File:S2e13 running to viewing positions.pngFile:S2e13 same key chain as the shorts.jpgFile:S2e13 shack at night.jpg
File:S2e13 shield of shielding.pngFile:S2e13 shield reversal.jpgFile:S2e13 shocked.png
File:S2e13 sliced in haft.jpgFile:S2e13 small fire sword.jpgFile:S2e13 so cute.jpg
File:S2e13 so far so good.pngFile:S2e13 soos' message.jpgFile:S2e13 soos comes into action.jpg
File:S2e13 sorry, dipper.pngFile:S2e13 splat.jpgFile:S2e13 stan's weapon.jpg
File:S2e13 stan chin goof.jpgFile:S2e13 stan vs stan.jpgFile:S2e13 stan with the game.jpg
File:S2e13 stay with us for ducktective.pngFile:S2e13 suspicious mabel.pngFile:S2e13 sweater goof.jpg
File:S2e13 terror.pngFile:S2e13 the annoying one.jpgFile:S2e13 the end of the world.jpg
File:S2e13 the evil crew.jpgFile:S2e13 there can be only one.pngFile:S2e13 this is bad.png
File:S2e13 times have changed.jpgFile:S2e13 tv station.jpgFile:S2e13 twins play a game.jpg
File:S2e13 twins scared.jpgFile:S2e13 universe rift.pngFile:S2e13 unknown griffin.jpg
File:S2e13 various dice.jpgFile:S2e13 waddles chilling on sofa.jpgFile:S2e13 walking in the woods.jpg
File:S2e13 we brought muffins.pngFile:S2e13 we take this to our graves.pngFile:S2e13 weird duck.jpg
File:S2e13 well dressed stan.jpgFile:S2e13 what have they done.pngFile:S2e13 wizard.jpg
File:S2e13 wizard better view.jpgFile:S2e13 wizard death.jpgFile:S2e13 wizard sign.jpg
File:S2e13 wont give you rashes.jpgFile:S2e13 words on the boards in the background.jpgFile:S2e13 yay.jpg
File:S2e13 you go me.jpgFile:S2e13 you got me.pngFile:S2e13 zelda fairy.jpg
File:S2e14 50 percent off a used car.jpgFile:S2e14 Blubs says hello.jpgFile:S2e14 Bud holding sign againts his own son.jpg
File:S2e14 Bud trys for mayor.pngFile:S2e14 Buds hat.jpgFile:S2e14 Dana Terrace production art 1.png
File:S2e14 Dana Terrace production art 2.pngFile:S2e14 Dana Terrace production art 3.pngFile:S2e14 Dana Terrace production art 4.png
File:S2e14 Dana Terrace production art 5.pngFile:S2e14 Dana Terrace production art 6.pngFile:S2e14 Dana Terrace production art 7.png
File:S2e14 Ford has an idea.jpgFile:S2e14 Ford picture.jpgFile:S2e14 Ford we need your help.jpg
File:S2e14 GF gossiper.jpgFile:S2e14 GF gossiper 2.jpgFile:S2e14 GF gossiper 3.jpg
File:S2e14 Gideon going to jail.jpgFile:S2e14 Gideon in the big house.jpgFile:S2e14 Gravity Falls writers cameo.jpg
File:S2e14 Guy i'm gonna vote for.jpgFile:S2e14 I'm ready to make a deal.jpgFile:S2e14 I don't know what to do.jpg
File:S2e14 I guess Bud wins.jpgFile:S2e14 Mabel and Stan.jpgFile:S2e14 People watching the eagle.png
File:S2e14 Residents like Tyler's speech.pngFile:S2e14 Stan!.jpgFile:S2e14 Stan pancakes.png
File:S2e14 Stan speech.jpgFile:S2e14 Tyler hat goof.pngFile:S2e14 a humble bud.jpg
File:S2e14 a little TV.jpgFile:S2e14 a lot of cars to give out.jpgFile:S2e14 a ok stan.jpg
File:S2e14 about to jump.jpgFile:S2e14 all bud teeth.jpgFile:S2e14 all ears.jpg
File:S2e14 america sweater.jpgFile:S2e14 anxious bud.jpgFile:S2e14 as a piece of bread in his pocket.jpg
File:S2e14 at the store.pngFile:S2e14 baby mayor.jpgFile:S2e14 bad cops.jpg
File:S2e14 bar buds.jpgFile:S2e14 bat.jpgFile:S2e14 beat up stan.jpg
File:S2e14 bill wheel.jpgFile:S2e14 blood rain.pngFile:S2e14 boing stan.jpg
File:S2e14 book 2 amulet page.jpgFile:S2e14 book 2 possible hiding places page 1.jpgFile:S2e14 book 2 possible hiding places page 2.jpg
File:S2e14 book page.jpgFile:S2e14 break it down.pngFile:S2e14 bring kids up.jpg
File:S2e14 broken shack.jpgFile:S2e14 buck teeth.jpgFile:S2e14 bud and tyler.jpg
File:S2e14 bud double chin is mad.jpgFile:S2e14 bud hit in the head.jpgFile:S2e14 bud is furious.jpg
