:S2e15 Ian Worrel background art 6.pngFile:S2e15 Ian Worrel background art 7.png
File:S2e15 Ian Worrel background art 8.pngFile:S2e15 Ian Worrel background art 9.pngFile:S2e15 Mabel On Sidewalk.png
File:S2e15 Mabel To the Rescue.pngFile:S2e15 Mabel begging.jpgFile:S2e15 Mabel confused.png
File:S2e15 Mabel crying.jpgFile:S2e15 Mabel feels guilty.pngFile:S2e15 Mabel horrified.png
File:S2e15 Mabel hugging stuffed unicorn.jpgFile:S2e15 Mabel presents herself.pngFile:S2e15 Mabel tears of joy.jpg
File:S2e15 Mabel very sad.jpgFile:S2e15 Matt Braly deleted scene.gifFile:S2e15 Miguel Puga art.jpg
File:S2e15 Mind can't be erased.jpgFile:S2e15 Money.pngFile:S2e15 Mugucket flash back.jpg
File:S2e15 Mystery Shack front view.pngFile:S2e15 Mystery Shack shot.pngFile:S2e15 Plan B.png
File:S2e15 Trust no one.pngFile:S2e15 Twins room shot.pngFile:S2e15 Voluntary possession.png
File:S2e15 Young Ford in a bust.jpgFile:S2e15 about to cut hair 1.jpgFile:S2e15 about to cut hair 2.jpg
File:S2e15 all computers on.jpgFile:S2e15 all unicorns.jpgFile:S2e15 angry c-beth.jpg
File:S2e15 arrived at forest.pngFile:S2e15 bad deeds make her cry.pngFile:S2e15 banned.png
File:S2e15 basically childrens dreams.jpgFile:S2e15 beaten Mabel.pngFile:S2e15 bezazzling nathaniel.png
File:S2e15 bill close up.jpgFile:S2e15 bill copy efx.pngFile:S2e15 bill memory 1.jpg
File:S2e15 bill memory 2.jpgFile:S2e15 bill needs that rift.jpgFile:S2e15 bill on tv.jpg
File:S2e15 bill proof our minds.pngFile:S2e15 bill you lied.jpgFile:S2e15 bird is injured.png
File:S2e15 book 3.jpgFile:S2e15 breaking in.pngFile:S2e15 bremuda triangle.jpg
File:S2e15 butterfly.jpgFile:S2e15 c-beth friends.jpgFile:S2e15 candy lick attempt.png
File:S2e15 cbeth design.pngFile:S2e15 cbeth poses.pngFile:S2e15 cipher file.png
File:S2e15 cipher file page 1 and 2.pngFile:S2e15 cipher file page 2 and 3.pngFile:S2e15 circle stone layout.png
File:S2e15 closing the portal.jpgFile:S2e15 comeincomein.pngFile:S2e15 computer memories 1.jpg
File:S2e15 computer memories 2.jpgFile:S2e15 computer memories 3.jpgFile:S2e15 computer memories 4.jpg
File:S2e15 computer memories 5.jpgFile:S2e15 computer memories 6.jpgFile:S2e15 computer memories 7.jpg
File:S2e15 crews view.pngFile:S2e15 cryptogam board.jpgFile:S2e15 cute even.jpg
File:S2e15 death to unicorns.jpgFile:S2e15 deed done.pngFile:S2e15 device.png
File:S2e15 dipper and ford.pngFile:S2e15 dipper memory 1.jpgFile:S2e15 dramatic pure of heart.png
File:S2e15 drug dealer gnome.jpgFile:S2e15 ducklings.pngFile:S2e15 dust at work.jpg
File:S2e15 enchanted forest.pngFile:S2e15 enchanted forest entry.jpgFile:S2e15 end of our world.jpg
File:S2e15 end of projet mantem.jpgFile:S2e15 end page.pngFile:S2e15 ending cryptogram.png
File:S2e15 entering the unicorn realm.pngFile:S2e15 evil Ford.jpgFile:S2e15 excitement and choking.png
File:S2e15 expressing doubts.pngFile:S2e15 fairy dust.jpgFile:S2e15 faun.png
File:S2e15 female gnome.jpgFile:S2e15 first glimpse.pngFile:S2e15 floor 2.png
File:S2e15 forest treck.pngFile:S2e15 girl power.jpgFile:S2e15 giving too much blood.jpg
File:S2e15 gnome tickle face.jpgFile:S2e15 god like bill.jpgFile:S2e15 good deed list 3.jpg
File:S2e15 gpd design.pngFile:S2e15 greatest achivement.jpgFile:S2e15 grenda undercover.png
File:S2e15 ground shake.pngFile:S2e15 hand it to me.jpgFile:S2e15 happy face.png
File:S2e15 have cup of tea.jpgFile:S2e15 heart rate.jpgFile:S2e15 her name is.png
File:S2e15 hidding instrutions.jpgFile:S2e15 holding dipper with one arm.jpgFile:S2e15 hot hotdogs are made.jpg
File:S2e15 if you lick a unicorn neck.pngFile:S2e15 infinity is always better.jpgFile:S2e15 it's the cops.jpg
File:S2e15 jounal 1 and 3.jpgFile:S2e15 jujementale hoof bag.jpgFile:S2e15 just let me in to your mind Stanford.jpg
File:S2e15 keep you safe.pngFile:S2e15 kidnapping.jpgFile:S2e15 list part 1.png
File:S2e15 list part 2.pngFile:S2e15 look into my eyes.jpgFile:S2e15 mabel punch 1.jpg
File:S2e15 mabel sins.jpgFile:S2e15 matt braly promo art.pngFile:S2e15 memory gun rest.png
File:S2e15 metal plate in my head.jpgFile:S2e15 neigh.jpgFile:S2e15 nightmare realm.png
File:S2e15 nose drip.jpgFile:S2e15 not my fault your a bad person.jpgFile:S2e15 not pure.png
File:S2e15 nothing happend.jpgFile:S2e15 nothing will happen.pngFile:S2e15 old lady biz.png
File:S2e15 ominous ford.pngFile:S2e15 one last drink.jpgFile:S2e15 opening secret door.png
File:S2e15 outside gnastys.pngFile:S2e15 pitt cola.jpgFile:S2e15 pitt cola 2.jpg
File:S2e15 plant a tree.pngFile:S2e15 playing interdimensional chess.pngFile:S2e15 police deer.png
File:S2e15 project mentem.pngFile:S2e15 projet matem helmet.jpgFile:S2e15 promise to lick.png
File:S2e15 psssst.pngFile:S2e15 punched bird.pngFile:S2e15 read aloud.jpg
File:S2e15 realm gateway.pngFile:S2e15 rift and the gun.jpgFile:S2e15 sabrina cotugno promo art.jpg
File:S2e15 sabrina cotugno promo art second half.pngFile:S2e15 schmendrick.pngFile:S2e15 share a smile.png
File:S2e15 shes disappointed in you.pngFile:S2e15 snails.pngFile:S2e15 so majestic she is.png
File:S2e15 so they were eyes.jpgFile:S2e15 step forth.pngFile:S2e15 stopped believing.png
File:S2e15 study 1.pngFile:S2e15 study 2.pngFile:S2e15 study door in closed.png
File:S2e15 study door in open.pngFile:S2e15 study entrance.pngFile:S2e15 summoning unicorn journal page.png
File:S2e15 sword game.jpgFile:S2e15 taking off shoes.pngFile:S2e15 tear kills flower.png
File:S2e15 terrace bill.pngFile:S2e15 terrace eye.pngFile:S2e15 terrace ford and bill.png
File:S2e15 terrace ford in field.pngFile:S2e15 terrace ford wakes up.pngFile:S2e15 terrace inferno.png
File:S2e15 terrace mabel sleeps.pngFile:S2e15 terrace nightmare realm.pngFile:S2e15 terrace wheat field.png
File:S2e15 the deal is made.jpgFile:S2e15 the wendy way.jpgFile:S2e15 thoughts on slacking.png
File:S2e15 tip lazy susan.pngFile:S2e15 to bill it's just a game.jpgFile:S2e15 treasue chest.jpg
File:S2e15 trust no one.pngFile:S2e15 trying to cheer mabel up.jpgFile:S2e15 ugly c-beth.jpg
File:S2e15 unicon blood.jpgFile:S2e15 unicorn.pngFile:S2e15 unicorn battle is cut.jpg
File:S2e15 unicorn book.jpgFile:S2e15 unicorn charge.jpgFile:S2e15 unicorn hair close up.jpg
File:S2e15 unicorn hair page.pngFile:S2e15 unicorn ko.jpgFile:S2e15 unicorn stuff.jpg
File:S2e15 unicorn sweater comparison.pngFile:S2e15 unicorn tears.jpgFile:S2e15 use the device on a child.png
File:S2e15 vogue.jpgFile:S2e15 vow to be pure.pngFile:S2e15 wall codes.png
File:S2e15 was that too much.jpgFile:S2e15 wendy giving mabel dollar bill.pngFile:S2e15 wendy punch.jpg
File:S2e15 weve come to protect family.pngFile:S2e15 what could go wrong board game.pngFile:S2e15 whats under the cover.png
File:S2e15 where's my cut.jpgFile:S2e15 wip off blood.jpgFile:S2e15 worried.png
File:S2e15 yo c-beth.jpgFile:S2e15 you have a deal.jpgFile:S2e15 you ok friend.jpg
File:S2e15 you protected you family.jpgFile:S2e15 you shouldn't have done that.jpgFile:S2e15 young ford until the end of time.jpg
File:S2e16 A Bad Experience At the Attraction.pngFile:S2e16 A Failure With Woman.pngFile:S2e16 A new pamphlet.png
File:S2e16 Admitting the Truth.pngFile:S2e16 Ali Danesh art 1.pngFile:S2e16 Ali Danesh art 2.png
File:S2e16 Ali Danesh art 3.pngFile:S2e16 Ali Danesh art 4.pngFile:S2e16 Ali Danesh art 5.png
File:S2e16 Ali Danesh art 6.pngFile:S2e16 An Accepted Apology.pngFile:S2e16 Apology Accepted.png
File:S2e16 At Least He's Not Alone.pngFile:S2e16 Back at Gravity Falls.pngFile:S2e16 Corn maze parking lot.png
File:S2e16 Cornmaze1.pngFile:S2e16 Deserved it.pngFile:S2e16 Emmy Cicierega promo art.jpg
File:S2e16 Erasing The Numbers.pngFile:S2e16 Giant spider forest.pngFile:S2e16 Gravity Falls Tower.png
File:S2e16 Happy to be back.pngFile:S2e16 I'm A Failure Too.pngFile:S2e16 I don't deserve this.png
File:S2e16 Ian Worrel backgourd art 1.pngFile:S2e16 Ian Worrel backgourd art 2.pngFile:S2e16 Ian Worrel backgourd art 3.png
File:S2e16 Ian Worrel backgourd art 4.pngFile:S2e16 Ian Worrel backgourd art 5.pngFile:S2e16 Ian Worrel backgourd art 6.png
File:S2e16 Ian Worrel backgourd art 7.pngFile:S2e16 Ian Worrel backgourd art 8.pngFile:S2e16 Ian Worrel backgourd art 9.png
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