File:S2e14 bud is mad.jpgFile:S2e14 bud is winning.jpgFile:S2e14 bud needs a break.jpg
File:S2e14 bud punch.jpgFile:S2e14 bud shadow.jpgFile:S2e14 bud the champ.jpg
File:S2e14 campaign prep.jpgFile:S2e14 can't do my hair.jpgFile:S2e14 cat poster.jpg
File:S2e14 come on guys lets take on bud.jpgFile:S2e14 crime is bad 1.jpgFile:S2e14 crime is bad 2.jpg
File:S2e14 dana terrace episode art.pngFile:S2e14 dance around the issuss.jpgFile:S2e14 dead bulb.png
File:S2e14 dead mayor.jpgFile:S2e14 did not make this up.jpgFile:S2e14 dipper's note.png
File:S2e14 dipper and mabel hanging from monument.pngFile:S2e14 durby eyed stan.jpgFile:S2e14 election process long page.jpg
File:S2e14 end page.pngFile:S2e14 even kids get cars.jpgFile:S2e14 exploding bulb.png
File:S2e14 finally some news.jpgFile:S2e14 finger painting at the same time.jpgFile:S2e14 general stump speech.jpg
File:S2e14 get it.jpgFile:S2e14 ghost eyes is back.jpgFile:S2e14 ghost eyes wants to throw a riot.jpg
File:S2e14 gideon fails again.jpgFile:S2e14 gideon has a plan.jpgFile:S2e14 gideon loses.jpg
File:S2e14 go america.jpgFile:S2e14 gotta see campaign manager.jpgFile:S2e14 griffter.jpg
File:S2e14 group hug.pngFile:S2e14 hat vs hat.jpgFile:S2e14 head has more ears than face.png
File:S2e14 hesitant twins.jpgFile:S2e14 hit with elderly.jpgFile:S2e14 holding two kids and a chair.jpg
File:S2e14 i honor of the great mayor.jpgFile:S2e14 i win.jpgFile:S2e14 in cop car.jpg
File:S2e14 inside the monument.jpgFile:S2e14 inside the tie 1.jpgFile:S2e14 inside the tie 2.jpg
File:S2e14 ironicaly Tad.jpgFile:S2e14 it was the tie stan.jpgFile:S2e14 kids and family.jpg
File:S2e14 killed a llama.jpgFile:S2e14 kiss of honor.jpgFile:S2e14 ladies my age.jpg
File:S2e14 let there be light.jpgFile:S2e14 life right before my eyes.jpgFile:S2e14 lightblub box.png
File:S2e14 listening to radio.jpgFile:S2e14 little old bud.jpgFile:S2e14 mabel sweater 2.jpg
File:S2e14 mabel using the tie.pngFile:S2e14 main street.jpgFile:S2e14 majestic bird of america.jpg
File:S2e14 major rock.jpgFile:S2e14 malfuction.jpgFile:S2e14 manly dan.jpg
File:S2e14 mayor chosing hoop.jpgFile:S2e14 mayor eagle.jpgFile:S2e14 mayor idea.jpg
File:S2e14 mayor in world war 2.jpgFile:S2e14 mayor rock elevator.jpgFile:S2e14 mayor rock on fire.jpg
File:S2e14 me for mayor of GF.jpgFile:S2e14 meming fast.pngFile:S2e14 mid control soos.jpg
File:S2e14 milk slippers.pngFile:S2e14 mind control bud.jpgFile:S2e14 mind control tie in ford's hand.jpg
File:S2e14 mind control ties.jpgFile:S2e14 mind trap bud.jpgFile:S2e14 monkey sweater.jpg
File:S2e14 new mayor.jpgFile:S2e14 no pockets.jpgFile:S2e14 no son stop.jpg
File:S2e14 not really bud.jpgFile:S2e14 note from mabel.jpgFile:S2e14 note from mabel.png
File:S2e14 now boy we discuss this no more spells.jpgFile:S2e14 oh here it is.jpgFile:S2e14 oh snap.jpg
File:S2e14 oh yeah you fat face.jpgFile:S2e14 old lady hype.jpgFile:S2e14 old man and teens.png
File:S2e14 old man mugucket.jpgFile:S2e14 open mind.jpgFile:S2e14 patriotic stan.png
File:S2e14 poor old bud.jpgFile:S2e14 poor soos.jpgFile:S2e14 possession incantation.png
File:S2e14 random security gaurds.jpgFile:S2e14 rips page.jpgFile:S2e14 rule the town.jpg
File:S2e14 run for it.jpgFile:S2e14 sandra 2.jpgFile:S2e14 season ii gravity falls 15 artwork.jpg
File:S2e14 security.pngFile:S2e14 seeds.jpgFile:S2e14 selling seeds.jpg
File:S2e14 shock.jpgFile:S2e14 smoke bomb.jpgFile:S2e14 soft skin.jpg
File:S2e14 soggy slippers.pngFile:S2e14 some mayor.jpgFile:S2e14 soos and the tie.jpg
File:S2e14 spell reading.jpgFile:S2e14 stan4mayor.jpegFile:S2e14 stan crimes 1.jpg
File:S2e14 stan crimes 2.jpgFile:S2e14 stan getting used by the ties.jpgFile:S2e14 stan goes to action.jpg
File:S2e14 stan is angry.jpgFile:S2e14 stan jumps.jpgFile:S2e14 stan meme.jpg
File:S2e14 stan no glasess.pngFile:S2e14 stan point.pngFile:S2e14 stan speech.jpg
File:S2e14 stan takes it easy.jpgFile:S2e14 stan vs egales.jpgFile:S2e14 swins4pines.jpg
File:S2e14 tad introduction.pngFile:S2e14 team is safe.jpgFile:S2e14 that was a good day.jpg
File:S2e14 time to get ride of you.jpgFile:S2e14 totally fine.jpgFile:S2e14 town's folk.png
File:S2e14 town hall.jpgFile:S2e14 twin outfits concept.pngFile:S2e14 twins mad at stan.jpg
File:S2e14 tyler hat.jpgFile:S2e14 tyler no hat.jpgFile:S2e14 ugly baby.jpg
File:S2e14 ugly stan pose.jpgFile:S2e14 uh son.jpgFile:S2e14 use it wisely and all.jpg
File:S2e14 using tie on soos.jpgFile:S2e14 very sorry.jpgFile:S2e14 vingere key.jpg
File:S2e14 vote for stan.pngFile:S2e14 vote pines.jpgFile:S2e14 voter fraud.jpg
File:S2e14 voting process 1.jpgFile:S2e14 voting process 2.jpgFile:S2e14 voting process 3.jpg
File:S2e14 voting process 4.jpgFile:S2e14 voting process 5.jpgFile:S2e14 waking up.png
File:S2e14 was not a good idea.jpgFile:S2e14 water tower.jpgFile:S2e14 wedding dress.jpg
File:S2e14 well now what.jpgFile:S2e14 well we know who the winner is now.jpgFile:S2e14 what a twist stan lost.jpg
File:S2e14 where is Ford when you need him.jpgFile:S2e14 who is it bud.jpgFile:S2e14 wow is this for real.jpg
File:S2e14 wow stan just wow.jpgFile:S2e14 yeah vandalizm.jpgFile:S2e14 yes we stan.png
File:S2e14 yes we stan shack.jpgFile:S2e14 you go girl.jpgFile:S2e14 you go stan.jpg
File:S2e14 you got it mayor.jpgFile:S2e14 you might not like the gravity falls you wake up in.jpgFile:S2e14 you won't get me.jpg
File:S2e15 - Bill blue clones.pngFile:S2e15 - Bill flashes in.pngFile:S2e15 - Bill floats away.png
File:S2e15 - Bills evil laugh.pngFile:S2e15 - Bills here.pngFile:S2e15 - Dipper what to do.png
File:S2e15 - Ford eyes close.pngFile:S2e15 - Ford eyes open.pngFile:S2e15 - Ford scared.png
File:S2e15 - Mabel Asleep.pngFile:S2e15 - Show yourself.pngFile:S2e15 - Stanford asleep.png
File:S2e15 - Stanford wheat field.pngFile:S2e15 - Stans board games.pngFile:S2e15 - Three Bills.png
File:S2e15 - Well.pngFile:S2e15 - are you looking at her sweater.pngFile:S2e15 - barrel of pugs.png
File:S2e15 - bill contained rift.pngFile:S2e15 - bill in wheat.pngFile:S2e15 - bill trying to be cute.png
File:S2e15 - blue bills.pngFile:S2e15 - blue eye.pngFile:S2e15 - blue flame rift.png
File:S2e15 - broken window.pngFile:S2e15 - burning wheat at feet.pngFile:S2e15 - cant argue.png
File:S2e15 - childrenhave arrived.pngFile:S2e15 - circle of fire.pngFile:S2e15 - closed sign.png
File:S2e15 - dawg.pngFile:S2e15 - dipper distressed.pngFile:S2e15 - dipper so many questions.png
File:S2e15 - do you recognize symbol.pngFile:S2e15 - dont touch the bag.pngFile:S2e15 - excited mabel.png
File:S2e15 - eye dilated.pngFile:S2e15 - five bills.pngFile:S2e15 - flattened wheat.png
File:S2e15 - flip through journal.pngFile:S2e15 - ford and bill silhouete.pngFile:S2e15 - ford beckons them.png
File:S2e15 - ford close shot.pngFile:S2e15 - ford jerked awake.pngFile:S2e15 - ford reflection in eye.png
File:S2e15 - getting ready.pngFile:S2e15 - hair ruffle.pngFile:S2e15 - he always forgets.png
File:S2e15 - he remembers now.pngFile:S2e15 - hear the shout.pngFile:S2e15 - hes coming.png
File:S2e15 - its hopeless.pngFile:S2e15 - mabel shaking.pngFile:S2e15 - mabel we defeated him.png
File:S2e15 - no dominion.pngFile:S2e15 - nose flick.png
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